Personality Number 1 – Meaning in Numerology

Numerology is a science that deals with the study of numbers. Numbers are all around us, we are sure that none of us can imagine life without numbers.

Apart from helping us to understand people around us, to express our feelings, to find our own way of life, they are the foundation of the modern world.

They help us to communicate with people remotely, provide orientation in time and space, beside this numbers are the basis of all technological and technical inventions in the 20th and 21st centuries.

In today’s text we will talk about number 1, and we will introduce you to the topic of personal numbers, this topic is very represented in numerology. Each person has a special personal number, this number is obtained by birth date.

It helps us to understand ourselves, our emotions, our wishes, our needs, our ambitions, to find out something new about ourselves but also about people around us.

This number helps us to understand our vital energy and find our own way of life. If you find your personal number then you will be able to understand what you need to succeed and achieve your goals. In addition, you must be aware that these numbers can advise you on what to do in different situations, but also what awaits you in the future.

As we have already mentioned in this text we are talking about number 1, you will find many interesting facts about this issue.

We will help you understand the lifestyle of people whose number is 1, in addition we are talking about the symbolism of this number, about its role in love, career and other spheres of life.

We will mention some positive and negative things about the people to whom this is a personal number.

Life path of number 1

People who have a strong connection with this number have a very difficult life and usually encounter difficult situations, but these people are not surrender and do not give up easily, but continue their fight.

These people have a lot of problems, in career, love, work but all these problems are easy to solve. They are positive and maybe that’s the reason for their success. The only thing they lack is self-confidence.

This number has a number of positive and negative characteristics, however, we will talk about this in the next sections of this article.

The truth is that these people are surrounded by problems, but they often have friends who are negative and spend their positive energy around them.

They believe that every problem can be solved and that after each problem they become even stronger and braver.

They are great fighters and can survive in difficult conditions, you will never see them sad and behind every negative and bad situation they will find something nice and successful to get something smart and wise behind every event.

However, these people are often separated from their family and friends, and this build a cold relationship between them. These people love autonomy, they do not like to receive help and seek help from other people.

If they are in great trouble and if their life is questioned they will not ask for help from other people but will be brave and will try to solve their problems themselves. They have a large number of talents, and it’s interesting to find their place in art. The great artists who marked our history had a personal number 1.

The truth is that they have a great number of talents, but they also need to develop their talents, work on them and perfect them. It is interesting to think that they are the best in everything, so if you have someone who has a personal number, then show him respect, show that you appreciate him and he will be pleased.

Positive characteristics of personality number 1

People who have a personal number 1 are very durable, persistent, just and love truth and justice. These people are for real values, they are not dependent on money and wealth.

They are persistent and do not surrender easily, they like to test their boundaries and believe that nothing is impossible and that everything can be solved.

They are very positive and full of ambition. They always have dreams and great goals that they mostly realized. It is true that they deal with a large number of problems, however, it is believed that the secret of their success is positive energy and positive thoughts. People with this number are very modest and do not value money.

They are unique and they always find ways to be different from others. These people are very brave, communicative and creative.

They love people and socializing. They like to travel, meet other people, meet new cultures and learn new languages. They are always ready for adventure.

Negative characteristics of personality number 1

Although they will always find a solution and try to solve the problems that surround them, for people with this number it will be very hard to recover when they experience failure.

After that they often fall into depression, they do not have the will to live and do not want to go on, then their falling energy becomes negative and they do not want to fight further and continue their fight.

These people stand up for their independence, do not want to be close to their family and do not want to have a lot of friends.

They are ready for new friendships, but they do not want to be close to those people, they do not want to tell them their secrets, their feelings, their thoughts … The truth is that they are afraid to be hurt.

However, they are very jealous, whether it’s about love, career, business … Although they are ambitious and have a lot of ideas, it is hard to realize them. They are very lazy and they are not organized.

If they feel that they are losing and cannot solve some problems then they become nervous, and they express their anger over other people.

Love for personality number 1

When we talk about love, people with this number are very specific, for them is the famous sentence that says when they like they love, when they do not like then they do not like. There is no golden environment in them. It is true that they are very hard in love and find the people they care about and with whom they remain for the rest of their lives.

However, if they find their life partners then they behave very passionately and responsibly, they care about their partners, give them a lot of love and they compassion with them. They are helping them to solve their problems, they believe that communication is the key to the success of any relationship. In addition, they love honesty and always say what they think.

When we are talking about family, for people with this number it is very hard to connect with their friends, but if they find a strong relationship then they become very worried and in every way they help people around them.

If they want a nice, happy and peaceful life then they have to change their habits and they need to let people in their life, in that way their life will be more beautiful.


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