Mercury Square Jupiter Synastry

Synastry is a famous astrological ability, which includes the corresponding version of natal charts of two people, and frequently pair in love sense, but it could be so much more since there are relations in every part of our lives.

The synastry is sometimes called as related love horoscope or matching natal horoscope.

So, do not always connect the synastry to the love or emotional connection, but also for personalities who are in a fellowship or blood tie – you can make this kind of “prediction” to any person in your life.

And when we know that its most important goal in life is to give explanations to issues concerning contacts with very private people.

In that sense, synastry can help you understand if your relationship or marriage has a future, what is your agreement on life issues, like family, work, and sex.

Also, it can assist people in recognizing how to fix a relationship with a loved one, how to resolve difficulties they have, but regrettably, seldom it also helps to confirm that it is a no longer deserving struggle for a soul because that character does not understand and does not know it to acknowledge.

Here the aspect we are talking about is a square position that is hard as it is, so a lot of attention is needed.

Mercury and Mars are so powerful that when they are connected in any “unfavorable” position, just like the square position that is seen as one of those challenging positions in the natal, then this it is the one that gives thoughts that are nervous, uneasiness and people often say that they have such an impulsive need to say something, write … call someone.

When you feel something like this, then you can be sure that planets Mercury and Mars are in a square position.

Now, in this piece, we will try to reveal what this aspect means in the global and personal plan, along with the advice on how to get the best out of it.

General Characteristics

This is the aspect that leans on people how will they handle what is yet come, but the major thing that they need to do is to think twice before doing anything before any change arise in life because those who are under this impact will make hasty decisions, it is true for those who know what patience is and what “patiently saved” means (oftentimes this is the lesson to be learned in life).

It is also true that this is one of a kind energy that can lead them too far when everything is over they can realize that they did not want to go in that direction.

This is the position that brings much more pronounced danger of entering into unnecessary discussions and into verbal conflicts, which can give rise to greater problems in interpersonal relationships. In this time, people usually have a short temper and quickly and easily “fall into the fire.”

Sean Connery, David Frost, Sheena Easton, Jeff Bridges, Princess Takako, Pamela Anderson, Lee Harvey Oswald, Princess Margaret, King Edward VI of England, Joris-Karl Huysmans, Kate Fitzpatrick, Mick Jagger and Warren Buffett – they are the people who have this aspect in their natal.

There are some very respectable people who made a fortune and achieved “success” in their family life, and some of them maintain that balance successfully. But some others did not succeed under the major pressure that comes from the square position of the planet Mars and Mercury.

It is almost like they are too powerful to handle – at least for most.

Good Traits

They could truly be one of the best if they do not delay any significant these activities, they do not make mistakes if they are doing so, and they do not have any problem in a deal with any challenges since their nature is able to maintain major inspection challenges.

If they listen to it, then they can instinctively know when some problems will arise, they are worldly and smart enough so they could fix that problem.

They know that if they succeed in suppressing their “negativity”, they will become the most powerful people ever (of course this is plausible only of those who have other aspects favorable in their natal charts).

It is the main things that they have positive intentions and never put them into any doubt, and their work is one of the best, only if they manage not to speak of their ideas before they start realizing them, as everything could fall into the water very quickly.

They work the best with a friendly environment, where they could be what they truly are, in their depths, but this is not always an option.

Bad Traits

So, these are the people who make hasty decisions, and who use their mouths as the weapons of choice.

Usually, they do not listen to what others have to say, but when they are under attack, they are not able to ignore it, but can also defend them, so they will use all that they have, and they are led by the idea that they can really succeed, be proud.

They have not taught us in vain that smarter yields, so it is necessary for them to choose their battles carefully because winning here can taste bitter.

Love Matters

There is no doubt that this is the aspect that is a very tense and challenging position, and people who have it could have a problematic love life – this square position is both at the place of its fall and at the place of its exile.

In addition, the burning effect is still very low, while the square of Mercury and Mars is one of the worst aspects of astrology.

It takes a lot of time and effort before they can make something good out of their love life.

This setup of the Mercury and Mars in a square indicates susceptibility to lying, and these can be very heinous lies, as can intrigues, tricks, frauds, forgeries, intellectual thefts, and the like – and when you think about it who wants to be in love with this person.

In the field of communication and relationships with other people, great caution is advised when it comes to new acquaintances, so it is best not to make any close contacts since they might find people who are mentally unbalanced and ready for more serious lies.

In the area of ​​love and marriage, in many relationships and marriages that are formed during this time, or by people who have this position in their natal charts, there is now a high factor for something hidden, as well as for fraud in every sense of the word. Joining a new relationship or rebuilding an old one now is by no means a smart solution for them.

If a love life does not go in the way they have planned then they can be very disappointed because of numerous breakdowns that are plausible, but one good thing could come from it, they could learn that the price they paid is much higher than the real price because of the realization that you won’t have something more important than love.

Work Matters

These people are strong in the sense that they are thinking of many things in life and therefore they can have major stress in work, they can have a headache, or they can be involved in their work some much that it can also lead them to mental and physical exhaustion.

They separate themselves at work from others with their combativeness, sharp tongue, cutthroat, sarcastic, devious ideas that others are very scared off. This is undeniably a very active mind, but often the wrong time, there can be major aggression here (Mars), both mental and physical.

These are the people who also have a major competitive spirit, and this is not the problem as it is, but the problem can be there are methods – people who have this square position are able (when they want to achieve a certain goal) to use threats, provocations, overestimations – they are the ones that will suffer in the end, for sure, and not be happy with what they got in the end.

On a business plan, this square impacts in a way that is much better to avoid serious conversations with people in the business environment, so that there are no unnecessary difficulties, misunderstandings and conflicts.

Also, this square position does not symbolize the good time to start a new business, as a misjudgment could cost them a business debacle.

It is also extremely critical for agreements and contracts because people of this square could take a momentary impulse and overlook a lot of things that you may not be able to do in the end or fall victim to very serious manipulations.

They can be authors of a significant project or business concept, and it will work the best if they put it in a hidden place, as it can easily become prey of theft or plagiarism.

They must make sure that they choose to go (when and if they decide to widen their business) to a proven master; otherwise, they may run into a master who is prone to serious, even cardinal, mistakes.

Of course, it is not favorable for them to rush into anything, because any inconvenience is possible, in the first place, to be significantly manipulated.


Our suggestion and advice are to take this energy that comes from the square position of Mercury and Mar as a great test, lesson, and to above all to exercise patience; and this is true especially for those who have a problem (some aspect) with patience in their natal horoscope – when some other aspects also direct to the impatience.

One more thing is relevant here – it is advisable that you learn about the restrictions, or that you should know that restricting yourself sometimes can be a virtue.

So, we want to offer you a good side, a place where you can grow from something that is not easy.

On a global scale, this is the energy that is connected to some breakdowns, accidents, and astrologers advise that all of us should be extra careful when we are handling any machine.

It is also recommended that maximum concentration be involved in traffic involvement, this square is the one that brings a loss of concentration and adequate perception and assessment, while the Mercury and Mars square is tied to sudden movements, exceeding the prescribed speed from pure peace, conflicts with other road users.

Many friendships and close relationships will now be found in the great test of survival. Otherwise, under the influence of this aspect, some of you could be a victim of espionage by a person who appears to you to be close.


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