Dreams About Eyes – Interpretation and Meaning

Eyes are truly windows to the soul, and through someone’s eyes we can feel despair, joy and whole spectrum of different emotions. This is why a look somebody gives you is a good indicator, whether someone likes you or not.

Dreams about eyes are common since we see eyes and look into other people’s eyes daily, but just like everything else, eyes in dreams can have various symbolic meanings.

Dream about a woman with piercing eyes

If you had a dream about a woman, who had piercing eyes and a stunning look, then this dream represents bad luck for you.

Everything you start in the next few days or months is going to turn into a disaster, so it is probably for the best to lay low for a while.

Dream about black eyes

If a person in your dream had black eyes, then this dream represents trouble in your love life. Your partner could get cold on you and start avoiding you for no apparent reason.

You might also get into a fight with your partner about things that have been troubling you for a while but you never really discussed them entirely.

Measure your words and don’t get defensive until you find out what is going on. Only then you will know how to behave and what stand you need to take.

Dream about brown eyes

Brown eyes in a dream represent deceit. Someone you don’t know or someone you don’t know very well, might try to trick you into doing something that is going to be fatal for you.

Avoid getting too close to strangers and don’t let them get too deep into your personal life. This way you will be able to protect yourself from them and anything they might do against you.

Dream about blue eyes

If you had a dream about blue eyes, then you will get in some sort of trouble regarding your career or job. This trouble will be caused by your own mistake and nobody else could be blamed for it.

Before you give up on everything, perhaps you should try out a different approach. Even though these troubles are going to get on your way, it doesn’t mean they are unsolvable.

Dream about grey eyes

If eyes in your dream were grey, then you might be taken advantage of. Be careful around other people around you and don’t trust anyone new you meet. This person might be just out to get you and find out information that he or she can later use against you.

Stay away from tricky situations as well because if something doesn’t look right to you, it probably isn’t.

Dream about bloodshot eyes

Bloodshot eyes in your dream also bring you bad luck. Things will definitely be going down hill for a while and you won’t be able to maintain good balance in your life. Your life is going to be turned inside out and you won’t be able to gather all of the pieces together.

Before you give up and call it quits, try figuring out a solution for your stream of bad luck or simply lay low for a while until this period of your life passes.

Dream about a man with one eye

If you had a dream about a man who only had one eye, then you will be faced with challenging times in your life that are going to lead to many disappointments.

This period of your life doesn’t have to be that bad, if you use it the right way. Try learning as much as you can from it and don’t waste time complaining about your faith.

Dream about someone with crossed eyes

Seeing someone with crossed eyes in your dream is a symbol of good luck. This is the right period in your life to take action and do things you love doing because everything you start is going to have a good finish.

Make sure to end all of your previous projects and even start working on new ones, while this lucky period is at large.

This dream also brings you good luck in your personal life. if you still haven’t met that „special someone“, this period will be a little more active when it comes to dating.

Among all of the great people you are about to meet, there will be someone just perfect for you. So, don’t waste any time and start searching.

Dream about beautiful eyes

If you saw someone in your dream who had the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen, then you will be disappointed in someone close to you. This person, who can be your partner, family member or someone else close to you, is going to betray you and make you feel bad.

Even though this person is going to hurt you, they are still a big part of your life so don’t rush to chase them away from your life. try finding a common ground and avoid being too sensitive, even though this won’t be easy.

Dream about big eyes

Big eyes in a dream are a symbolism for wealth and prosperity. Things will definitely be going according to plan, when it comes to finances and you will be extremely satisfied because of that.

This is a good time to start investing money into new projects. Every cent you put in is going to come back to you several times more, just make sure that you investigate your investing options properly.

Dream about hurting your eye

If you had a dream about injuring your eye, then you are going to get involved in a crowd of people who are going to ruin all of your plans and drag you away from your responsibilities. Before getting close to someone, make sure you take a good look at how they lead their life and their daily habits.

If these people are only wasting their time and money on unproductive stuff, then you should stay away from them. If you choose to stay close to them, this might lead you into debt or it might completely change your way of life and make you forget about who you really are.

Dream about bright eyes

Bright eyes are beautiful in real life and they share this positive symbolism in a dream as well. Bright eyes are a representation of a guardian angel you have in your life. this person is your mentor and your adviser in every sense of this word, and you highly appreciate this person.

If you don’t have a person like this in your life, then this dream might be a sign that you are about to find someone who is going to be just that for you.


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