Ladybug – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Ladybugs are interesting creatures. Their red backs and black spots on the back make them stand out from the rest of the insect world.

Ladybugs have another interesting side to them, and that is their symbolism. For various reasons, many cultures around the world took ladybugs as their symbol of good luck and wealth.

This symbolism dates back several centuries and stories about ladybugs are many. People never looked at ladybugs like they did on other insects because there was always something special about this little bug.

In popular culture they are very popular because of this symbolism and considered to be symbols of luck. History of ladybug’s symbolism is very interesting and colorful, and there are a lot of interesting facts about them.

Ladybug traits and characteristics

Resistant – Just like many other insects, ladybugs need to be resistant to outside factors and able to persevere through tough times in order to survive. They handle rain and drought very well, ad are able to find food almost everywhere.

Helpful – Ladybugs are in the category of most helpful insects- they eat pests from our gardens and get rid of larvae and other possible threats for our gardens. This is why many harvesters attract ladybugs into their gardens, and clean out their plants without using toxic substances.

Ladybug as a totem

People born under this sign or that have a ladybug as their spirit animal, are very fortunate. If you ever met someone who’s every aspect in life is going smoothly and without problems, then this person might be born under the ladybug totem. You are someone who seems to be doing more than okay in life, even though you are not that hard-working.

This might be the reason why so many people dislike you and think of you as a spoiled person who had everything he ever imagined in life. Possible downside of this kind of life is that you don’t know what it feels like to have a hard time in your life, and you can’t really relate to other people.

Luck for these people is something inevitable so they have a good instinct when it comes to finances and investments. They are rarely wrong about something and they usually find a good solution for every problem they have.

People born under the ladybug totem are seeking for prosperity in life. Since they have all of the luck in the world, this part won’t come hard for them. Being born under this totem means you are born under a lucky star, and no one can take that away from you.

Ladybug people spend most of their lives wth good health and enough money to finance their every need, without having to worry about anything.

These people are also joyful by nature. You will rarely meet someone who has this animal as a spirit animal, or someone born under this totem, with a grudge on their face or angry. They simply love life and enjoy being alive. Even when they are feeling down, they are going to welcome you with a smile and make you feel better. These people attract positive energy into their life by being positive and happy, despite all of their problems.

This is a good life philosophy to follow because with being negative, we are only going to attract more negativity and stress.

People born under this sign are also open-minded. They love exploring their limits and trying out new things in life. this makes them feel alive and present. The worst thing you can do t a person born under this totem is to tell her what to do and how to do it, without giving her an option to try something for herself.

They love meeting different types of people and listening to their stories and lives. Even though they can’t always relate, ladybug people will listen to them and understand them as best as they can.

People born under this totem are also blessed with good looks. Just like a ladybug stands out from other insects, person born under the ladybug totem is going to be an eye catcher, no matter where they appear.

People born under this totem value their families and family life above everything and they would never let anyone stand on their way to true family bliss. They protect their children from everything bad and can sometimes become overly-protective.

Being so blessed in life comes with a price. Even though being born under this totem sounds like a true blessing, these people rarely find friends that are loyal and honest. Most people around them only want to take advantage of them and grab a piece of the pie for themselves. Being so open-minded, as ladybug people are, is a flaw when everybody around you is only pretending to be your friend and not honoring the real you.

Overall, people born under this sign are bound to have a beautiful and prosperous life without any major downfalls and misfortunes. If you are born under this totem, then the only thing you need to do is to make the most out of this luck you have and create an amazing life for you and your family.

Ladybug as a symbol in a dream

Ladybugs can appear in our dreams often. Many would think that, if they dream about ladybugs, that this dream has to be a symbol of good luck. But, not all dreams about ladybugs are positive. Symbolism of a dream depends on the other symbols that were present and also on the overall situation you dreamed about.

If you had a dream about seeing a ladybug, then this dream is a symbol of good luck. You are definitely going to have luck with everything you do and nobody is going to stand on your way to success. This is the best period for new investments and business projects because they are all going to be backed up by this amazing fortune that is following you.

Dream about a lot of ladybugs all around you is a symbol of chaos that you are currently in. Your life has been bombarded from different sides and you don’t know where to turn to first. You feel like running away from your problems but there is no way out.

If you caught a ladybug in your dream then you are going to be surprised about the things you will hear about your friend. Someone is going to tell what your friend was saying or doing to you behind your back, and you won’t be able to believe what you are hearing. The only thing you should be careful about is that you should first examine those rumors, and then act on them.

If you dreamed about a ladybug landing on your hand or on you, then you are going to have a lot of luck and health. Things will be going well and you will be able to make all of your business and personal projects come true. This period of your life is the time you need to use to make advancements in your life that are going to last for the rest of your life.

If ladybug in your dream was resting on a leaf or on you, then you might get bad news from someone. The news could be regarding your personal life or your career, so you should be prepared for what is coming.

A ladybug that crossed your path, in a dream, represents positive opportunities in life. these opportunities are going to be linked to your business and career, so make sure you keep your eyes open for new investment chances and projects. Meeting new people is also helpful because they might open up new paths in the business world for you.

Ladybug as a symbol in different cultures

Ladybugs are those creatures who cross boundaries when it comes to symbolism. We can find them almost in every part of our planet, so their symbolism is both universal but also different in their own way.

In English folklore, ladybugs are considered to bring good luck to farmers. When there are no ladybugs in the springtime, farmers know that their crops won’t be as successful. Ladybugs are believed to be carriers of good luck in general, so when a ladybug lands on your hand, you are going to get married in one year. Spots on ladybug’s back are believed to be representation of how many children you are going to have and how much money you will receive.

In American culture, ladybugs are also carriers of good luck, especially if a ladybug enters your home. A ladybug that lands on your hand is a sign of good luck coming your way and in Canada ladybugs are considered to make our wishes come true.

In Sweden, ladybugs bring news of marriage, especially if they land on a woman’s hand and in Italy, they bring good luck when they fly into your bedroom.

Chinese people believe that ladybugs are also carriers of good luck and prosperity. They also believe that number of spots on ladybug’s back is the number of months that need to pass for you to meet your true love. Also, if a ladybug lands on your clothes, then you are about to meet your true love.

In Austria, ladybugs are signs of pleasant weather and warmer climate that is coming closer. Germans count spots on ladybugs back to find out whether their harvest is going to be successful or not. If the ladybug has 7 spots, then the harvest is going to be a success.

Ladybugs are considered to be carriers of good luck no matter which culture or nation we look at. They are those universal signs of good luck that people in modern times often tattoo on their bodies, in order to bring in some good luck to their lives.

Ladybug tattoos are symbols of good luck, prosperity and wealth, so it is no wonder that this little insect became one of the most popular tattoo symbols in the world. In cartoons and movies, ladybugs are friendly creatures that often help people and they are rarely represented in some other way.

This makes a ladybug one of the most beloved symbols all around the world, that will certainly preserve its reputation for many years to come.


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