1221 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Angels are often associated with Light, because they are Light Beings, and when you ask, be sure that they are listening, and they will answer, be sure about it. Universe connects us all, and the only task in your life is to listen, but truly, and the best way is to focus on breathing, try to inhale and exhale so that your body receives enough energy to set your vibration on its right place.

Then, be sure that Angels respond to your call, and this is the call that will help you resolve your problems – try to silence your mind, and open your heart and listen to the guidance of your Angels.

But you need to keep in mind that you will hear your Guardians in a different way than you expected, maybe you will never see them physically,  but you will often see their tool of work – Angel numbers, or numerical sequence that carry a strong vibrational power.

Maybe you will be able to smell them or dream of them, but you will never be sure that they are “real”, and that insurance is not necessary – for real things in life, a feeling is enough.

Underneath those numbers, you will see inspirational thoughts and feelings, and then trust the guidance that appears. Often the most critical leadership will come through your emotions and spirit, not mind – sometimes we intuitively know what truth is and what is not, and if people are more often lead by this inner voice, their lives would be drastically better.

Summoning Angels into your life mean that you are seeking light and Love – remember that your angels are spiritual beings of incredibly high vibrations, pure love and light.

Today we are searching the light in the numerical sequence 1221, and we will try to seek the truth behind this Divine message and its influence on the lives of the people who have seen this numeral (in dreams, visions, or everyday life, where ever).

Angel number 1221 General meaning

Every human being is complex, and it is not easy to define their character, but Angels point specific messages to specific people because they want to change something in their reality – or they answer to their prayers.

In the second example, we are speaking about the reason why these prayers are sent into the Universe.

Now, a person who has received message 1221 is one of those careless humans who accept life as they do, do not think about it, about the problems and mysteries that surround it. You have the confidence that is justified in your case because it comes from experience – you believe that wisdom is in experience, and you live by this rule. You are inclined to make friends with a few chosen people who you are compatible with you, but in some way, you must learn to be more reserved and restrained.

As far as Love comes, you need to take care that your love does not cost too much, because you can be involved in such way that later on you will later regret it, simply because of the goodness of your heart that is adorned with righteousness, and compassion.

You are a natural mystic and source of spirituality, and you should be aware of this fact and use it in every direction you go. You have a strong potential and is able to be a solid channel of spirituality, occult and things that are closely related to the mystic and the Realm of the unknown (by this we mean all aspects that are unknown to humanity and general, but are also the aspect that could be discovered, like the Spiritual Realm). And we will add that all people should (and Angels often ask from people to start this search and become more spiritual human beings).

You like to explore the history of these (unknown subjects for many, among them Angels) subjects, and you often become a fan of the spiritual world where you can find your true purpose and meaning in life, and this is no place for everyone, it is reserved for few chosen. Everyone wants to know what others think, and some even manipulate others’ thoughts, but we use this word manipulate in a good way, people sometimes need to be guided in the right direction, and a good path, by your beliefs is the Angel one.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

There can be no true reveal of any Angel number, without knowing why Angels send their word to that exact person and what this message means when looking its hidden aspects.

So, you can see 1221 as numeral that has so-called mirror aspect, or to make things simple it has one dominant element, and the other component, in this case, 21 is just a mirror reflection of the dominant numeral, in this case, 12.

So, as we know, 12 carry the vibration of the Divine symbiosis between material and spiritual world, and it can be seen as the emblem of individuality. The energy of this number is composed of the vibrations of number 2 and number 1 -both fluctuations are integral and have the power to move things, and Angels want just that in our lives.

The number two is the attribute of duality and finding balance, cooperation, relationship, partnership, encouragement and selflessness.

Number one energies include new beginnings, independence, uniqueness, and motivation, a desire for progress, achievement, and success. All this makes 12 the number of versatility, magnetism, allure and intelligence.

And on the other side of the specter, we can see its “mirror reflection”, and it is said that this numeral is connected to God’s creation, and its sum is numeral 3, the Gods number. This number represents the foundation of creation. Also, 21 represents the number of perfection, according to the Angel numerology.

But here, we are interested in something else – we are talking about the “mirror reflection”, and we must say that this does not mean that vibration of 12 brings “good and positive” aspects, and 21 the other way around. No, this only means that our lives do not necessarily have to use all Divine potentials that we are given, or that we can reach the same destination by using other “vibration”.

This is understandable in a way that Angels often point out that people should follow their own way to the virtues, and not follow others path blindly, of course, listening to some advice from wise people is not a bad idea.

Number 1221 in Love

Divine Love is the Universal force, and it is aviable for all humanity, it has several components, some say three, others say many more, but they are all based on the same thing – achieving of well being and happiness.

Divine Love is the cause and purpose of the Creation (12) and it can be seen clearly in many messages that come from Angel’s sky, their Realm is secured to every human being who receives God’s love in himself (21).

All components that are manifestations of Divine Love are also essential components of God’s love as the reason why the Universe is maintained, since conservation is a continuous creation -and we evolve in general, but also during life, as an individual, not just on subjective aspect, but in an objective way in communication with others.

Do Divine Love can be seen as the continuation of existence and a perpetual coming into existence is mandatory for the maintaining the Universe where Good will prevail over Evil; the Divine Love is from eternity the same as was the case with the creation of the world, such as the present in the created world.

From the dawn of time, Divine Love is present, and we should look at it as such, use it wisely, and share it. If your heart is open for this primordial instinct, to Love, if your heart is open to give Love with the instinct to share with others, Angels consider that their purpose is fulfilled.

Amazing Facts about Number 1221

Angel numbers teach us about Love, Happiness and Compassion, and Angel number 1221 is a teacher is this way, it tells us that happiness is not a material nature – it is a state of the soul. This message usually comes to people, who do not see this and search for happiness in all the wrong places, and we do not mean something disturbing by this, it is enough for people to search for happiness in material stuff or in an expectation that others will make them happy.

Of course, people realise happiness in different ways, and this is not a negative thing, God created us with flaws and free will, but also with pronounced individuality, so every one of Us has its own vision of happiness, and this is normal. Some are found in the family, and some go to the monastery to devote themselves entirely to God. It’s a fortune for a monk, for example. Some people do not have families and find happiness by doing good deeds for other people. Some do not have absolutely anything, yet they are happy, and you can never understand why, but they are, it is something that could be seen clearly. Such people are pleased that at that moment they are not sick and that outside is warm.

And on the other hand, one can have all earthly, health, money, and good family, such man has all the conditions to be happy, and he is sad and dissatisfied with all this – and it can be incomprehensible why is this the case.

Angel message 1221 is pointed to those who need to realise that happiness does not depend on the material goods or the conditions of life – it is within man, in the soul, because it is written in the Holy Scriptures that the Kingdom of Heaven is in you. So this is the condition of the soul, that is, the ability to be grateful to God for everything.

Every day can bring us luck, and we just need to be able to understand it.

Will Angel number 1221 Bring Good Luck to You?

Angel message 1221 will bring you Good Luck, but only if you understand the previous sentence – Every day can bring us luck, we just need to be able to understand it and apply it in our lives.

Angels are saying in the message that was sent to the world of people by the number 1221 to get rid of a dilemma, focus on your intent and its direct expression. Observe the world as it is, without its projections, judgments, and assumptions -stop expecting from others to make you happy, stop waiting for the things to turn, first change yourself from the core and then wait for the changes to come into your life, easy and effortless.

Angels teach you in the message 1221 that clarity in life is not a one-time event, but a process that takes time, and you should not be in pain because you did not see this before, the times are right now.

Love of truth removes all attachments that are the result of misunderstandings and conclusions and harmonises us with the inner being – Angels are sending their Love and support so that you can learn to reconcile yourself with true nature, our consciousness fulfils correct attitudes, orientations and deeds – exempted assumptions and judgments. It is hard, and this is way Angels send you their unconditional Love and care, and even motivation to continue even when you want to stop trying.

You can promote clarity by active research and asking questions: “What is the source of my existence”? “Why do I act this way or how?” “What do I need to heal?” Through questioning ourselves, we invite our inner being to discover his riches, secrets and abilities – Angels are concluding in the message 1221 that you who have seen this Word from God has a deep understanding of the Universe,  but that only by accepting that happiness is inside of you is a completion.


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