Kookaburra – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Kookaburras are kingfisher birds that are native to the New Guinea and Australia. These mesmerizing birds, although small, catch everyone’s eye with their beauty and peculiar ways.

Their symbolism was mostly created by people and civilizations that inhabited these parts of the world.

Kookaburra traits and characteristics

Carnivorous – Kookaburras eat snakes and small mammals.

They are well known for stealing meat from barbeques and in ZOOs they are usually fed with bird prey food.

Social – Kookaburras are social birds and they are not afraid of humans.

Like I mentioned above, they are well known for stealing meat off grills and eating next to humans.

Kookaburra as a totem

As totems Kookaburras represent social behaviors, group efforts, beauty and happiness.

People born under this totem are positive people who are always looking for new ways to entertain themselves and others.

They truly enjoy spending time with other people and sharing ideas. If they didn’t have others in their life, they would easily become depressed and lonely.

Kookaburra people are true social butterflies and they enjoy anything related to people.

This is why they choose careers that require team work, conversations and relations with other people. They are usually social workers, PRs and journalists.

People protected or born under this totem are also very beautiful inside and out.

They have magnetic personalities that attract other people and positive energy. If you are around this person, you will notice how the wave of positive energy is coming into your life.

Kookaburra totems represent group efforts and they enjoy being surrounded by their family members. Family is highly important to them and they usually have a lot of children.

It is safe to say that these people enjoy simple things in life and that they try to bring as much positivity into the lives of others.

Overall, everyone protected by this totem is definitely the light of every party. They are fearless in life and they know what are the most important things in life.

Being both simple and brave, helps them achieve great things in life and make almost all of their dreams come true.

Kookaburra as a symbol in a dream

As a symbol in dreams these birds can be both positive and negative symbols. If you saw a Kookaburra in your dream, then you feel a great need for social gatherings and people.

Perhaps you had to isolate yourself for a while and now you feel like it is time to reconnect with people in your life.

If Kookaburra was dead in your dream, then you need to think twice about the business arrangement you are in.

Perhaps your partner is trying to convince you into doing something potentially dangerous for your future.

If Kookaburra was flying, then you can be certain that all of your projects and plans are going to be successful.

Everything you do is going to bring you a big profit and you will feel just like a Kookaburra flying int he sky.

If this bird was singing in your dream or you heard its voice, then you can expect a lot of money pouring into your account.

A business deal you made is going to help you get your financial situation in order and get you out of debt.

Kookaburra as a symbol in different cultures

Kookaburra birds have a very distinctive voice. Their call almost sounds like laughter, which is why many civilizations that lived next to these birds, linked it to happiness and positive energy.

Her laughter, or calling, is often used in movies and on TV.

Her voice is even used in Disneyland, where a special part of this theme park is dedicated to the jungle and all visitors can enjoy in Kookaburras calling.

These birds often appear in video games, such as Lineage II, Battleloads and many more.

They were one of several official mascots of the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympic Games. In book written by William Arden called “The Mystery of the Laughing Shadow”, Kookaburras calling is integral to the story’s plot.

This bird’s symbolism was created by people who live in Australia and many TV shows and movies have Kookaburras as an important symbol.

To the rest of the world Kookaburra symbolizes happiness, joy, laughter, social behavior and being a part of a group.


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