1444 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Angels will, since they are our guardians, always respond to our requests and questions, but we do not always recognise their signals- this is the main issue with Angel numerology since people do not see them and think that they will never get the response they deserve or need.

They are sometimes in the form of a physical manifestation of contact, but this is not so common among people, so Angels often use some other methods, like Angel numbers, numerical formations that carry special meaning and symbolism.

How can we recognise them, how can we be sure that they are talking to us and that that message is meant for us? There are many experiences of people who felt the presence of the Angel, and even then they have wondered who Angels are and how to recognise their trace.

You need to have awareness and to acknowledge their presence they will give you a trace (numerical sequence) to remember their hint. They are the ones that will preserve you, as a fortune flower in the middle of the road, like a coin or an amulet you hold in a coat pocket to make it your lucky charm. They are all of that rolled into one.

Sometimes when you try to get in touch with your Guardian Angel, you might feel like someone is tickling you and you feel that you are doing something special.

Angel numbers are a sure sign that the Creator is with you and is trying to help you and usually happens when you are very upset and tired. It is an Angelic way of telling you that you are important and special to God and that He cares so much about you that he gives you a warm embrace full of love.

If, as you try to communicate with your Guardian Angel, you feel that the temperature around you is growing, it means that it is nearby. Yes, the angel wants to feel the heat literally, and that’s one way to tell you how he is here for you. This is a physical presence, and they can send the visual, or numerical presence, in the form of Angel number, today our focus is on numeral 1444.

Angel number 1444 General meaning

By nature, you are a devoted and generous person, so you have to take care not to abuse you and not those who want to take advantage of your kindness, not understanding your motives, are trampled upon by you-you need to be who you are firmly on the ground, Angels will always tell you that.

You have a steady, firm will, but you do not show it from the outside so that other people do not see how much you are, in fact, decisive (this is an apparent influence that comes from the triple numeral four that appears in this combination).

You are not prone to falling in love in some ridiculous way, but when that happens, it will be a “hard case” because you will be out of love and you will not be able to conceive of anything else, Love will rule your life, but the thing you should work on is Universal Love for all human beings. Everything you do is connected to the dedication and firm grounds (444 that appear in 1444).

You are ready to make some service or kindness to others, but you expect them to do so. You should learn to experience yourself a little bit more seriously, to respect yourself and your qualities more, because you will be respected as much as you deserve.

Think more about what you are saying – the more emotions and feelings you put into words, the more weight they will have. Think about yourself and others will think nicely about you – this is the main focus of Angelic interference since they want to see this goodwill and love among people.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

Now, the number 1 that appears one time in this numerical sequence gives this combination one fascinating aspect, it gives strength and spiritual connection that is necessary for one numerical combination to have. But the main focus here is triple number 4, and this interesting and meaningful series of fours means that Angels have a powerful message from the spiritual world that you need to read and accept.

When you are shown a three-digit series of the same numbers, your spiritual guides want to draw your attention (number 4 is associated with stubbornness, and sometimes you do not want to see the signs, so they need to pronounce its vibration, making numeral 4 three times).

The number has a greatly hidden symbolic, it is the firm message that is here to transfer what you can have using many different interpretations, you need to build a beautiful house on the strong foundation that you build (and numeral 4 is associated with firmness, and strength) — an indication that you are on a spiritual journey. You started this journey to get to know the real nature of the Universe or to get to know yourself at a deeper and more honest level (this is the necessity for all those who have a triple combination of fours enhanced with numeral 1).

Numerical sequence 1444 gives you the reason for your spiritual journey, and these numbers combined means that you started looking for spiritual answers, and in that process, you became aware of different energies that affect your life. Seeing the number line 1444 is an indication that you are on the right path.

Number 1444 in Love

Sometimes to experience the essential basis of God’s love, you need to love yourself, and to dedicate a personal consecration (or to ‘dedicate yourself to yourself’) to the happiness of other people can be recognised in eternal life, which is bliss, excitement and happiness without end, which He gives to those who receive His love in themselves.

For just as God himself loves Love, He is also the only bliss, and Angel number 1444 teaches us that because each love exudes beyond itself an aura of joy, and Divine love extends beyond itself the most enchantment, bliss and happiness for reverence.

So the Creator makes the Angels and people after death happy with Him (He makes them happy; that is, He gives them happiness), which He makes by connecting with them. This is why we never associate death as something negative in the Realm of Angel numbers; on the contrary, in death, you can become one with Him, and reconnect in some way.

The nature of the Divine Love can be learned from its sphere that spills the Universe and which affects every person according to the quality of her mind (or ‘mental quality’, and those who are affected by 1444 has a strong mind, a powerful mind that dominates all other “organs”, like heart for example. This sphere is mainly affecting parents because it is exactly what makes them love their children so much that they are other than themselves, they want to be one with them, and consecrate their life to their happiness.

This sphere of Divine love affects not only good but also bad people, And not only human beings, but also animals and living creatures of all kinds (we often speak about how Love is Everything, or Love is God, this is the reason why we say that). And in that sense we should talk about birth, and what does every mother have in mind after she gives birth to a child rather than that she wants nothing but good for her child, and that Love will remain no matter what that child does with his life.

This Universal sphere of Love is mainly affecting those who receive the Love of God in themselves, and these are those who believe in God and love their neighbor. Love for the neighbor is in their case a picture of Love.

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Amazing Facts about Number 1444

This is a numerical sequence that could be seen in many different places, and when Angels put this number in the field of vision, it can be on the phone, in the accounts, on the registration plates, in the books and the newspapers you are reading.

It is a very positive sign — a numerical sequence of 1444 means that the Angels are with you, they are confirming their presence.

They are also proving you a comforting reminder of the Celestial Beings that should calm us down and tell us that our prayers are heard and answered, and that the necessary help comes, that you are safe and secure.

But one thing is interesting here – it is the sum number for the numerical sequence 1444, and surprisingly it is the numeral 13, one that is very controversial and interesting. But in some other sense, it once again when reduced, brings the stable energy of numeral 4 (1+3), so it cannot be unstable in any way.

Will Angel number 1444 Bring Good Luck to You?

Positive changes are on the horizon, and this is what 1444 means, and the more often you see that string, the message is getting stronger and more apparent. So, yes, definitely this is the message that brings happiness and is healing the heart – Angels have excellent news for you.

Angels are saying in the message 1444 that you have, and you did not know that fact, until now, that you have an incredible power of healing with gentle words and beautiful feelings, you are not as firm as you think you are, you are much more sensitive and emotional than you think, or let others believe.

Your love for loved ones helps to wound their wounds. When you connect with someone and genuinely love him, you create healing energy, and this is something that should be your main focus in life and basis for all other Virtues.

Angels are saying in the message 1444 that they remind you that it is necessary to restore some of the connections from the past, forgive and reconnect with some dear people -stop being stubborn till to point when you start losing loved ones forever, it is not worth it. Love honestly, and Angels will be there to keep you from disappointment – it is said in the numerical sequence 1444.


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