Dreams About Choking – Meaning and Symbolism

If we want to look deeply into the symbolism of the dreams of any kind, you can see that the statistic shows that dreams about choking are very common among people and that there are different variations of such dreams, they are an equally scary activity and it is not uncommon for people to wake up after having them, as they can be truly realistic.

Numerous cases surfaced where people claimed that they have a real feeling on their necks that they were being choked, and that they cannot believe that it was only a dream.

In some way, to have such a fantasy means that you are the person who is not able to take any remark or advice that comes from the people who are close to you, and you feel that their words are “difficult to swallow”.

But more on this topic, we will give you in the next few chapters, and since you must certainly have such a dream, we are sure that you will find interesting its symbolism and meaning.

Meaning of a Dreams about Choking

If you had a dream in which you have seen yourself choking, it has the meaning that in a real-life, you are worried and that you are having difficulty in dealing with such feelings.

You may be a very emotional and aware person who cares (too much) of what others are saying about you, and how they perceive you.

You are the type of person who analyses everything too much and finds secret enemies all around you, and this is the feeling of the choking that you have in your dream. It may come to you after some serious meeting or a stressful day at work, or it can come to you if you are having problems with your lover.

This is the dream that comes to people who are at service to others, they like to please others, and this is simply not possible, and you feel stressed about it, so your mind is telling, though your dream that you must adjust to attitudes and thoughts that are often inconsistent with your sensibilities.

For some, such a dream has a meaning that you need to check your psychological state and that you need to find some sort of balance in your life – you are aware that you do not follow the advice that experts consider to be the basis of a healthy life.

So, take that uncomfortable advice from the people who take care of you and you will feel better instantly.

Additionally, this dream has one more interesting meaning – it could show that you are having a hard time with your lover, or the person who is very close to you. It could be a person who is with you, by your side, and you do not feel emotions that you had at the beginning of that affair.

So, this dream can come as an indication that you are not happy anymore, and that you are trying to set free, but you are not able because of the habit that you have regarded that person.

This dream, in this sense, comes to the people who are in a phase in the relationship where they are looking into the flaws in their lovers, which are part of his character, and which you have previously considered likeable.

Now is the time when you are becoming aware of the situations you are in, and you are not able to force yourself to give your relationship another chance, so you feel like the whole experience is choking you.

The Symbolism of Dreams about Choking

To continue in this light, we come to the symbolical value of this dream – it can be a sure signal that you are about to enter a conflict with someone you care for, it is not the person who is random, but the one that is important to you emotionally.

You may be arguing with a family member who has too high expectations of you. You will have the impression that he or she wants to achieve what that person has failed to do and thus heal the disappointments of the yesterday.

In some sense, you feel that you are struggling and you find it very hard to cope with the matters on a daily basis and to cope with the demands you are disclosed to every day.

This could be those small and irrelevant things that do not seem to hurt you very much, but when they are rolling up, one on another, then things are becoming more and more stressful and painful, in one sentence hard to deal with.

Also, the dream about choking can symbolize something else, especially in the case when you are the one that is choking someone – such a dream can imply that others will underestimate you, and that you are having a hard time in proving them wrong, and that you are something else.

It is possible that, for the best of intentions, you will pressure the person you are close to do something that is for his or her good. You will gain no material gain from this except the pleasure of knowing that you have done a good deed, just the feeling itself is enough to know that you are on the right track in your life, and that pleasure is not compatible with anything else.

We also must say that in that relation, in the dream where you are the one who is choking that other person, your intentions will be characterized as hidden, and your efforts as an attempt to wrap yourself with other people’s feathers and attribute to yourself the merits that do not belong to you.

You maybe even a victim of many rumors like this hurt you, so you give up your intention of helping someone who is unwilling or unwilling to accept it.

All in all, all of the variations of this dream speak of the misunderstanding and of the ruined personal connections that must change or end as soon as possible.

Soon you change or alter, or reevaluate those connections then you will be able to move on, in the right direction, the direction where you will never again feel the anxiety and pain that you have felt before, and the reason why you felt like you were choking, or you had the need to choke someone else.

To dream that you are choking someone implies activities of aggression that can come from both sides, from yours or from someone else. You may be trying to block something from being said or issued.

It indicates that there is something you do not want to face.

If you dreamed that someone was choking you, it’s about overcoming your emotions. It is complicated for you to dispatch your anxiety, anger, or love, or feel that you have been denied the chance to represent yourself unobstructed.

Do I have to be worried?

You know now that these dreams belong to the most common dreams that human beings have, and both variations of this dream are equally common – when you are choking someone, or you are being choked.

In itself, this scene is very scary so that those who dream it often get scared and panicked, but you are wondering if this dream means something terrible in a real-life.

Well, it does not mean anything scary, but it tackles personal relations that are important to you, so it is a warning that a certain persona relation must be restored and change if you want to live happily.

Also, one more thing that you must look when we are talking of such a dream – it could mean that you are aware of judgment or that your conscience is not pure. Even if it is, this was the dream that came to you for the right reason.

If you are choking that other person in your dream, and you feel good about it, despite that act itself, some say that this could be a sign of victory over your opponents and overcoming obstacles.

Of course, we must add one more aspect of this dream that tackles the psychological side of you – this dream indicates that you are repressing or denying a vital aspect of your personality. The same dream may mean that you are powerless and unable to break away from your mother’s instincts.

What to do if I had this dream

It all depended on your inner feeling when you were being choked, or someone choked you.

Ask yourself about the feeling, and you will find out what you have to do after you had such a dream. You feel that you are able to fully express yourself in the situation, and look if you are having just an expression of self-blame and unexpressed feelings.

But, many will agree that this dream indicates things that you are avoiding to face in your, and it has got a lot to do with the suppressed emotions that are in your life. This is true in the case when you are the one that is choking others that are close to you, like family or lovers.

So, you need to reevaluate the personal connections in your life and face them, regardless of their nature.

You have difficulty expressing your fears, anger or love. Instead, you may feel that you are prevented or restricted from expressing yourself freely.

In the end, try to look at this dream as an opportunity to deal with things and emotions that you have been suppressing for a long time – like aggressiveness and others.


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