Dream of Being Left Behind – Meaning and Symbolism

Life can be great and painful all at the same time, but there are some times in the life of us all that are feeling us like we are worth nothing; and everything that we knew until that moment, every good thing can fall apart and disappear.

There are few terrible feelings that are leaving us hopeless, and feeling like we cannot get out of the skin like we are worthless, and we cannot find a safe place in this world.

Feeling left behind is one of those feelings, for many often the worst kind of those feelings, and oftentimes, we have experienced this feeling in real life, and it was not very pleasant (in fact, it was terrible, and we wanted to die, maybe we just hide it well).

What is even more, this is the feeling that can follow us in our dream world, and once again we must say that is not a very pleasant one (we wake up worried if such an event is real, thanking God that it was just a dream).

The fact is that all of us want to be a part of the world, we want to belong to a certain group, and if you feel excluded, then you cannot be happy -we are individuals who want to be a part of the world, as we need to find our true identity.

Today we will try to find the true meaning behind the dream of being left behind. Read all about this dream and think of yourself, have you ever had such a dream, and how did you felt about it.

Meaning of a Dream of Being Left Behind

In the beginning we would like to say that if you had such a dream and you cannot remember a particular situation when it occurred, then it can be an indication of a possible failure that awaits for you, or in some other introspective, it can be your fear that you will fail in something that you want to do in life. This feeling of failure can be really haunting and can translate into the dream world.

For example, it is quite possible that you are a student who did not study enough for the exam or that you will not do everything your superiors expect you to do.

It is quite possible that you are not prepared for the briefing that you have tomorrow at your work, and that everyone is expecting something out of you, and you are worried that you will not be able to deliver what is expected from you.

This will be a unique chance for you to prove yourself, but you will miss it so you will have to take the hard way to reach your desired destination.

So, in this sense, a dream of being left behind comes in a moment when you are reliving numerous fears about the outcome of a certain event, and you are not secure in yourself.

You think, or maybe the better word is – you doubt yourself, you doubt whether you are good enough and you doubt whether you can make it in the given environment.

But, if in a dream, you know who the people who left you behind are, then, in that case, such a dream implies that you will feel neglected.

Your partner, friends or family may be busy and may not have time to reach out to you, and you blame yourself for such a situation, and you should not do it. You will hate them, and you will find that they will intentionally ignore you.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Being Left Behind

But, we can look at this dream from a different perspective, and we could say that this is the dream in which you get annunciation that your worries will increase. You are overwhelmed with everyday problems, and it often happens that you fail to find many little things that can bring a smile to your face.

The feeling that you are left behind could symbolize the fact that you are reviewing the decisions you have made, and you constantly feel that you have not done your best.

Such a dream could show you’re care of the things that others say and despite the negative impact of the environment, on the right path and to create responsible people who will be able to take care of themselves in the future.

You will be afraid of missing out on the most important role in life, which would have enormous consequences for your loved ones. Or in some cases, this is the dream that occurs in the life of the people who have grown children who are starting to live their own lives, and this is the reason why parents are often afraid of this event, the fact that they ate going to be left behind and not needed anymore. This fear, in real-life, is common that is not surprising when it translates into the dream world.

But this is the dream that can have completely different symbolical value, especially in the scenario where you are left behind in a dream, but you are feeling great about it in some way; so this indicates that pleasant and happy days are coming.

You probably needed to get alone and think carefully about whether your relationship/marriage has a future prospect. You will realize that there are many more things that bind you to your partner, and you will allow them to take advantage.

You will fight for what it’s worth, and the reward, in the form of shared moments full of joy, will not fail.

Do I have to be worried?

Sometimes your daily fears can haunt you even in dreams, and sometimes your dreams warn you that you are suffering from anxiety.

But what can we say when it comes to the dream that is connected to your fears from real life, that is translated to the dreams of being left behind.

This is one of those dreams that are rarely positive in the sense that you rarely feel positive about them – we are all afraid of the point where someone can humiliate us, and that we are going to be excluded from the group in which we want to be a part of.

Sometimes such an event can be a good thing, but surprisingly, it can be a sign of anxiety as well – but you should be happy that you had such a dream since it can point out on which things you should direct yourself to and resolve them.

This is the dream that can mean that there are numerous people around you who are waiting to see you fail and fall, and you can sense their intentions, soul you are afraid as well.

Your concerns can have a lot to do with the people you are surrounded by, but the good thing is that you can resolve those issues.

What to do if I had this dream?

All dreams that we are having in our lives indicate a certain need that needs to be fulfilled, or it implies on a certain fear, or it can stress out something that we must change in our lives, but we are not able to do so.

Now, as we have said, this is the dream that implies such a thing – you can be dealing with some fears, and they come through your dream world.

Also, what is relevant to say is that this is the dream that may represent your subconscious desire to leave something behind, or that you are afraid of leaving that thing behind.

From whatever aspect you look at this dream, it is connected to you and the relations and expectations that you have from your environment.

More directly, a dream might just mean that your subconscious reminds you of a forgotten important date, for example, or that you have changed into someone you are not proud of. You may be questioning the person you are becoming.

Alternatively, dreaming that you are left behind means that you feel insignificant or unimportant. It suggests that you do not want to go home. Is there a domestic conflict or altercation in your house?

Think of this and you will get the answer you are looking for, but be optimistic and do not lose your self-confidence regardless of the feeling this dream left on you.


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