Dreams About Rainbows – Interpretation and Meaning

Rainbows make people happy and when we spot a rainbow on the sky, we can’t help but to wonder is there anything magical or symbolic behind it.

There are many stories about rainbows that accumulated over the years, and came from different cultures and nations.

They all had their own understanding of this natural phenomenon and some of them are even similar.

We will devote this article into explaining the secret meaning of rainbows in our dreams, so that you can understand your dreams a little better.

Dream about a rainbow in general

If you had a dream a rainbow in general, then this dream represents hope, happiness and tranquility that will follow you in your life.

This dream can serve as a positive sign and can be applied to almost every aspect of life.

If you had problems at home or at work, then this dream is a good sign that everything is going to go back to normal and you don’t have anything to worry about.

This dream can also be related to your love life and your relationship with your partner. Things will be better than ever so make sure you use this period in the best way possible.

Dream about a rainbow and rainy sky

If you had a dream about a rainbow on rainy sky, then this means you should evaluate your opinions and behavior towards certain people.

Perhaps you have made a mistake in the past or quite recently, that caused you to lose certain people from your life.

You should try to make it better with them before it is too late.

Dream about a disappearing rainbow

If rainbow in your dream was slowly disappearing, then this is a negative sign. You will miss out on an important chance in your life, that could have been crucial for your success.

This chance could be related to your job or career, or even to your personal life. Maybe you will decide to miss out on a certain someone, who could have been your true love.

Keep your eyes open and don’t let this chance slip away, because this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity for something beautiful.

Dream about rainbow and rain

If you had a dream about a rainbow and rain, at the same time, then this dream represents positive energy and happiness that will soon come into your life.

All of the troubles and problems you had in the past, will now be gone and you will finally be able to focus on your family, friends or on your career.

You will definitely feel like a completely different person, with a lot more energy and positivity that you will pass on to others around you.

Dream about a rainbow and a ladder

If there were ladders leading up to the rainbow (or even stairs)in your dream, then this dream represents some kind of progress you will be able to make in your life.

This dream could be related to your personal or business life, but in any case things will be going according to plan.

Dream about flying up to the rainbow

Dream about flying up to the rainbow represents a sign of bad luck. You will fail at something you have been working on for a while, and this will definitely cause a lot of commotion and negativity in your life. a lot of things depended on the project you have been working on, and now a lot of people, including yourself, are disappointed in you.

Keep in mind that this was something out of your reach, and there was nothing else you could have done to make things better.

Dream about a rainbow and a moon

If you saw a rainbow and a moon in your dream, then these two signs are a representation of luck and prosperity.

Everything in your life will be going according to plan and nothing will stop you on the road to success. Use this positive period of life to improve all areas of your life, that weren’t so good up till now.

Dream about a rainbow on a clear sky

Dreams about rainbows on clear skies are a representation of your relationships with others. You have a circle of honest and genuine people around you, who support you and make you feel good.

Keep these people close to you and don’t let anything get in the way of your friendship.

You should also appreciate them more and show them the same amount of love they are giving you.

Dream about a rainbow on a dark sky

If sky in your dream was dark and cloudy with a rainbow across, then this dream represents problems you will face in the upcoming period. These problems could be related to your personal life or career, and you won’t be able to predict them.

You can only be prepared for everything that could happen and when the disaster strikes, think of a way to make things better.

Dream about a rainbow and stars

This unusual dream is a representation of your desire to look deeper inside yourself and find answers to questions you have always wondered about.

This dream is a warning sign that you might not be devoting enough time to yourself and that this is the right time to take some time off and think about your future plans.

A little introspection is always positive, so give yourself an opportunity to find new things about yourself.


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