Dreams about Car Accident and Car Crashes – Interpretation and Meaning

Car accidents and crashes are situations we all want to avoid. They are stressful and potentially life-threatening events when we experience fear and adrenaline.

If you ever experienced a car accident or a crash, then you probably know how it feels to be frightened for your life.

Dreams lead us to unknown and well known territories and let us experience something for the first time or make us experience something again.

Even though we haven’t been in a car crash, it is not hard to imagine how it would feel. We will list some of the most common situations that you can experience regarding car accidents and car crashes.

Dream about a car accident or car crash

Dreaming about a car crash in general might represent a warning about your future travels. You might be planning a big trip or preparing to go on one, so this is when you might actually be warned about a possible accident that might happen on your trip.

This dream doesn’t have to be linked to an accident it can also be related to problems like late bus, delayed plane flights and things similar to that.

This dream might also occur because you feel a lot of stress because of your future trip that is understandable. In this case you should try to concentrate on positive things regarding your trip. You should be thinking about things you are going to do, places you are going to see and moments you are going to share with your loved ones.

If you are an anxious person by nature, then you shouldn’t avoid traveling just because of this dream. It is better to stay focused on the positive aspects of your trip and enjoy thinking about them.

Dream about causing an accident or car crash

This dream represents guilt you are feeling because of something you did or something you said. You might have hurt somebody and made them feel bad, so now you are feeling bad about hurting them. You might also feel guilt after doing something.

By nature, you are not an evil person, but you behaved in a way you shouldn’t have, in a certain situation and now you feel guilty about doing that. if this is the case, then you should try to improve things by apologizing to someone or by trying to make things good again after doing something you shouldn’t have done.

This might be linked to something you did long time ago and your brain is torturing you, because things like guilt don’t go away that easy.

Dream about someone else causing a car accident or car crash

If you had a dream about someone else causing a car accident or car crash, then you will be angry because of something. You will be mad about someone for doing something to you or because of something that will happen to you in your near future.

This dream can also be linked to a certain person. If someone did something to you or talked bad about you, then you will hold a grudge against this person for a long time. You will avoid their company and definitely remember what they have done for a while.

Dream about preventing an accident or a car crash

This dream represents that you will help someone in the near future. You will find yourself in a risky situation together with someone else and you will help them overcome a certain obstacle or save them from something. This might be related to something small, like giving advice about something, or something big, like saving someone’s life.

In any case you will be of big help to someone who can be a stranger or someone close to you.

Dream about being on a spot of an accident or crash

If you had a dream about being on the spot of an accident or car crash, then this means you will be in a situation where you won’t be able to find a solution. You might be taking an important test or participating in some kind of abilities evaluation, and you won’t do too well in it.

An accident spot or car crash spot represents your fear of failing and ending up in a hopeless situation. In this case you should do something that relaxes you and makes you feel good, because additional stress is not something you need in this moment.

Dream about surviving a car accident or car crash

If you had a dream about a car crash or an accident, then you will be able to avoid a confrontation with a certain person. This might be your co-worker or a family member with whom you might have an argument.

The argument won’t escalate into a confrontation and you will be able to resolve your issues without harming each other.

Dream about avoiding a car accident or car crash

This dream represents that you will be able to solve certain problems you might face in the near future. You might be in a tricky situation at work or in school and you are worried about how the things are going to turn out.

This dream has a positive meaning and it will bring you a lot of luck in the upcoming period. So, simply relax and wait for your project and hard work to come true.

Dream about seeing a  car accident or a car crash

This dream has a somewhat negative meaning. It represents that you will be involved in a romantic relationship with someone and that this romance will create problems to other people. Perhaps this will be a person who is already in relationship or someone who is taken or married.

This is why it will have a positive effect in a form of new love and new romance but in the same time, it might hurt other people around you two.

Dream about someone surviving a car accident or car crash

This dream represents other people and their behavior. In this case you might be worried about someone’s behavior that is currently self-destructive and dangerous. This is someone very close to you and their life is currently going down-hill.

We can only feel this way, if that person is very important to us. This is why this person is usually our family member or our good friend. You should take this dream very carefully and you should concentrate on helping them cope with their problems.

To help them you should talk to them and ask them how they feel. Sometimes we just need a nice word or love and attention to get out of troubles, and if this doesn’t work, then you should take serious actions in order to help that person and get her or him on the right track.

Dream about almost drowning in a car accident or car crash

There is nothing scarier than being drowned to death after a car accident. That moment when you are trying to break windows and get out to save yourself, is something none of us wants to experience. If you had a dream like this, then you might be experiencing anxiety because of certain things that are happening to you in real life.

Loss of breath and fear of not being able to save yourself are directly linked to anxiety and your brain is warning you about it. You should take this dream seriously and try to find a way to relax and do things you really like.

You should also break out of your shell and try to beat anxiety in any way possible. Seek professional help, if nothing else helps because conditions like this can lead to more serious conditions.

Dream about fleeing after a car crash or an accident

This dream represents your fear of responsibility. You are a person who is not very reliable and who runs away from problems when they are too overwhelming. Just like in real life, escaping from the place of an accident is a sign of someone who is immature and irresponsible.

You should try working on your character and start accepting and completing tasks. If you don’t know how to do that, then you should ask for advice or be more considerate of other people. This is very important for you too, because you will never be able to run away from everything that happens in life and your problems will eventually get to you.


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