Chickadee – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Chickadees are group of birds that belong to the tit family.

These small birds inhabit the North American and South American continents, and there are several sorts living predominantly in the south parts of the continents.

Chickadee traits and characteristics

Fragile – These small birds are very fragile. They only grow up several inches so there are a lot of predators out to get them.

Their small bodies are not resilient to low temperatures, so they usually follow the warm weather.

Joyful – Chickadees have a beautiful singing voice. Waking up with their beautiful singing voices is an incomparable experience, and it should be every person’s morning ritual.

Chickadee as a totem

As totems, chickadees symbolize positivity, cheerful natures, flexibility, courage and social behavior.

Everyone born under this totem or protected by it is bound to be surrounded and loved by many people. They are always in good company and surrounded by laughter and joy.

People protected by this totem are also trusting and always there for their friends.

If you have a friend protected by this totem then you need to know that this person is in your life for a reason.

They are always there to listen to others and offer them help if necessary.

Besides being the life of the party, chickadees are also brave little birds. Their bodies are not made for a fight, but they will always stand up for themselves.

Just like birds, people protected by a chickadee totem are going to stand up for themselves no matter what happens. Positivity that radiates from these people is simply inviting and nobody can deny that.

We all get full of energy when close to “chickadee” people, no matter what happened to us previously that day.

People protected by this totem are also adaptable and can endure every change that comes their way.

When it comes to love, people born under the chickadee totem are always in love. This loving nature is not only expressed towards their partners but also towards their family members.

Everyone feels loved when he is next to a person born under this totem, because they make sure of that.

Chickadee as a symbol in a dream

Chickadees as symbols in dreams represent positive energy and good luck. If you saw a chickadee in your dream, then you can be sure that good luck is on your side.

Everything you do is going to be successful so don’t stress about anything.

If chickadee in your dream was singing then you will someone very exciting this person is going to become a big part of your life.

Make sure you mingle with other people and don’t stay at home too much.

This period is great for building new business partnerships as well, so use it wisely.

If chickadee in your dream was dead, then you need to be aware of enemies in your life. Someone wants you to fail and destroy everything you worked for.

Before this person succeeds, make sure you stop this person or at least distance yourself from him or her.

Chickadee as a symbol in different cultures

As a symbol in different cultures, chickadees were looked as symbols of positivity, happiness and good luck.

Chickadee symbolism was predominantly made by tribes that live in North America and southern parts of South America.

To the North American tribes, chickadees represented truth and knowledge. The Cherokee tribe considered chickadees as warning signs for the danger that was ahead.

Every time they heard a chickadee they knew something bad is about to happen.

Many Plain Indian tribes considered chickadees as symbols of success and they always looked forward to the chickadee.

They knew that crops will be good and there will be plenty of food.

It was considered especially lucky to see chickadees in dreams and visions.

In popular culture, chickadees preserved their symbolism as positive symbols, symbols of happiness, joy and good luck.

These little birds remind us that no matter how we feel about ourselves, we need to create our own unique voice and fight for what we believe in.

They show their uniqueness through a beautiful voice, just like we need to show our own power to the world by taking a stand.


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