Willow Tree – Meaning and Symbolism

It is quite certain that there is no man who can say for himself that he has never forgotten anything. It is not hard to forget something, but it is difficult to accept the outcomes that follow if we are conscious of it.

One can neglect his or her own or others ‘pain, their own or others’ sentiments and experiences, their own or others ‘desires and needs, their own or others’ possibilities. He may forget that something exists, that something is happening, that something is being born, or that something is dying.

In almost all cases, forgetting means not paying attention. And this is only the commencement of a longer or shorter chain reaction of cause and effect, whose traces in man’s life are sometimes insignificant and sometimes so deep that they want and cause fundamental rethinking and fundamental transformations.

Trees have always been a part of the culture around the world, and they are often in the center of the ritual ceremonies of all kind, but in this sense, you can find a few trees that have these traits and are accepted all around the world.

So, people believe (all around the world, in all historical times, maybe in the early stages of human development then now) that many things that could not be influenced and which were inexplicable, and those were things concerning nature. So plants and trees often had meanings that have persisted in many parts of the world even today.

Many, even today, are superstitious that some plants bring misfortune and that some are even associated with death, but in the majority of cases, trees have a somewhat positive influence on us and in that sense, they are seen as a protector of humans.

And when you think of things in this way you will clearly see that trees offered people comfort, home and sanctuary – in some ways they build their homes near trees, took its “fruits” to make their homes, and it provided or better to say fulfilled their spiritual needs.

Today we want to look at those traits that are connected to the Willow Tree, as one of the most loved trees around the world that has no “negative” traits. Read all about this wonderful Tree and its properties.

Meaning of Willow Tree

If we just mention the Willow tree, you should think of your first feeling that occurs – and we know that you connect it with the secret Tree and above all healing (it is believed that its branches could be used for healing, many claims and the medicine confirm that they do have such properties).

Now, when you look at the rituals around the world that use Willow, or its branches, you can see that all of them are performed when the Sun is high, so in a symbolical sense, this is the connection between the two.

So, this is the symbol of healing, and the Willow Tree has traditionally been used to denote dawn, elevation, clarity of mind and awareness – everything that in any sense is connected to the process of the purification is and will always be connected to the Willow Tree.

And this is the connection that comes so naturally – we all know that Sun is the creator, signifying an age of productivity and action, and if we focus hard enough on this symbol – we will facilitate the process of enlightenment and gain valuable insights that can make our everyday life easier.

In this way, the Willow Tree provide us with whatever we might need when we are growing, and this “help” is not limited just on physical healing, but it is much more. Just like the Sun, that is giving us, warmth, and light, but it also gives us the opportunity to live happily (it boost our mood, for example, etc.).

You should, for all of these reasons respect the Willow Tree, and see this amazing Tree as the great teacher who, at every turn, shares lessons that allow a person not only to survive but also to blossom and shine on that intangible, spiritual level. Many people, for this reason, name their children Willow, believing that they can protect them from everything bad, with the hope that they will have the spiritual clarity that is necessary for their progress.

This respect for the Willow Tree is clear if we bear in mind that this ancient civilization was directly dependent on agriculture – farmers often had to travel to nearby places to be informed when the best time was to harvest, and these visits often included some sort of “private” Rituals dedicated to God Himself.

Often times such rituals were performed in front of, or around the Willow Tree – it is believed that the Willow tree can connect you to the Heavens, to the supreme God, and his ultimate wisdom.

In this sense, it is said that the Willow tree has the wisdom, but not the one that you can find in Oak Tree, or Tree of Life, but this is the knowledge that is given, cause it is connected to the wisdom that young people have; the one that is connected to young children that are not spoiled and corrupted with life. They are, just as the symbol of the Willow Tree implies, pure and “young” in spirit.

The Symbolism of Willow Tree

Now you know what elements we usually connect to the Willow Tree, and you can use it whenever you might need “protection” and when you feel that the impurity of the modern life has the rule over you, and disturb you. Then it is recommended to connect to the Willow Tree or some of its part.

Thus, the Willow Tree can be freely said to represent, on the one hand, an image of enlightenment, illumination, philosophy and wisdom, and on the other, it bestows warmth, and therefore life. In many ways, this is not the symbol of life, as in a way that we are born from it, but our life would not be as it is without it.

So, in many ways, it connects us with the process of being re-born, as when we are finished with the process of purification, we feel that we are born again.

The Willow Tree, as it is, biologically, but also in a symbolical sense, an extremely active, powerful and highly positive symbol, and it is recommended for people to connect themselves, or to use them in numerous ways, but mostly when they feel that they are running out of creativity, or when to feel that it is the right time for you to shine.

Yes, this is one more aspect to know when you are looking at this symbol, the Willow Tree can help you show aspect of your personality (like talent, and similar) that you were not able to do so before.

The Willow Tree can certainly help you – it will not only refine your soul but also make sure you see the path to success more clearly. And when think of this symbol, is there anything that is better?

There is not, we believe, and what we also must say is that you are now probably looking at the Willow Tree in different eyes and that the next time you pass one of these (at times, sad-looking trees) you will pluck one or two branches and let become part of your personal ritual.

Good or Bad Sign

Now, we want to tackle into the lives of those people who should or already have taken the Willow Tree as their symbol – many people include a certain part of the Willow Tree in their yoga or meditation process. Some believe that it can help them purify, and to focus better.

They are human beings who are extremely sensual. Our ancients thought ghosts were gathering under the willows, and this is no wonder because people who have the Willow Tree as their protective Force are said to have inclinations for spiritual life and are often clairvoyant.

They truly have intuition is sometimes so strong that it can really serve them as a “sixth sense.” And in this sense, they should create and be guided by the philosophical attitude to life – the attitude that is not created with elements that are passing, but those elements that

The Willow Tree can help you accept both evil and good, and you are aware that life is full of ups and downs. This attitude gives the ability to accept every situation with good balance.

The Willow Tree needs a lot of water and heat, in the same way, that human beings – gentle and tender care is mandatory.

It is also true that people come closer to the Willow Tree when they are prone to melancholy – it can be your inspirational Tree; it can lead you into daydreaming, landscapes, thinking and remembering former loves.

The Willow Tree is the one that can give you more than you take for your loved ones because you are always available, kind and willing to help anyone who seeks it – this is the Tree that is, even if it is seen as fragile and tender, very durable.

Any problem that can occur in your life could be resolved, and do not judge or let be judged, your outside can be tender and sweet, but you are strong and durable, despite all odds, and the outside conditions that can (and are usually are) harsh.

So, you can see for yourself, the Willow Tree has a such a wonderful symbolical value, that there is nothing negative that can connect you with it; even the melancholy that can come from it is not negative, but just a part of life.


Let us talk about you, who you are, and why the Willow Tree could be your personal symbol?

Sometimes it seems like other people don’t understand you enough, but it’s just a consequence of your need to be reluctant to open up and rather not talk about yourself.

You basically have a lot of confidence in yourself, and sometimes you feel overwhelming. You think that love should be a continuous idyll in which you are adored.

You have a sense of art, and people – you want to understand them even when they are trying to hide something from you. And what is even better, the Willow Tree symbol is the symbol of honesty, dedicated to all people who are burdened by the need to be something different then they are, but they are not afraid to show their real face to the world, regardless of the vulnerability that they might show if they bare all.

Willows are the guardians of all poets or artists (accepted and those who are struggling in this life; it is the Tree that can provide shelter to all those who are dedicated to revealing all to the world.

This is the Tree that can take to a long personal trip and spiritual adventure that you will never be able to forget, and that will change your life permanently for better.

If you succeed in it, and if the Willow Tree is your personal symbol, you will be able to run away from decisions made by reason and prefer to rely on intuition.  Yes, as we have said in the start of this piece the Willow Tree is connected to the intuition, and if you listen to it, you will be able to know the truth at all times, and you will never be fooled by the world.

The Willow Tree, therefore, had dominion over the day. In fact, the very in translation means “the one who takes care of the days.”

Therefore, this spiritual and pure Tree is seen as a Divine being with large, gleaming eyes (that can be directed down, as you can see them as very sad, or melancholic), which is a direct association with the clarity of mind and the light he brings into human lives as the wisest mentor of man.


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