Pallas in Aquarius

Pallas is an asteroid located in the belt between Mars and Jupiter, and has great importance in the field of astrology.

Specialists indicate that it represents the ability of each person to solve problems, their psychological stability and creativity. Do you want to discover how your positioning affects a sign on the natal chart?

Going deeper, we can say that the location of Pallas in a particular sign in the preparation of the natal chart will indicate the way in which each person makes use of the rational, objective and scientific side of the mind, as well as the way in which the one that develops his strategic thinking.

It has great importance in this type of astrological studies, like other asteroids.

Aquarius are eccentric, unpredictable, original and capricious. The person born under this zodiac sign has the reputation of being somewhat peculiar.

Probably because understanding an Aquarius is an impossible task. Aquarius is imaginative, childish, but also wise.

Having fun is essential for the Aquarius constellation. Watermen need a lot of leeway. They want everything to go smoothly and strive for high ideals.

Pallas in Aquarius Man

Aquarius are eccentric, unpredictable, original and capricious. The person born under this zodiac sign has the reputation of being somewhat peculiar.

Probably because understanding an Aquarius is an impossible task. Aquarius is imaginative, childish, but also wise.

Having fun is essential for the Aquarius constellation. Watermen need a lot of leeway. They want everything to go smoothly and strive for high ideals.

Aquarius are stubborn and continue to do their own thing, even though others have proven that it is wrong.

Constellation Aquarius is a rebellious constellation but will never force others to adopt ideas from them.

They have a lot of respect for the opinion of others, even though they don’t think they are up. Because Aquarius are very independent, they will flee if people claim them.

Aquarius needs freedom. Faced with a conflict, the Aquarius can shake quite well.

Pallas in Aquarius Woman

The zodiac sign Aquarius woman is sensitive, heartbreak can make her insecure about herself.

For an Aquarius woman, love is a selfless, uninhibited emotion to discover and enjoy. Aquarius woman feels empty, sad and unable to grasp love pain.

She feels scattered but not for long. Because of her desire for freedom and her capricious nature, she does not want to stay in this state of mind. Aquarius woman resumes her life as if nothing happened.

Constellation Aquarius woman is funny, smart, adventurous and independent. She is never jealous or demanding. She would like to be treated like a lady.

She does not like romantic affection. If a man wants to win her over, he will have to treat her as equal and with respect.

Give an Aquarius woman a lot of space then it will certainly be alright. However, never be jealous, they already leave you immediately.

Good Traits

Bright mind, extremely intelligent but with difficulties so that his utopian thinking can be realized at least in contemporary times. They can if they channel this position well to achieve revolutionary inventions and with a basically practical utility.

They can be very good at helping their friends with their sense of strategy while being very strategic in using their friends and contacts for specific but not necessarily personal purposes.

The Palace of Aquarius in Aquarius sees all future possibilities. They can do healing with bioenergy, vibration, colors, crystals, sound. They want to create something new and exciting.

They can focus their creativity on computer graphics, science fiction or new wave music. They are revolutionaries who defend humanitarian purposes around the world.

This combination makes them geniuses. They are gifted at solving the most difficult problems with unusual solutions.

Bad Traits

Aquarius accept much more than others and therefore think that others also accept them as they are, which the case is not always.

Because Aquarius have a strong willpower to realize their goals, they can sometimes break down and become stubborn or stubborn. An Aquarius is still difficult to brake.

You need a strong persuasion to put him or her on hold. In addition, an Aquarius does not like it when they are imposed, but vice versa they like to live according to their own rules.

These are by no means always shared with the outside world, which can sometimes make a Aquarius look fickle and rebellious. He or she can also be burned out fairly quickly and come out unpleasantly.

Aquarius are fairly social persons, but they also need to be on their own now and then. At those moments they can come across as cool and distant, while afterwards this was not the intention at all.

Pallas in Aquarius – General Info

Pallas Athena was the virgin goddess of just war and wisdom, protector of the city of Athens. It symbolizes the warrior woman who uses cunning and strategy as weapons, and who puts reason before emotions.

Pallas is associated with Mercury (mind, intelligence, thought) and combines intellect and mental structure with creativity and intuition.

Some astrologers consider that it is related to the identification of figures and the recognition of forms. It is related to artistic ability and creative intelligence. Also with efficiency, utility and perfectionism.

In the natal chart, he talks about the ability to solve problems, the ability to take advantage of resources, face adversities and defend what is considered worthy of defense.

The sign where Pallas is on the natal chart shows how the person uses these skills. How you use your objective and scientific mind. What kind of strategist it is.

The house where Pallas is located in the natal chart indicates the area where there is some ability to solve problems. Where the strategic skills of Pallas can best be applied, or where the creative capacity is focused.

Pallas in this sign tells us about a special ability to find original solutions, which mark a before and after. It moves around innovation and the break with the traditional. Tendency to have a utopian look.

The mental perception expands considerably in this sign, and the native, even coming from a conservative means of education, “easily tunes” with progressive, avant-garde tendencies, at any level, and, even more, at different levels at the same time.

Work becomes a source of learning and, on the other hand, what is learned is immediately translated into practical and useful applications.

There is a remarkable abundance of teachers and teachers (in general) with this position, as well as innovators, even immersed in fields strictly related to “the traditional”.

Likewise, the works of architecture, mathematics, astronomy, Works that not few times, can be community are very feasible.

It is an ideal position for fruitful relations of friendship (Pallas, in itself, regardless of the sign in which it is located, tends to seek more friendship than love).

The natives are usually sensitive to avant-garde healing techniques, and especially fans of radiotherapy, laser therapy, phototherapies, and the like, which requires a very careful precaution and reconsideration in this regard.

And social concerns lead, here, to Pallas, to be framed in humanitarian, revolutionary, anarchist and utopian movements, which does not necessarily indicate that the inclination is misguided; it could very well be the opposite …

As an example of the latter I can put the African-American leader Martin Luther-King. That I fight for the rights of its people or Che Guevara.

In an artistic perspective, these are futurists, who are turning to science fiction, new music or visual waves, but they have close and computer graphics and sound and image design.

These creators are the forerunner of the future, through which visions and ideas convey a hint of future trends.

In the realm of politics, these are the great revolutionaries and visionaries on the path to the future, and they will always be interested in the humanity with which they can act.

These individuals create forms that will benefit the generations to come.

In the healing sense, the techniques most effective for self-healing or healing others with the Pallas thus placed are healing with sound, color, vibration of light or sound and crystals.


These individuals can be the originators of new social ideas and directions.

Their creativity can be expressed in their work through political parties and non-governmental organizations as well as in the field of humanitarian work.

They have a great talent for politics within which they work for social change.

Aquarius Palace provides a great visionary who can anticipate and see further social trends and build highly advanced and futuristic visions.


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