Camel – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Camels are large mammals that inhabit the Middle East and the African horn. We all probably recognize them for their humps on the back, and their appearance is something everybody is familiar with.

Camel symbolism is created by cultures that live in the Middle East and the African continent.

Camel traits and Characteristics

Relaxed – Camels are not aggressive animals. They spend most of their time sitting or lying down, procrastinating. When attacked by predators, camels usually run or offer a fight but they rarely attack first.

Domesticated – When you say that an animal is domesticated, it usually means their nature is not aggressive and they work well with people. Camels have been faithful company to the humans for centuries.

Camel as a totem

As totems, camels are symbols patience, stability, endurance, commitment and self-sufficient way of living.

People born under this totem are very patient, loving and stable people. They value their friends and family the most, and everything else in life comes second.

If you ever encountered a person that is completely collected, well-grounded, then this person is probably born under this totem. They radiate confidence and nothing in world can stop them when they set their mind up to something.

Before making an important step, these people are first going to evaluate their chances and then act on it. Everything in their life must be done after a series of careful planning which can sometimes cost them achieving success.

Self-sufficient nature that these people have is represented through their lack of need for help of other people.

They don’t need someone to guide them through life because they can fight for themselves.

Even though they are not greedy, they are not going to back down and surrender easily.

When it comes to love, people born under the camel totem are ready to commit and devote their life to someone they love.

Commitment is not something hard for them so they are always seeking for a partner for life.

Their only negative trait is their overly relaxed nature. To trigger them to fight takes time, and this kind of lethargy often leads to missed opportunities.

Camel as a symbol in a dream

Camels in dreams might not come often, but when we do dream about them they can be both positive and negative symbols.

If you had a dream about riding a camel or just sitting on it, then this dream symbolizes relaxed and prosperous lifestyle you are living.

Everything in your life works perfectly fine and you are completely enjoying your life.

If camel in your dream died or if it was killed by someone, then this means you are going to encounter some problems on your path.

These problems are going to be major so you will have to be very determined to defeat them.

If camel in your dream was talking with you probably received a good piece of advice recently from someone.

Try to remember who gave you this advice and take it very seriously because you are going to prosper from it.

If camel in your dreams was in the distance, then your happiness is at hand’s reach. All you have to do is to make that final effort and grab it.

Camel as a symbol in different cultures

As a symbol in different cultures, camels were appreciated by the native people of Africa and the Middle East. This worship of camels was partially based on the enormous help they represented especially few decades back.

Even today, many cultures and tribes in Africa and Middle East, are using camels as a main source of transportation and food.

Camel images, figurines and art can be found in many cultures that inhabit the African continent.

Even in religion, camels are often used as to represent a specific symbolism. Camel meat or halal for Muslims represents the main source of food. For some who live in tough natural conditions, camel meat is the only source of food even today.

In the story written by prophet Salih, who was an important figure in Islam, when Muhammad was travelling from Mecca to Medina he paused to rest and where his camel went to sleep, he used that spot to build his house.

This story only portrays the importance that camels had in that point in history.

In Judaism, camel’s meat and milk are not kosher. This means camel meat is forbidden to the believers.

In popular culture, camels are still recognized as symbols of the Middle East and Africa, even though we can see them in ZOOs around the world.

They are calm and beautiful creatures that continue to amaze us with their stamina and endurance, and are still a big source of food and help to the common people.

Without them, many tribes and travelers, that are inhabiting Africa and the Middle East, would starve or wouldn’t be able to travel in search for better places to live.


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