Prophetic Dreams – Definition, Interpretation and Meaning

Prophetic dreams, are usually warnings of death, some personal accidents or a widespread of disaster that is announced through them. To the most people these types of dreams are particularly interesting because they intrigue us.

More often we dream of hints closer to a near immediate future, but rarely about time very distant from us. If the dream event takes place simultaneously when we are having the dream (we discover it as soon as we wake up) it is more about the telepathic dream than about transference). No one has yet investigated why prophetic dreams have no announcements of happy events or they are very rare.

Prophetic substances, if they are precise / accurate, are most often in the category of true dreams or (even) divine dreams. Namely, only at Astral level (true dreams) we can have the exact perception of any event from any space of time. At lower levels, we can only speculate, while at the Highest Level is the future, that is integrated into the Modern Timelessness. Timeless Timelessness does not exist to linearize Eternity in time / space.

Have you ever had a dream about something happening and later on experienced that event in real life? If the answer is yes, then you had a prophetic dream. These dreams can happen to ordinary people and we can all have them no matter what we believe in. They occur out of nowhere and many stories and myths describe them to be sudden and unexpected as well.

Prophetic dreams are mentioned since the beginning of time. We have many myths and ancient stories that focus on prophetic dreams. Religions and cults were based on these prophetic experiences and we still, very much, believe in their existence.

Prophetic dreams through history

By definition, a dream is a succession of ideas, images, feelings and experiences that involuntarily appear in our minds while we are asleep. Scientist simply cannot determine why we dream and what is the soul- purpose of a dream.

Throughout history we heard stories about prophetic dreams and many important events revolved around these kinds of prophecies.

In Egypt, dreams were written down on papyrus and vivid and real-like dreams were particularly interesting to Egyptians. People who remembered their dreams and could clearly remember about what they dreamed about, were considered to be blessed by others. They were seen as prophets and “holy people” who could predict the course of events for the future. They believed that dreams were oracles and that Gods communicated with people through dreams. Origin of prophetic dreams comes from this period and the belief in them is still very present.

In Mesopotamia they believed that the soul moves from the body of a person who is asleep and visits real places and talks to real people. Sometimes even Gods, supposedly, carried sleepers and showed them important things and events that are about to happen.

In Asian culture, they believed that we also leave our bodies and get transferred to places and events from the future. In other interpretation, these dreams were expressions of our inner desires and wishes.

In Christianity, prophetic dreams are an important part of the Bible. God and His Holy Spirit appeared in people’s dreams with messages and visions. Christians believed that dreams have prophetic meaning. One of the most famous stories from that time is the story about Jacob.

He had a dream about ladder that stretch out from Earth to Heaven and many Christians believed that dreams were Go’s way of communicating with us. There are 121 mentions of prophetic dreams in the Bible and all of them carry an important lesson or message for the believers.

In Islam, dreams are the only way believers can receive messages from the God. They interpret dreams and symbols in a dream to determine the message that was sent to them and understand God’s wishes.

There are three states of the human body and mind in Hinduism and those are the waking state, the sleeping state and dreams.

Native American people believed that dreams are a way to communicate with their ancestors and gain knowledge from them. They practiced ancient rituals with use f hallucinating substances that can be found in the nature, in order to induce vivid dreams.

Contrary to the positive meaning of dreams until then, during Middle Age, dreams were considered to be evil and tempting. They were devil’s tool that he used to lure us into sin and wrong-doing.

Art, literature and culture in general during these periods of time, were exact reflections of how people saw dreams.

They always played an important role and still continue to do so. In the past few years, with growth of science, people are more and more interested in dreams and the hidden meaning behind them.

Prophetic dreams in the present

Prophetic dreams are dreams about the future. They contain fragments or pieces of events that are going to take place in the future.

Sometimes it is hard to determine whether we are dreaming about the future, because none of us lay down at night knowing that we are about to dream about something from the future.

Psychic powers in the science world are considered to be nonexistent and it has been so, for many decades. There is simply no evidence that dreams have that kind of power nor that people can have these powers. Scientists look at dreams from a rational point of view and they do not let their imagination guide them .

But, after we have heard so much about prophetic dreams and their power, is it really possible that there is nothing there?

Like I mentioned earlier, theory of prophetic dreams was created by our ancestors. They truly believed in the power of their minds and that divine creatures had no other way to communicate with us, unless through dreams.

Prophetic dreams can be divided into several categories:

Apparitions: These dreams involve people who are deceased. In these dreams you are likely to dream about someone who dies and who was very dear to you. They usually come to us right after we have lost someone from our life and they can be caused by enormous grief and heartbreak. Dead ones appear in our dreams to pass on a message of great importance and we rarely dream about people who weren’t very close to us.

Clairvoyant Dreams: These types of dreams are actually dreams about the present. We see events that are taking place in the present and we become aware of them right after we wake up. They can appear in our life, after we have experienced stress or anxiety in a larger amount, and they are not dreams about the future.

Emphatic Dreams: Emphatic dreams are the ones that leave us feeling a certain way. The feeling is something more powerful than an ordinary feeling. Something that happened in your dream made you feel extremely sad or extremely happy and you will probably carry on this emotion for a while. These dreams can actually be premonitions of events that are about to happen and that are going to make us feel exactly the way we did in that dream.

Clairaudient Dreams: These dreams are the ones that let us experience sounds and noises. We can often hear clear expressions and voices coming from nowhere. These voices usually passed on important messages to the person who was dreaming. They can sometimes happen in combination with Apparitions where we receive messages from dead ones and hear them speaking loud and clear.

Shared Dreams: Shared dreams are unusual events that can happen from time to time. We can sometimes have same dreams like our close relatives or friends without explanation how such a thing happened. These dreams are not only similar they are completely same. Whether this is only a coincidence or a prophetic dream, we still don’t know, but they are definitely intriguing.

Telepathic dreams: Telepathic dreams are the ones that allow us to connect with other people’s thoughts. These dreams let us enter someone else’s mind and see and experience their thoughts and emotions.

Warning Dreams: Warning dreams are the ones that warn us about things that are about to happen. They usually appear after we are about to have an important meeting or fly a plane, and give us an insight about what will happen. Sometimes we have these dreams but they end up being wrong, and sometimes they really come true. Whether this is only a coincidence we might never find out.

Prophetic dreams can be distinguished by other types of dreams by the amount of realness in them. They contain images of real people and places you have visited or that you are about to visit. Prophetic dreams guide us into the secret world we never know existed and the amount of vividness of the dream is what scares us the most.

Vivid dreams and prophetic dreams

One of the most important traits of prophetic dreams is that they are very clear and real-like. They make us feel like we are at that exact spot or speaking to that exact person, while we are asleep.

But, not many people remember their dreams and it is not always easy to go back and collect all of the symbols and events from a dream.

This is why practicing lucid dreaming or vivid dreaming might be helpful. To get you to dream more clearly and vividly, here are few helpful tips.

Keep a dream journal: Writing down your dreams could be helpful in many different ways. This method will help you understand patterns in your dreams and it might even help you connect your dreams into one. Journals prevent us from forgetting about our dreams, which is not always easy if we only rely on our brain. Prophecies can be hidden not only in one dream in particular, it can be spread out in many dreams we had throughout years.

Use reality checks: Reality checks like reminding yourself that you are dreaming while dreaming, can be helpful. This way you will always be aware of the fact that everything that is going on I not real, and this might help you go back to that moment more easily.

Memorize your dream signs: Memorizing your dream signs is very important for any interpretation. Sometimes we constantly dream about same symbols, events and people and this surely doesn’t happen without a reason. These dreams are true reminders that the people or things we dream about are important to us. For example, if you are constantly dreaming about someone, then this means your subconscious mind is reminding you about something important you pushed aside.

Go back to sleep when you wake up: If it happens that you get woken up in the middle of the night, then go back to sleep immediately. This way you will continue to dream about things you were dreaming about before you got woken up.

Using these methods will be helpful and after a while you are going to learn how to control your dreams. But, controlling your dreams doesn’t necessarily mean that you are only going to dream about things you want to dream about. This only means that you are going to be more present in your dream and that you won’t easily forget about what happened in a dream.


Prophetic dreams are still relevant and people believe in them no matter what scientists say. They were and they will continue to be an intriguing part of our life. Dreams by themselves are an unsolved mystery for us, and having those dreams come true is even more fascinating and mind-blowing.

What dreams actually represent and what is their purpose in our world, we might never find out. But, as long as there are believers and people who do not limit themselves to mundane and everyday events, we will continue to discover more details about our subconscious mind. If something hasn’t proven yet it doesn’t necessarily mean it does not exist.


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