Seeing Water In Dream Is Good or Bad?

Water in our dreams can have different symbolism. Sometimes it brings us positive messages that we should implement on our life, and other times it warns us about not so positive events that are coming our way.

Water is one of four elements and throughout history it had a special significance to cultures and people around the globe. Because of this, water is considered to be a very important symbol when we see it in our dreams.

Dream about water in general

Dreaming about water in general, represents our emotions. The way water moves and even if it is dirty or clean, has a very big significance when we are interpreting the dream. Depending on details of the dream, water can symbolize positive and negative things.

It can also warn us about turbulent times that are ahead of us or positive times that are just around the corner.

Dream about dirty water

Dreaming of dirty water represents our feelings. Dirty water indicates that you have some negative emotions bottled up in you. These negative emotions could be caused by many things, but they almost always represent emotions we have towards our partners.

Only this kind of love can cause us to feel negative, so the only way we can get rid of these emotions is by talking to our partner. If you were drowning in dirty water, then you feel overwhelmed by many problems you have in life, and you don’t know how to resolve them.

Dream about deep water

Dreams about deep water are warning signs. This dream is warning you to be more careful about your actions in the future. Situation you are about to get into is going to be very delicate and you need to think twice about your every step.

Problems might occur on your workplace and you need to be more careful about decisions you will make. Every mistake could cost you big time, so think thoroughly about everything.

Dream about water running

Dreaming about running water symbolizes a period of meditation and relaxation you are going through. Period that is ahead of you will be extremely important for decision making, so be extra careful about the decisions you make.

Since intuition is going to be incredibly accurate in the upcoming period, use it to make some tough decisions about important things in your life.

Dream about drinking water

Dreams about drinking water indicate you will be extremely successful in the following period. This dream is reassuring you that everything you had planned will be successful. You can continue working hard on projects you had started and expect large profit coming your way.

This dream is a positive one in general, and other areas in your life will progress as well.

Dream about drinking salt water

When you were drinking salt water in your dream, then you are about to get heartbroken and crushed by someone’s actions. Be very careful with other people and don’t trust them too much. Their intentions might not be as honest as you think, so it is better to tame your emotions until they show their real face.

This dream is announcing problems in your relationship and emotional issues that are about to appear in your life.

Dream about offering someone water

Offering someone water in a dream represents true friends in your life. You can consider yourself to be a very lucky person, because you have amazing friends around you. They are always there to offer you help and pick you up when you fall down.

Dream like this can also remind you to pay more attention to your friends and show them how much you respect and love them.

Dream about getting sprayed with water

When someone sprayed you with water in your dream, then you might be hiding your real emotions. You are not honest to people around you and that is not the right thing to do.

Instead of bottling everything up inside you, it is better to share your emotions and stop torturing yourself. Expressing your emotions will help you feel better and it might even improve your relationships with others.

Dream about walking on the water

If you had a dream about walking on the water, this means you have complete control over your emotions. Everything in your life has its purpose and no one expects more from you than you can offer them. You do not allow your emotions to overrule or take control of your life.

To some people, you might seem too distant and cold but that is simply the way you feel most comfortable. Not letting other people get too close is the way you feel the most happy, so there is no need to explain others your behavior.

Dream about restless water

When water in your dream was wavy or restless, you need to take control over your life. You let your emotions lead the way and take control over your every decision. Other people often use your soft nature to get what they want.

However, if your emotions are expressed through aggression, then you often lose opportunities in life because of this behavior.

Dream about falling in muddy water

When you fell into muddy water in your dream, it is a sign you make a lot of mistakes in your life. Decisions you made in the past have come back to haunt you and you have to suffer the consequences.

Even though it is hard to face the fact, you still have a chance to make things right. Learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them in the future.

Dream about water running from the faucet

When water in your dream was running from the faucet, then you can expect a very emotional period. A lot of big decisions will be made and some of them are even crucial for your future.

Dreams like this are also announcing a possible engagement or even birth of a new family member. Either way, your emotions are about to be woken up.

Dream about water in your house (flood)

When you had a dream about water in your house or a flood, this means you are flooded with emotions in real life. Something in your life caused these emotions and you can’t fight against them.

Everybody around you notices how emotional you are and how much this situation has impacted you.

This dream can also represent problems you have that need to be taken care of. You keep stalling the inevitable and running away from things in your life. The sooner you start solving these problems, the sooner they will disappear.

Dream about waterfall

Dreams about waterfalls represent a successful period that is ahead of you. This dream announces a very fruitful period for business and personal matters. Everything you start at this period is going to bring you a lot of profit.

Emotional relationships will be extremely peaceful and emotions will be at their high point.

Dream about water flowing towards you

When water was flowing towards you, in your dream, this indicates you have a lot of negative emotions bottled up. Release these negative emotions by talking to people who are close to you and try focusing on positive things in life.

You need to remember that there are many things in your life to be grateful for.


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