Biblical Meaning of 555

We all like to ask questions, but we often find answers in the wrong places, in the places where there is no truth, but the deceit and lies, and we are willing to believe in them, because they are easy and convenient.

But there are places where we could find the answers – in the book called the Bible, accessible and pointed toward the truth.

The Bible is written in an extended period, and the first biblical writings originated some 1500 years before Christ. It is believed that the first book was ever written, which belongs to the canon of the Bible (the word “canon” is used in theology and signifies the books found in the Bible; “canon” means “law, measure).

Also, the Old Testament was completed some 400 years before Christ. Therefore, the Old Testament was written in the period from 1500 to 400 years before Christ.

The New Testament was created a hundred years after Christ. If we take this whole period, we will soon conclude that the Bible originated in a long period of 1600 years.

Now, when we know all of this, it is clear that this secret book could provide many answers on all interesting questions, but also on those questions that are existential.

These answers may lie in the numerical sequences that we found in the Bible, and today we are looking into number 555.

Biblical number 555 General meaning

You are a wise head above all, a person who has good judgment and a strong conviction that is directed (or during life can be directed) toward righteous beliefs.

Also, you have a strong intuition, and you can allow yourself to follow it with confidence. You are a very religious person, who loves to expand his beliefs by reading and learning a lot. Your thirst for knowledge is never small, and your understanding of the world and its well beings is huge.

For the most part, you are a philosopher concerning your life – because of your beliefs and faith; you are progressing far better than you would otherwise have been.

You are also a person who can be magnetic for others, and it would be a great idea to teach others of your knowledge, especially the one that is connected to the Realm of spirit and religion, why not.

One of the most significant things that Bible and Biblical numbers can teach us is that you must learn to pay a little more attention to the feelings of others – look at things from their perspective.

So you will improve your own life and character, and be more as the God intended.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

In the Biblical sense, number 5 that appears here in its triple form is a representation of the learning (and this is not any wonder, in the previous section we spoke about how people who are connected to this Biblical number progress and develop in life, by constant learning).  There are a total of 5 books of Moses and five wise girls in Jesus’ comparison, as well as five barley loaves used to feed 5,000 people.

So, in the sense of the symbolical meaning, we can say that the triple number 5 signifies the tendency for giving what the people, or in a sense “feeding” but with the spiritual food, in some sense. This is the name we like to call the hunger for the knowledge – this number is dedicated to those who want to find answers to important life issues.

It’s good that you ask such questions and it’s important not to give up until you find reliable logical answers. Jesus Christ, who was an outstanding teacher, said: “Pray, and it will be given to you! Seek, and you will find it! Knock several times, and it will be opened to you “(Matthew 7: 7).

This is a very meaningful aspect to mention since number 5 in many numerologies and beliefs of all kinds is connected to the aspect of discovery and courage to “knock on some doors”, even if we are not sure what it behind them.

So numeral 5 is simply half-ten as in the two records of the ten commandments of Moses, or like your two hands or feet -everything that we have in life, as a creational force is divided into five, and as such it should be seen as energies that are able to change and create good. (Recall the 10 toes of Daniel’s statue, thus five on each foot; every personal division could be seen through fives.)

Number 555 in Love

God’s Love both human and Divine languages, and if we do not have love, then the sound of the Universe is empty, and the questions are without the answers, they are just echoing. Without Love, there cannot be substance, and there cannot be anything that matters truly.

But Biblical number 555 in some way give us the gift of prophecy to know all the secrets and all knowledge, and if we have all faith, we will have Love.

In the Bible it is said: “And if I feed the poor, I divide all my possessions, and if I give up my body to be burned, and I have no love, nothing benefits me – it is said in the Bible.

God’s Love endures for a long time – this Divine Love is always good, it shows no envy, it does not kill hope, it does not act indecently, does not seek its own, does not get bitter, does not value for evil, does not celebrate in injustice, but celebrates with the truth; she grasps everything, she believes everything, she hopes everything, everything suffers.

The Gods Love never stops, and with it, the gift of prophecy will be completed – we cannot expect the good in the future, if our lives are completed with the Gods love.

God’s Love fulfills us completely, and we are completely well-known. Now, there is faith, hope, Love, these three; and Love is among them the greatest, and our existence should strive to this aspect, of course, we sometimes have to take some risks.

Amazing Facts about Number 555

In the Bible, all numerals that are multiplied have a special meaning and symbolism, and numeral 555 is one of them (in some of the previous sections we talked about the main significance of the number 5 in the Bible, and it can be reduced to the grace, or mercy).

It is the number that in the Biblical sense is connected to the Grace. And one of the most touching things in our world is God’s Grace – and the important thing is to know that many of the sufferings in our would disappear if we accepted that God is gracious if we believed in it.

So, when we speak of the God, in the Biblical meaning of the number 5 (555) that are connected to Grace, we usually mention two of God’s qualities: God’s justice and God’s grace. It seems to me that we have no problems when we think about God’s justice, but we have problems when we think of God’s Grace.

When we read in the Bible that God has executed justice somewhere, we only applaud and say: “You are right, you are right. Somehow we have no problem understanding God that is just.

But when we come to the area of God’s Grace, we fall into serious problems, and we should not.

So, Biblical numeral 5 could be seen as a transitional area that could help us understand the Gods Grace.

Will Biblical number 555 Bring Good Luck to You?

Before we get to talk of happiness, we need to see some other aspects of the number 555 as seen in the Biblical sense, and one of them dignity.

Our dignity before God is not based on our subjective sense of happiness or sadness, but on the objective fact that Jesus died for our sins and that those who faithfully accepted His sacrifice have already been forgiven, and that they have already been received in the heavenly family and have already become citizens of God’s the Heavenly Kingdom.

In other words, He is blessed, no matter how subjectively he feels, no matter what are the surroundings, he feels blessed, and this is the thing that only matters.

The good discovery is that our salvation is already a truth that has already been made available to us.

And so, even though I may not feel happy that I am “persecuted for righteousness” (Matthew 5:10), I can be quiet because I have already received a blessing in Jesus Christ.

It’s a fact that cannot be denied, and we are touched by the Hand of the God in the moments we were born, and this is the reason why all people are born happy, as it is.

And since there is a possibility that we can rejoice in this peace of mind, blessing means much more than happiness that we get in the moment of our birth. Jesus said: “Blessed are the poor in spirit because their kingdom is heavenly” (Matthew 5: 3)


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