Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon – Personality, Compatibility

In this intro section, we will talk more about the elements that are connected to the Astrology and Zodiac signs, and as you already know, four elements describe the Zodiac signs. One of them is fire, and it is connected to the people who can directly attack the world in some manner, and they are usually those who will show their desires and live life as the one intimate and authentic experience.

These people are usually temperamental, their character representing power, spirit, enthusiasm, will, activity, composition, openness, extroversion, creativity, force, the ideal. In contrast to this element, we could speak more about the water and the traits that are connected to it – passivity, coldness and changes, for example.

And when we are talking about the people who belong to the fire element, we must mention a person who has Sun located in Sagittarius sign and the Moon in the complete opposite, the water Pisces.

What this means, does the water extinguish the fire that is burning in the Sagittarius sign? Or these two can work well together, and it is a good thing that this person has both elements in the luminary aspect? Read all about this.

Good Traits

This is the person who is inspired by great ideas and is developing ambitious projects that go beyond the measure of an individual, and such a person is fulfilled and confirmed in collective achievements. He finds his place in such intellectual and prosperous collectives and often imposes himself as the leader of such a group, maintaining the stability and necessary changes.

This person could not be called a naive fatalist type that requires a lot of time to build the world, but he is the one that is using the differences and energies to make something better out of his life.

Some Astrologers call this person the one that is under the mixed characteristics (like activity and passivity, openness and closeness, optimism and pessimism, etc.), and he is often exposing himself to the most diverse experiences and is trying to be in contact with the universal values in life that he believes in firmly.

He is an elastic and expressive person, aware that he is part of a more comprehensive whole, and is always ready to help others.

Bad Traits

But, we must also say that this is the human being who is ready to leave at any moment the power of any kind with deep modesty, which can often prevent the decisive action necessary for personal affirmation.

This means that he will be stuck in one place for a long time, without moving anywhere and without doing anything meaningful in his life. Which is a shame since this is the person who has so many qualities in his life (in this sense you should remember the previous section where you could see that this human being has qualities that make him a leader ready to change reality).

This is a state of affairs that causes a grave internal struggle that can result in terrible contradictions that make this person very difficult to fulfill the wishes he has in life.

Basically, here we are talking about the passive personality, but also the one personality that is hardly ready to understand everything that happens and with such power of forgiveness in all circumstances.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon in Love

Now, when you know all things that are good about this human being, along with the bad ones, we must say that all of this does not exclude the fact that this being reacts very emotionally to life.

Everything that happens to this human being and everything that will happen to him he sees as one emotional rollercoaster that he sometimes enjoys riding and in others, he is just ill.

He has one nature that is loving and is at the same time a deeply intuitive nature, and at times he has true perceptions of what like his life is going to be and in others, he can be delusional. He can be delusional in moments when he chooses lovers and also when he feels that something is wrong in his relationship.

Also, when it comes to love this is the person who knows how to use this feature as a useful tool in your spiritual and intellectual development – through love and care, a person who has Sun and Moon located in Sagittarius and Pisces sign also grows.

The better the love, the better he becomes, it is simple as that – here we have a true example of the person who needs love and support to achieve something in life, even if those things are just in his head.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon in a Relationship

Every love that this person has in his life must have a strong line of dedication, commitment, strong intensity, even if though as the Sun in the Sagittarius seeks for freedom, family and offspring, he can wander at times, thanks to the Moon that is located in the Pisces sign.

At one time he will seem like the person who wants to be a family man dedicated to his family, and in others, he will impose himself as the person who is not ready to settle down and who needs time to be alone.

This person has an extraordinary gift to become the best lover imaginable and to completely give in to that role. In his relationship something is always happening; somebody arrives, has close proximity to many people at the same time.

At the emotional level, he needs people similar to him, but also a person who will be turned to work, a mental culture of life, a person who is turned to a more practical way of life, and a person who is a loyal emotional level, because members of this combination do not endure a betrayal in love. This is the thing that will break them completely in life, and if he can avoid it, the better.

This combination of luminaries is, in love area of life, distinguished by a strong will and readiness for constant sacrifice and improvement of relationships, which makes such relationships (with him) possible to last for a lifetime.

He needs a lover that will say what he wants to change in a relationship and even better he is the one that will resolve disagreements.

Best Match for Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon

We can say with the major certainty that the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Sagittarius and Pisces connection has exceptional loving potentials, but he also strives for equity and leadership in this field. This is the person who will never allow anyone to take the total control over him, and he always has to have a certain amount of freedom when in a relationship.

We also know that this person has the Moon located in the Pisces so he can be very mystical; he transmits an enigma trace at sight.

However, what cannot be seen at first glance is that this lover always leads a strong inner struggle with himself, with his desires and never gives up on his goals and emotions — filled with faith, hope for oneself and others, aware that something is preserved and believes that he deserves love and care from his lovers.

Who can be the best match for this human being, and who is that lover that will deal in the best way with this complex personality? He definitely needs a lover that will when in pair with our candidate pass anger quickly, and everything will return to balance in a relatively short time.

This place belongs to the person who is born in the sign Cancer, and we will tell you why this love affair can work.

A love duo with this combination of signs is considered very successful and persistent, and we believe that before them there is a bring future.

Both partners are very sensitive in nature; they are bound and have strong feelings. Also, this is a blend of very romantic love.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon as a Friend

Often this person is mystical, fascinated with experiences that emanate from his intuition and irrationality, and in every situation in life, this person likes to play the lead role, and he needs friends who will accept this and will never oppose it.

This is the person who is so varied that all those who are close to him must constantly guess who he is in fact. Contradictions between certain passivity, between weaknesses to other influences, and between a passionate nature and conviction that are sometimes close to military and unwavering are very noticeable in this person and his relations with other people, like friends.

He is very creative and needs to swim for a long time in the sea of ​​uncertainty in order to come up with ingenious ideas and manage to master his emotions – which he ultimately achieves.


This combination of the luminaries gives this person an optimistic, confidential, generous and peaceful nature, ready to live with all his fullness. In this astrological incorporation that is created from the Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in the Pisces, the vision of life takes on a profound religious significance.

Some Astrologers say that this person has such rare and unique nature that has much opposition, but somehow it can work well; he is the one that is exceptionally aware of living values ​​and human needs.

All in all, this is the human being who reacts emotionally to the world that surrounds him, but he needs to find the right balance and to be realistic in his ideas.


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