Dreams about Wolves – Interpretation and Meaning

Wolves can be vicious animals, especially if people tempt them in any way. People now days don’t have many opportunities to see wolves but throughout history, wolves have been our greatest threat.

Wolves also had important symbolic meaning for many cultures and they remained important symbols even today. In our dreams wolves can have different meanings, so we will present few of the most common dreams about wolves and the secret meaning behind dreams about wolves.

Dream about a wolf in general

If you just saw a wolf as a symbol in your dream, then this dream represents someone from your surroundings. This person could be your co-worker or even your, not so close, friend. This person doesn’t have a good opinion about you and you should definitely be careful around this person.

She or he will try to sabotage you in some way, and you will definitely be surprised that this person did something behind your back to hurt you.

It is best to keep your secrets and personal opinions to yourself, because they could be used against you by this particular person.

Dream about killing a wolf

If you killed a wolf in your dream, then this dream represents your enemies or people who want to see you fail in personal or business life. be careful to whom you give out your information and don’t let them use something against you in any way.

This dream is also an indicator that your enemies are extremely capable and that you will probably have a hard time to defeat them.

Dream about a howling wolf

If you heard a wolf howling in your dream, then this dream represents that you are going to uncover a plot that was being formed against you. Someone who was planning to get you and make you fail at something, will make a mistake that is going to cost him a win against you.

This is also an indicator that this period will be extremely lucky for new business projects because your intuition will be on pint. Use this period to advance in your personal or business life, because you might not get a chance like this for a while.

Dream about a black wolf

If the wolf in your dream was black, then this dream represents a person in your life that is going to bring you a lot of troubles and problems. This person will seem like a genuine person at first, but you will soon discover her many faces.

This person could also be potentially dangerous for you, if you let her get too deep in your life. Keep your personal opinions and information to yourself, and be careful when meeting new people, because your instinct might trick you when it comes to evaluating someone.

Dream about a wolf and a fox fighting

This unusual dream represents an open confrontation you will experience with someone or a confrontation that already happened. You might have already had a fight or a heated argument with someone you know, and you didn’t like how this person behaved and reacted to something you did or said.

If this is someone important in your life, then make the first step and explain your actions, because sometimes we can’t see our own actions and we become too subjective about certain things.

Dream about a red wolf

If you had a dream about a red wolf, then this dream represents your financial situation, or to be exact, your financial issues. There are a lot of debts that have accumulated over the years and you don’t know how to resolve these issues by yourself.

Perhaps it is best to seek help from someone who has experience with these things and who is going to give you valuable advice.

Dream about wolf in sheep’s skin

This dream represents a person from your life that is definitely hiding something from you. This person is someone very close to you so be careful and try to notice warning signs that might help you figure out who this person is. This is probably someone who is with you every day or someone who is your co-worker.

This person is planning to destroy your reputation with something they will dig out that is regarding you. Be careful and keep private things well hidden from others, no matter who they are.

Dream about feeding a wolf

If you were feeding a wolf in your dream, then this dream represents a dangerous person, that you know, that might hurt someone else. This person won’t be a threat to you particularly, but he or she might be using you to get to someone else.

This dream symbolically represents you feeding this person information about someone else, that will be used against that person later on.

If you had this dream then you probably already have your doubts about certain people so make sure you act in time to protect others and yourself if it becomes necessary.

Dream about a wolf attacking you

If you had a dream about a wolf attacking you, then this dream represents your insecurities or your shyness. You are probably someone who is afraid to unleash all of its thoughts and emotions, because you are afraid how others might react to that.

It is definitely time to live life only for yourself and stop living your life for others. This is the only way to fully enjoy your time on this planet and the only way for you to finally be who you really are.

Dream about a wolf feeding you

If you had a dream about a wolf feeding you, then this dream is a representation of a person in your life that is helping you in many ways in life. This person has been your protector and patron for many years, and you feel a great deal of respect for this person.

This dream can also represents a force of nature or natural talent you have that is crucial for your success. This talent or force of nature has been there for you since your birth, and you don’t know how your life would turn out if you hadn’t have this kind of blessing.

Dream about a wolf bite

If you had a dream about a wolf bite or if a wolf has bitten you in your dream, then this dream represents a possible disease you might get or someone close to you might get. You should pay more attention to your health and avoid doing things that are not healthy for you.

This will only make your health even worse and you certainly don’t want to be the reason behind your health problems.

Dream about a wolf pack

If you had a dream about a wolf pack, then this dream represents troubles and problems you are about to face in life. These problems could be related to your personal life or to your business plans, but in any case you are going to have to face them as soon as possible. Delaying will only make things worse, so it is best to get a grip of these problems as soon as they appear in order to solve them.

Dream about defeating a wolf

If you defeated a wolf in your dream ,then this dream represents wealth and good luck you are about to experience in life. Things will definitely be going in your favor in all areas of life and nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams.

Use this period to advance in all areas of life and to achieve all of your goals. Chance like this doesn’t come too often so you should make the best out of it while you can.

Dream about a wolf hunting for prey

If wolf in your dream was hunting its prey, then this dream represents you are going to be used by other people for something. These people are only around you to get information they need and blame you for everything, so stay away from everyone who seems suspicious or who might be a possible threat for you.

Dream about a wolves surrounding you

If you had a dream where wolves were all around you, then this dream represents troubles in your family. Someone from your family might get into troubles and these troubles will be serious.

If you already suspect what might happen to someone from your family, then warn them and tell them to stay away from trouble.


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