Pisces Sun Pisces Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Everything in Astrology can be seen through the symbols, and the word Astrology is derived from the two words  – one means star and the other means word, so it can be said that Astrology means the language of stars.

This science tries to explain our cosmos, both micro and macro cosmos (the Universe, sky, everything that we see from our position, planet Earth) And that smaller cosmos is that micro part of our Universe – people and their connections and lives.

In that process of discovery of micro and macro cosmos, Astrology uses analyses of the aspects (planets, among them, luminaries).

Today our focus is only on the luminary position, where both luminaires are positioned in the same sign – Pisces.

Good Traits

There is no doubt that in the person who has Sun and Moon located in Pisces sign is in many ways passive, so it can be said that these passive forces can take over his will, and he is unable to make some things happen in his life.

But, this is the person who is mistaken to be negative, but he is not negative, on the contrary. This is the person who knows that he will make something great in his life by sacrificing himself to a greater cause.

He is endowed with a great deal of understanding and immediacy, and he deeply tries to understand human nature, regardless of how this nature can be negative, bad or disturbing.

In addition, this is the person who can transform his weakness into true strength, thanks to his developed intuition and a generous attitude that creates the ability to make a comfortable place in his life without much effort. This means that he is able to enjoy life very much and can have great success in his life that he will achieve purely with his talent.

He strives to comfort, and in this sense, he is incredibly capable of adapting to every circumstance and aware of its great resilience, and at the same time, he remains a hypersensitive personality.

He may not be the person who stands out, but if you ask him for an opinion – you will always get it. He thinks carefully before pronouncing what he thinks, and he is skilled with the words when motivation is in question.

Caring for others for this human being means happiness. In fact, many people who have this luminary connection often leave himself because he is too busy taking care of others and their feelings. That’s why fantastic parent and role model.

Bad Traits

This human being is very creative in his nature, and he has a tendency to show his creativity through their lives and work, and he can do it without much trouble if he would want it.

But in reality, without points of support, no model, he is scattered in the crowd and remains floating and indefinable – so this is the person who must have support in his life to achieve success.

This is also the person who avoids responsibility, and obligations, it is easy for him to avoid the pressure of everyday life, but the greatest danger threatens him because of the lack of realism.

Here we come to the core – this person is someone who cannot explain something that cannot be expressed, he has trouble in defining himself and his purpose in life.

He cannot be understood well, and not many people will try to enter his world, so he is often lonely – this person lives in a world of an obscure, inexplicable, where everything is blurred.

Self-discipline can be a problem for him

Pisces Sun Pisces Moon in Love

A person who has Sun and Moon located in Pisces sign has amazing sensitivity and personal magnetism, and he is extremely popular with the opposite sex.

He can choose who he wants to date, but in everything that he does, emotions are the most important; it is just about the thing that his life is black and white, and also his love life.

This person works the best when he is in love and when his love is rewarded; but here there is an exception, he can love people who do not give him back his emotions.

Often, he thinks much more deeply about the past, about the lovers who hurt him in love, and maybe he spends too much time in thinking about lovers who never belong to him in some way.

Often times, due to the vulnerability that increases sentimentality, he can become overburdened and extremely nervous and are prone to emotional injuries that take a lot of time to heal.

This eventually leads to his slow opening to people that he wants to be with.

Pisces Sun Pisces Moon in a Relationship

But when he decides to open to someone in love that love should take care of his heart with care and tenderness, and try to understand him deeply, without trying to change him in any way. And if he does change when in a relationship, it takes time, this process is slow, but it is worthy.

He reacts, as every Pisces reacts very strongly to life, and even when in love with someone he is the one lover that does not want (and does not know how to be) to be a dominant one.

But one the other side, this person can adapt to any situation, like a chameleon – he is the one partner that is for fun, and for serious matters.

He needs a lover who is or who can understand his creativity and who will give him help from the side, and support.

In some early years of his life, he may scatter his sensitive energy, since he is moving too much in all directions, not knowing his true purpose in life.

This person can often have complicated interpersonal relationships that end up to be the destabilizing factor; in the worst-case scenario, it can develop in conflicts that accumulated.

Best Match for Pisces Sun Pisces Moon

Who can be a perfect match for the person who can love like no one, who can be a dedicated lover that does not have a problem in being an inferior partner who will follow the lead?

He needs to have peace in love, and this person needs to have incredible support and constant attention from his lover.

He can often idealize the people he loves, and from the moment he feels safe and secure in love, he can find balance in life.

It is best for this human being to be in love with an objective, real, diligent, but more discreet lover. This can be a lover that is born in the Zodiac sign Taurus.

Taurus partner has a very strong character that, with his protective attitude, provides our unstable candidate safety and support that he so desperately needs.

Also, his artistic tendencies trespass on the fruitful soil of the creative-minded person who has Sun and Moon located in the same, Pisces sign.

Both lovers in this story crave for the construction of a comfortable love nest, in which Taurus lover needs more touch, and to our candidate needs a clear expression of romance.

This is a connection that can last very long, and be stable without any or little conflict. In addition to achieving a quality relationship, these two will become great friends that will share their secrets and fears.

Pisces Sun Pisces Moon as a Friend

In order to compensate for the “unreal” side of their personality, which bothers himself and people who are close to him; he can also adopt hyper-realistic behavior that always surprises his environment.

In a certain way, this is the person who wants to find things that he lacks in his friends, and in this way, he needs friends who will give him support He is very sensitive and can become very dependent on people who are close to him.

It will never speak gossip about friends, and even when it happens (and the moments are rare) it will not be difficult for him to say sorry.

He is extremely calculated and does not believe in excuses; even if he can be naive from time to time, but it just means he often goes through the same situations as his loved ones.

This person believes that sincerity is a major prerequisite for long friendship, but he has the tendency to hurt one’s feelings because of his directness.

Fortunately, he is able, to tell the truth in a kind and nice way, and when the time passes, he will know when to stop.

Patience is his other name, and people who are close to him must be sure that they want to hear the truth from a different perspective that he will provide.


This is one very interesting luminary connection where Moon and Sun are located in the same sign, and this brings so many good things as well as bad. All positive traits are brought to the maximum, and flaws are multiplied.

Sometimes this person can be a victim of inevitable fatalities, so it is recommended for him to surround himself by people who have a positive influence on him and take care of his negative feelings so that he does not fall under the influence of his tendencies for an escape from reality.

He has chameleon nature, but the things that he is missing activity,  strength and determination.

Only if he grabs the root, in reality, he will succeed in avoiding some serious difficulties and being satisfied with the circumstances. In that case, everything can be changed for the better.


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