Taurus Sun Leo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

It is useful for all those who find any interest in their personal horoscope and their natal chart to know what are the positions of the Sun and the Moon, as well as other aspects. How these two aspects work – the Sun could be seen as the energy and warmth and the Moon could be seen as the emotional and spiritual aspect or the light.

In the Astrology, these two, the aspects of the Sun and the Moon are one “mechanism” and that it is necessary to synthesise them into one field, energy, and the fact that will reveal more about the personality in question.

In astrology, the Moon is usually taken as the representation of the soul, and the Sun could be everything that is seen, everything that others could see, our representation from the outside.

If we accept that man is made up of spirit, soul, and body, then the Sun can be taken for the spirit, the Moon for the soul, and for example the planet Saturn for the body.

Other planets of Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter would be responsible for what “between” the body and spirit, emotion, mind.

Here, we will put our focus on the aspect of the Sun that is located in the Taurus Zodiac sign and the Moon that is located in the Leo sign.

Good Traits

In the person who has the Sun in the Taurus sign, and the Moon in the Leo sign, the persistence is very prominent, especially when it comes to the process of the achievement goals of any kind, but all of his goals must be very high and preferably unreachable for other people.

The goal is usually higher social status and material security that he wants to maintain all of his life, and he will do anything he can to achieve this. He has all the necessary abilities to do so, but he needs to focus not to cross some borders.

But one thing needs to be perfectly clear here – when this person is in any problem, the strength of character becomes the most important quality of this ambitious, brave, imposing person, who believes in his possibilities. He is most capable of performing well the projects she has been planning and knowing to provide the background necessary for advancement.

In some ways, this person can be seen as very unusual, and for him, the best environment is the one where he is the most important. He loves and deals well with challenges; he is always full of ideas, has many friends who cherish his friendship.

One of his secret traits is the one that says that the person who has Sun in the Taurus and the Moon in Leo Zodiac sign has pronounced intuition; he can control his emotions very well, and make sound judgments when needed.

Bad Traits

In him, there is a clear and permanent and visible tendency to possess, for high-level social life, a desire to always be at the centre of the attention. Working energy and toughness are great and pronounced in this person, and the good thing is that he will rarely show aggression, even if it seems that he is prone to such behavior.

Still, such a person should not be challenged: then he becomes angry and vindictive, and you do not want to be a mess with him when he is in such state – he can hurt anyone, no matter how that person could be close to him.

He can be even a skeptical person, who is ambitious and cautious at the same time, and sometimes he is unconcerned, self-centered and sensuous, impertinent and obsessed with the desire for power, he does not always feel comfortable in his own skin. Sometimes he can feel like he deserves a different life than the one he lives, and in these times he can be the worst version of himself.

He often falls into the temptation of selfishness, irritability, snobbery, and is left to jealousy, and abuse of self-confidence. In this case, his entire character poisons him with cut and irrevocable attitudes and ideas, which many can consider him a limited person, without any self-criticism that is necessary for personal growth.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon in Love

Here we encounter one incredibly strong personality, and he is the one that wants to dominate over others without having any emotional pain. His vigorous emotional nature is a mental power to give the impression of a person who knows what he wants.

Still, in love, a person who has Sun located in Taurus sign and the Moon in the Leo sign can sometimes be egoistic, stubborn and undisciplined even when in love.

By nature, he is a self-centered and proud person and also a partner in love, knows how to get involved when he is in love, but he must be the most important player, in life and also in love relations, like in every other relation in life.

But one thing that the person who has Sun in the Taurus and the Moon in Leo sign is that he has poorly managed pride – he is not invincible and always right, and he needs to stop doing so.

In love, he is very noble, but he is always looking for something in love so that he feels comfortable and loved, and will react painfully when disappointed and deceived by those to who has provided all understanding and support.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon in a Relationship

This is one person, who is very picky when it comes to anything, and you can imagine the extent of his choices – he demands a lot and is always nurturing certain principles that are placing him in the centre of everything.

In life, and love, this person loves all that has got to do with the luxury and first-class treatment – he wants to be treated by his lover as a first-class lover.

This human is very ambitious, and he has a rare capacity to work: all that will sooner or later bring the fruit of his labor: the guarantee for success.

He has the right attitude, magnetism, and he demands a lot from others, but also from himself, and in a relationship he is the one that will give a lot and will expect the same in return.

His presence is felt in every situation; everything he does in love is dramatic, so his lovers need to be ready for quite a show. Nothing that he does is ordinary, or he attempts to look like is special, but in any case, his way of loving is amazing and will do anything to prove that he is one special lover.

His true emotional value and ideal are found with a lot of tolerance as he gets older – even when long in a relationship this person is constantly learning about himself, even if he will act like he knows everything.

In the end, this is the person who will fight for love.

Best match for Taurus Sun Leo Moon

Although acting outwardly that he is very egocentric and demanding, he is extremely emotional and he thinks about everything when he truly loves someone.

But at the same time, this human can be a bit more difficult because he is endangered by his natural pride, but he is always capable of great efforts when he wants to invest in great love. Who can be a perfect match for this human being that is strong and emotional at the same time?

The perfect lover could be found in another representative of the Taurus Zodiac sign. He can provide strength and will be persistent enough to take care of this human. He has a kind and warm heart, but he is tough enough to endure all that the relationship with the representative of the Taurus and Leo combination (Sun/ Moon aspect).

Taurus Sun Leo Moon as a Friend

This human is very sociable, loves appearances in public, friends love him since he is always fair and is always at the service to help those who need his help, sometimes unknown people. He easily gathers different people in one place, he is very patient, responsible because he always has a higher goal in his head, is very ambitious, and his natural stubbornness

It only serves to get things done out of the way. His friends are often inspired by his behaviors and achievements and having one friend like this one could serve people. He is going to be the one that will inspire his friends to become better and more successful.


If we want to sum up all that we know about the person with Sun in Taurus sign, and the Moon in Leo sign, we will say that he is a good person for himself, but not so good for all the rest.

Sometimes he could be very difficult for cooperation, few who will understand him, and even less that will be able to stamp out all his strength and spirit of the character that projects on others.

In him, there are two unaccountable forces meet in this combination, separate and reunite in the continuing confrontation of will and self-love, the conviction in own value and an independent spirit, to eventually create nature safe in their superiority, immune to complexes.

This is the person who has such personality that will certainly be successful in private business and works very well in money handling. But in fact, this is the person who is a material person, even in love relationship, he loves strong personalities, who are independent and with whom they can enjoy together.


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