Scorpio Sun Leo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Some Astrologers claim that the Astrology can be seen as the science that is based on the notion that the natal chart and the horoscope act as a schematic description of one’s intentions in life and his life (the possibilities).

It is also said that the Astrology shows what can one person experience, and the natal chart is a description not of what is going to happen, that is, destiny. And in that revelation, we can see the clear impact that comes from the luminaries (the Sun and the Moon); in today’s case, we are looking into the life of a person who has Sun located in Scorpio and Moon positioned in the Leo sign.

Good Traits

This is the person who will, without any doubt be very successful in everything he wants, and all thanks to his persistence, and direction on goals.

According to him, the goal justifies the means, and he needs to take good care about himself, in a sense that he must not cross some lines.

Often he has the opportunity to have some disputes through life and has unfinished issues with people, but he solves this because he is persistent.

The true strength of this Astrological combination is not so much in the skill of reaching the set goals or the open expression of the overall strength of the personality, how much in the ability to preserve the winning positions. This is his main goal – to succeed and to stay there for as long as he can; and of course, he will never satisfy with anything less than the “boss”.

But, this supremacy is based on the positive attitude that he has, his self-control, life force, practical intelligence and opportunism that he exhibits all the time.

He also has a critical spirit, along with the adaptable dynamism, and deep inside this is the person who cannot escape sensitivity. Deep inside he wants to be surrounded by beauty, and in a way, he has idealised passion, spectacular extraversion, but above all he has amazing self-confidence – all of this directs to the virtues that are forming a powerful personality to channel all resistance and to take advantage of them to achieve his ambitions.

Bad Traits

Of course, whenever there are two strong influences like in the case of the person who has Sun and Moon located in Scorpio and Leo signs, the striking personality is born who is maybe at times too full of himself.

It, however, leads to a strong passion that can easily be turned into a drawback.

This is the person who is ready to do anything to impose himself on the environment: to exercise moral values and at any moment to change the rules of the game, but this cannot be based only on the fact that he sees himself as the best.

He can be even seen as a cynic (that he is) and is unable to understand the world and psychological nuances of others and to be completely incapable of accepting them.

All of these flaws can be changed, and to do so, this person must become more aware of others that are close to him.

Scorpio Sun Leo Moon in Love

This is the person who adores flirting, he likes to be pompous in his actions with people, but he is very responsible, worthy, loyal to his closest and regardless of how he can act, these are fundamental ways that he follows in love.

Of course, this is the extremely ambitious person, and in this sense, he may be put his work in the first place, and does not belong to any group of people and always separates business with a private plan.

There is always a lot of interest and desire – he likes to dream about that passion that he will have with someone. And the Moon in the Leo sign allows him to do so, because it will make sure that this is not just a dream, but a reality.

We also must say that this is the person who loves life, and who has a hidden imagination; he romantically sees life and great love, but he is very real and returns to standard obligations in life.

When he likes someone, he invests extraordinary effort into everything and can simply be an example to others.

Scorpio Sun Leo Moon in a Relationship

So, as you were able to see, a person who has a positive attitude, sexual magnetism, he demands a lot from partners, but also from himself. If he sometimes lacks a little more tolerance, his lovers will accept that as it is and admire at the same time the courage that he has.

All of his lovers must accept the fact that he is the one that must lead the relationship and that he will never retreat from his point of views; so his lovers must be aware of this fact.

Normally, in his life, everything will not go smoothly, and many difficulties cannot be avoided, in love especially. The person who has Sun and Moon located in Scorpio and Leo combination can fall into depressed states from which he will only be able to sail if overcome his serious internal blockages.

Still, this is the person who has every chance that his life will go in the right direction, and this is also true for love.

Best Match for Scorpio Sun Leo Moon

A person who has Sun and Moon located in the Scorpio and Leo sign is the one that can be seduced with the nice conversation and the truth (he will accept it even if he does not like criticism).

He will fall on someone (crazy fall in love) based on visual impressions and attitude, mental culture and nice upbringing along with the good manner – all of these traits mean the world to him. If that potential lover shows open “admiration” is just a plus.

Aggression only occurs in his life, if there are unresolved family relationships or in his love life.

He is the one that is very disciplined and has been striving for greater material results through the years, but he has a remarkable persistence and positive stubbornness that he likes to finish things out. Once something is resolved, it always goes towards it.

The perfect match is born in the sign Sagittarius, and we firmly believe that this astrological combination can work really well, in terms of sexual connection, and interpersonal communication.

This is the person who understands deeply, and can love deeply; in this connection, both lovers like to go out and to mingle with people, so this cannot be a problem in this relationship. This couple will enjoy romantic getaways, somewhere where they will enjoy luxury and will let themselves to sexual pleasure.

This couple needs to watch for one thing that can break them apart- sometimes it is not a good idea to give a lover too much freedom, cause then the relationship can lose its purpose.

So, as long as these two can maintain respect and enjoy each other, then everything will be ok between them.

Scorpio Sun Leo Moon as a Friend

This is one person that likes to be a leader in his environment, he is one friend that demands a lot from life and his friends also, and he takes as an insult if his friends try to disobey him.

What also needs to be said in this section where we deal with the friend’s issues is that the one that has luminaries located in the Scorpio and Leo connection is always nurturing certain principles in his life, so his friends must also follow them, without additional questions.

He is, very ambitious person, and his goals must be magnified, and who will do that better than his own friends.

Also, his presence is felt in every situation, everything this human being does is dramatic, and he likes to project his ideas to the audience.

One negative trait that can also be seen in his friendly relations is his poor managed pride that is seen in a situation when a friend hurts him, and he cannot forgive and forget. His hatred is incredible, as well as his friendship and love are unbelievable.


There is absolutely no doubt that this Astrological connection where the fire and water meet, a very powerful one, and this person likes to feel powerful. He likes to show the scrupulousness (comes from the Sun in Scorpio) and also the supremacy (the Moon in the Leo).

This connection leads to personality and often creates people who are obsessed with fame and height in society; ambition is the one that enables them to exist.

He has a strong personality and adores to dominate over others without the pain, and even if the pain is involved he either enjoys it or he justifies it. His difficulties are reflected in the fact that as soon as gets one battle, he throws himself in another, to get up a little more, because this human being lives just for the sake of using his pronounced reputation.

This is the aspect of his life that is extremely important to him, and he does everything in a reflection to it. He just needs to take good care of himself in the sense that this cannot be the most important thing in his life.

He is honest and direct at the same time, even he can be romantic and visionary, yet if he has not comprehended the lesson of generosity, he can become egoistic, stubborn and undisciplined. By nature, he is self-centered and proud, and the one that knows how to get involved in things that will bring him things that he wants.


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