Aries Sun Leo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Some Astrologers claim that the Sun and the Moon represent the dark and the light side of our personalities and that they are important for the process of assessing someone’s personality and even love compatibility to his lover.

Having somewhat harmonic relationship of these two aspects is good news but not the necessary one to be happy and successful in life. The natal chart can show so much more, but these two aspects are incredibly important.

Today we are looking into traits that are contributed to the person who has Sun positioned in the Aries Zodiac sign, and the Moon positioned in the Leo Zodiac sign.

This combination surely sounds extravagant and even over the top, but soon you will see what these two hide from clear sight.

This astrological story must not be simplified since this character deserves so much more. Read all about this interesting person.

Good Traits

Even if this man is seen by others as a somewhat aggressive human being who sometimes behave badly, in fact, just wants to be direct and dominant, and he is aware of his good traits and wants everyone to see it in the shines form ever.

He will do everything in his power to prove others that is the best, and everything he lacks, he will try to make up, so that no one will notice that he has some flaws in his character.

The Sun gives him incredible potentials, and he acts directly and openly in the process of achieving these potentials in all fields in life, from work to love; and we might add that he often succeeds in his intentions.

This person behaves in such a manner that he needs to demonstrate his own character and creative potential through competition, through its concrete actions or the Sun. All of his actions must be directed into one goal – to show others how much he is worth and how much everyone else should value him.

As all Aries or even more as all Leo people he needs to be needed and desired, and the functions the best in the surroundings where he is adored and where the majority of the people shows a certain amount of jealousy.

But here, one aspect is more important – The Moon positioned in the Leo Zodiac sign. This is the aspect that makes this person optimistic, broad, and very ambitious. He has the extrovert and winning nature, he is very charismatic, and others see him as one person who is often, if not always happy, he has irresistible charisma and he spreads positive vibrations in its surroundings.

Since two signs are in “game” here, the Aries and the Leo – he is, without a doubt a person who is very brave and fearless when he wants to achieve something in his life.

Bad Traits

This man who has Sun positioned in the Aries sign and the Moon in Leo sign often, if not always shows his strength and power inadequate way – he can lose his temper quickly and be in some ways very aggressive. This often happens when things are not going in the desired direction and others neglect (by his own opinion) his efforts and sacrifice.

The person who has positioned the Sun in the Aries sign and the Moon in the Leo Zodiac sign functions in the way that the likes to order others because he enjoys having a dominant and superior position in society.

The problem arises when he does this by all costs, without having second thoughts. He will use every opportunity to be at the centre of attention; he will be loud and proud of his achievements in life, and when some things do not take place in the desired way, he tries to accept the state, but he fails to do it in a dignified way.

Aries Sun Leo Moon in Love

When it comes to love, in any kind of interpersonal relation, every connection to the other human being is, in fact, characterised by openness, spontaneity, generosity. This man is the one partner that will show affection and loyalty to his partner.

He has that ability to leave a good impression on people, and the person who has Sun in the Aries and Moon in Leo has an amazing charm and has no problem in finding lovers.

To many people, it is a great pleasure and a real pleasure to stay in the company of this positive, entertaining, brave and friendly individual like he is. But the thing is that he does not want to be around just anyone, he chooses his lovers.

In the field of love, for this man attraction is directed toward people who will value him as a powerful person who brings security in every respect and which he thinks is worthy of everyone’s admiration and respect.

When he is in love, the man with the Sun positioned in Aries and Moon in the Leo, will most often try to express it directly and boldly. When he loves someone – this person loves warm, strong, romantic, deep and sincere.

Aries Sun Leo Moon in a Relationship

When it comes to events on a private plan and when he is deeply in love, and in a long-term relationship, these human beings with the Sun in Aries and Moon in the Leo sign, will be the dominant lover.

In a love relationship, he will show the firmness of will, great self-confidence and strong self-confidence – he needs to a lover who can deal with such personality in a good way, someone who will never try to take him his most valued thing, his freedom.

In every love connection that he is in, this man shows all of his opinions and attitudes openly, directly and unambiguously) no matter how these views are controversial or taboo. His lovers must be ready to let him impose his opinions and authority in the interpersonal relationship. He is the one that needs to be in charge, and there is no other option for him, this is the only way that he could be happy in love.

When deeply in love, this man surrenders with his whole being, and his affection could be so powerful that for this individual it can rightly be said that she is in love and in the very concept of love.

However, when the situation in love does not unfold in the way he wants, this human being could manifest the tendency towards excessive dramatisation of things.

Best Match for Aries Sun Leo Moon

In a love affair or marriage, a royal treatment is expected. So, he is able to provide much in love, but he also expects the same thing in return. Sometimes, there is a pronounced need to achieve a more dominant position in a love affair, as well as a stronger desire for excessive control of things in the love field.

Who could be his perfect match, who can be the one that will make his life as he wants it?

The perfect lover could be found in the Gemini Zodiac sign, and we will explain way.

The man who has positioned Sun in Aries and Moon in Leo Zodiac sign surely will appreciate the sharp mind and intelligence of Gemini lover. This love connection could be very interesting to the public, and both lovers would surely enjoy it.

However, their love will not last unless they spend a little more time each day on their own. The Gemini lover is known for his tendency to analyse things to the smallest details all the characteristics of their partner, and Aries Leo lover, on the other hand, is horribly keen to talk about himself and enjoys when love partner devotes full attention on him, and Gemini could do this for him.

The Gemini lover is by rule, very social, always surrounded by friends and thus provides Aries Leo man freedom, which is very necessary for him to be himself.

Aries Sun Leo Moon as a Friend

This man is very proud, temperamental, dignified and vital – he loves glamour and to be surrounded by funny people who will make him laugh and entertained.

Sometimes, however, and he can be very melodramatic.

In any case, it is very appealing, glamorous and extremely fun. He finds great satisfaction in the role of the organiser of the main events and gatherings.

This person internally feeds with a smile and fun in general, and it can be considered that many life problems that he could have, can be easily overcome with a positive attitude of life and time spent with his friends.

But you would be surprised when you hear that this man strives for stability in some way, he loves to be the protector of family members and friends and to provide them with security.


In some way, this man who has the Sun in the Aries sign has to show his needs in life in a somewhat aggressive manner, he is the dominant one, inside of himself, he needs to realise the potential he has in life fully. And this person has so many possibilities in life, and even the ones he does not have the will make up with his attitude and confidence that is immense and incredibly strong.

He is the one man that needs to enjoy his freedom, and he must speak his mind to be happy.

His behavior can be extravagant and theatrical – in almost every occasion the man with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Leo Zodiac sign has a stronger desire to be loved by others and to draw attention to himself in order to make a good impression on people.


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