Hotel – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

For some, the Hotel is the symbol of loneliness, and it is everything opposite from a warm home.

Still, for others, Hotel can be the place where you can enjoy and relax, it is the symbol of enjoyment, vacation, holiday, and it is the place where you can have a treatment of your life.

Hotels could be luxurious or cheap and scary – it is the place that can give you a time of your life, or it can be a representation of your escape from somewhere.

Hotels also vary in their appearance, and they can be small and exclusive, they can be grandiose and filled with the content, while they can be small, dirty and “infected” with many bad things that a “normal” person would want to escape as soon as possible.

The question we want to ask you is this – have you ever experienced a dream where the main motive is the Hotel? If you have, you are probably wondering what it means; we assure you that you will be surprised with the meaning and symbolism of this dream.

The Meaning of a Dream about the Hotel

The first and the most general explanation of a dream about the Hotel is the one where it represents a warning that you are expecting damage on the way -it does not have to be the significant damage or a problem, but it is something that will leave a mark on your life.

Such a dream probably shows that in the previous period, you may have been overwhelmed with obligations that created pressure for you to dream of vacation – this is the dream that also comes to those who are under the major stress and want to recover from the everyday hustle.

Because of these circumstances, you just wanted to leave without paying much attention to designing what would hit your head and create more tension than the one you endured at work.

In the end, you will not be able to relax anywhere but will continue to be even more nervous where you left off – a hotel is the representation of such desires that have occupied your mind and soul.

Another, alternate, but also a meaningful explanation of this dream where the main motive is a hotel, is the one where it means that you are hiding something from the people who are close to you, something like a secret relationship for example.

This is also one of the dreams that could be interpreted differently, but it probably shows that you or your partner is busy, so you should not admit to anyone that you are together.

Although you are not thrilled with the situation, there will be something exciting about hiding and pretending not to know each other – just like in reality, where people contemplate affairs with someone (and a hotel is always a symbol of the affair).

Many will notice that something is going on so they will try to find out what it is about – you will try your best to keep such secret hidden, but the fact that you had this dream just shows that you have a problem with this affair.

It may seem interesting at first, but over time you will begin to wonder where it is headed and what the future holds for you.

Now, if the Hotel from your dream is a beautiful, nice, and very expensive, but you do not feel comfortable, such a dream means that you, in reality, suffer a great deal because you are not “situational and wealthy” enough, so you have complexes of persons who possess more, and you do not perceive some of your other virtues or qualities at all, or the shortcomings of those you admire for completely wrong reasons.

But if the Hotel that you are visiting a hotel that is dirty and cheap one, and you still feel like you are going to enjoy in it, such a dream means that you have grown into the negative aspects of your life and that you are not able to change it.

It is like a habit that you do not see is doing you harm, but it actually does, in the long term. It is something that you must change your ways if you do not want to suffer later in life.

The Symbolism of a Dream about the Hotel

Now we want to tackle into the world of dreams where the main motive is the Hotel – and we assure you that there are numerous versions of this dream.

For example, you can have a dream that you are working at a hotel implies that you will put together a nice and useful work that will help you grow as a person; this dream is very often for those who are planning to apply for a work and travel program or want to work abroad.

You have a plan – to work hard for a few months while you will spend the rest of your time travelling and spending what you have earned. It is ok to know that your goals could become true and that the dream of happiness is not so far away.

But, if the dream shows you how you live in a hotel and this is your home, in fact, such a dream symbolizes a temporary parting with a loved one – it does not mean that in your lives there is no love because this is not true. It could be that your relationship or marriage will encounter difficulties for which the best remedy is time and distance.

You will want to step down and think carefully about everything after which you will make a definitive decision.

Sometimes it is best if you can move away from one from another, to realize what you have been doing wrong (or right) so that you could move on together into the brighter future.

If the version of this dream shows you how you live in a hotel, because you do not have your home anymore (it was ruined, destroyed, burned, whatever), such a dream implies that you have become quite accustomed to such a life, where there are many things bad, but still you are making them work.

In fact, this is the dream that shows you as someone who can always handle every opportunity and trouble, because you have experienced both good and bad, and you are not someone who is vain and arrogant, nor anything that can discourage you, because you always somehow come across as a cat at your feet “, And consider you a person who is very stable and responsible in everything, so this is one dream that has such a positive connotation, and truly shows that in life, even from the worst situations, we can make something beneficial for us, for the future.

Do I have to be worried?

It is clear that a reality the Hotel is a place for rest and relaxation, but sometimes it is also a “necessary accommodation”, or a place of business meetings and important meetings, which are primarily held abroad or in another city.

We also must add that as the main symbol in dreams, this is not so common motive, so when it appears in a dream world, you should pay attention.

Its symbolism is very diverse and interesting, and in addition to being interpreted as positive or negative, often in accordance with the specific connotation of the dream, it is defined and as quiet and directly implicit or indirectly transmitted as such.

We assure you that dreams are most memorable dreams about the Hotel as a motive, as well as all the characteristic interpretations and analysis of that dream, should not be the cause of any problem for you – whatever this dream suggest to you, the main thing is that you accept some compromises, and stop acting stubborn and obnoxious, because the situation you find yourself is very complicated and difficult, and you do not need to complicate and confuse it yourself.

What to do if I had this dream?

From whatever perspective you look at this dream, we can only think on this – in some cases, you can’t “give a chance” to people who are trying to “get closer” to you because you are very introverted, and you are also inclined to classify others based on other people’s opinions or prejudices, and not as “good or bad” without giving give yourself the opportunity to judge for yourself whether or not you like someone’s character.

The fact is that the Hotel, in your dream, could be a representation of your personal view to others that is often time very judgmental and unrealistic.

This is definitely one aspect of your life that you should change – you can hide for a while, but you cannot do it forever (in a metaphorical sense you cannot live in a hotel forever, or you cannot make everyone to believe that that way of life is the best).

In another, negative sense, a dream about the Hotel could point out that you are the person who is very often non-objective, and that you have been fooled by some estimates, and you have made completely unnecessary, and to some extent even very, pointless mistakes, which have “cost you dearly” and also completely damaged the reputation and reputation that you have diligently acquired and built.

All in all, try to be more objective, try to look beyond the comfort or disappointment of your current situation, and you will get to see more and more of the world as it is.


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