1144 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

The study of the Divine numbers that come from our Guardian Angels, we find that these hidden messages have a great significance, and all of them are created of integral numbers (0-9), or the combination of them.

Angelic series shows a Divine journey from the initial state of unity (number 1) to the world of duality (number 2) and the acquisition of experiences in this world (number 3), the basics for grow (number 4), exploration and talents (number 5), conflict and struggle (number 6) and finally the transcendence to the Higher Realms (number 7), constant flow of energy that changes its form (number8) to the achievement of the re-state of unity (number 9).

Later, the zero, which, along with the first nine numbers, is used as the basis for everything that will come eventually.

All Angel number combine these numbers and “play” with their vibrations, all in order to provide the best possible understanding of Angel message.

In today’s case, we are looking into the world of the Angel number 1144, along with the people who are marked by this Divine number.

Angel number 1144 General meaning

Since you are the person, who is under the influence of the two exciting vibrations, 11 and 44 that can contradict one another. So you have a mixed character, and it’s hard to define it, and this may come as a good thing, in the sense that your enemies will be shocked when you pull a certain move, or you can hide your intentions, that sometimes can come in handy.

You are very practical and materialistic oriented in many things, yet again, you have a unique interest in spiritual and holy matters – the main aspect in your life is to find a true balance between the two forces that are driving you in opposite directions.

Your interest in these topics is more intellectual than emotional because you are looking for evidence before you accept something, and this is not a bad thing, but you need to learn that evidence can be the feeling that you have in your heart. In some further analysis, we can say that a person who is marked by 1144 that is an individual who can thoroughly assess human traits and reading character.

You are creative and artistic, and you have a natural gift for discovering the truth in life, even the truths that are hidden from others (all thanks to the immense power of the number 11 that can be found here).

Even more, you are a person who is very smart and educated, you are the one that teaches himself regularly not just in some common ways, but every other that is possible for you, and you are seriously interested in many things.

But in addition, people are most interested in your feelings that you can sometimes hide from the environment, so no matter how much you get into a book, you are able to leave it when someone finds you interesting.

You have good executive abilities, but you can also behave very demanding (all thanks to the number 44 that appears). But unlike so many other people you are reasonable enough so that you can accept other suggestions, not all the time, but sometimes you can be surprisingly cooperative.

You love society and everything that goes with it, and you think that being around smart people you can also learn, and at the same time you enjoy staying alone for long periods and enjoying the comfort that that solitude provides you provide.

All in all, you are versatile and full of talents that you should develop wholly and freely, only if you believe your instinct little more.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

As we have said in the previous section, numerical sequence 1144 has two main ingredients -these are numerals 11 and 44 that can sometimes come as oppositional vibration, they do not share same energy, even if they are similarly powerful and influential.

The main focus of the number 11 can be reduced to life is enlightenment that brings people closer to their primary intention as far as spirituality and wisdom go. This number is related to spiritual awareness, numeral 11 belongs, as you know already, that it is one of the Divine numbers that brings an understanding and knowledge outside the reach of others (you could notice that we have spoken about the people who are marked by this number, how they have abilities to reach this knowledge).

Now, in combination with numeral 44 we come to the one interesting thing, and it reduces to the fact that number 44 shows a strong attitude towards life of those who have/receive/accept this numerical sequence have a life path is extreme in the process of discovering the truth, they are incredibly intuitive in the search for answers, in some ways extreme and idealistic, visionary in many regards, and this life path is not suitable for everyone, just for the select few.

This extreme is interesting, or at least unusual, a person who can offer a lot to the world, in a sense that it can become the person who can lead others towards spiritual enlightenment, and even more – toward Divine knowledge.

The combination of these numbers can tell us about great spirituality, and even more, this is a clear sign, as you will be able to see later in the article that your Angel will be of great help, and that He is very close to you. This series of numbers that can be reduced to 11 and 44 suggests that we cannot give up even if we would be tempted to do so.

Number 1144 in Love

As we have pointed out several times before, Angel numbers show us one clear thing – Love and Wisdom are connected, and they cannot be separated, no matter what. Wisdom is Love, Love is Wisdom, God is Love, and God is Wisdom, they are connected and supplement each other, they consist elements that cannot be separated, but they are not twins.

Everything that is not Love is not the Wisdom of the Universe, and you should see this fact as one truth that cannot be denied. We must realise that Love (the Divine Love to be precise) is everything – it comes from Us, and it returns to Us.

Only if we live in love, we acquire the right, true knowledge of the universe and ourselves, only thus approaching wisdom. And Angelic formation that comes to Us in the number 1144 shows that you can master the method that can help Angel Love, and then the Divine Love to come into your life. This technique opens the energy path so that Divine Love can enter your life, and this is something that could be called true intimacy -you are not hiding anything else, you are open and ready to accept what Universe is sending you, and that is Divine Love.

You have opened a book that carries this secret knowledge, allowing everyone to read, push and examine you to the smallest details. It can be daunting if you are quite open and honest, but you will see it is really refreshing, and how much Love you can actually take into your life (but as all Divine things, to more you receive it, the better you feel, the more powerful you become, and eventually you have more love to give others).

In the end, you are the one that can give others the be open and to start something fresh in life, to have as many new beginnings as possible (numeral 11) and, even more, you give others the approval to be open about their life, what might have been waiting for years (thanks to the numeral 44).

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Amazing Facts about Number 1144

Now, we will try to reveal a few more details that are related to the numerical sequence 1144, as we will try to provide you with an insight into one more dimension that could be relevant. This is important since we are always trying to observe Divine message from as many different aspects as possible.

Now, the sum number, in this case, belongs to the vibration of 10 – this is the number, that by some is a representation of the terminal stage of manifestation of spirit and spirituality and even wisdom, so after it, you cannot go any further. Number 10 is the representation of the structure of spirituality – it represents the supreme principle that gives a clear passage to the Divine Realm.

In some way, number 10 is the ultimate connection between spirit and mind, so a person who is connected to the number 10 must develop a rational mind, and divine consciousness that must be manifested in this issue.

So, wherever you look, you can see that both 10 (as the sum vibration) and 1144 (as an underlying message) symbolise the life associated with the spiritual world.

However, ten is partially closed and limited energy, because in spite of the best efforts there are doubts and uncertainties. Maybe we did not mention, until now, but now is a good time to reveal one more aspect as far as number 1144 – it can be reduced to the Divine number 55.

In Angel numerology, this vibration signifies the gap between the spirit and the body, internal harmonisation (conflicts and problems must be reduced to the minimum in this phase) and the opportunity to come to the divine purification. People with number 10 are religious, insecure in themselves, following religious suspicions and seeking the truth. In this sense, 10 reveal extreme asceticism. This is the number of charisma, harmonisation of the spiritual channel, spiritual identity, inspiration and harmonised material form.

As seen through Angels eyes it is connected to the temptations, faith, and sanctification.

Will Angel number 1144 Bring Good Luck to You?

Do not be confused after all this information that we put on your shoulders and you should be happy that this is your Angelical formation that you have received. But, this message has its beginning, middle and the end/conclusion.

First, Angels want you to know certain things in life – they are saying that life on the Earth seems so hard and gloomy that you want to escape into dreams. You are talking to your spiritual guides, your Angels and you have summoned them via meditation and before that, you have been asking many same questions, too often.

But asking for help is never a bad idea, and Angels want you to know that this is not something to be embarrassed, ashamed or self-confused about this fact, you should be grateful for being heard.

Now, Angels are saying in the message 1144 that you must, however, realise that you cannot escape the experience of the material world, from the experience of life on Earth, and this life has its purpose and meaning, and you should use it as a lesson (we spoke about the importance of learning).

Through some things, you have to pass because otherwise, your soul cannot experience them, you need, sometimes to go through tick and tin so that you can value the true virtues in life.

While truth was at Source, she consciously chose everything that comes and goes through your life, and the purpose is to grow and return to the Source.

Leave your concern for God through prayer or contact your spiritual guide, as you did, now, cause they can understand your pain, Angels are concluding in the message 1144 that was sent directly to you.

Now, Angels also want you to know one more important thing that you can use as a piece of advice in every life situation – as a same as fire is quenched with water, and the darkness recovers from light, the lie lives only until the way persuades the truth. If you encounter destructive people, douse them with calmness and not engaging in the game, cast people around you with a spirit, enter a smile with a smile and mercy, Angels are saying in the message 1144.

They are also saying that if by any chance come into the energetic whirlwind of inconsistent words and stories that intend to hurt others, realise that you can protect yourself with the truth, and there is nothing that others can do when this is your shield. It is essential always to align the scale, to bring people back to life, to enrich life with love, Angels are saying in the message 1144, even if this process is sometimes very difficult and long, but always call me, and will be there to guide you and to give all you might need.


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