How to Sleep with a Snorer?

Good quality night sleep is a half way to excellent health. All living beings need some quiet, resting moments, depending on species’ characteristics. Mammals could be divided into two main groups, in terms of sleeping and activity habits.

Some animals are nocturnal, meaning they sleep during the day and hunt in the night; others do the opposite. Human nature placed us amongst daytime beings, despite our individual habits.

There are different chronotypes of humans; some get more active during late hours and others in the morning. No matter of our chronotype, our acquired habits or individual predispositions and choices, all of us need approximately six to eight hours of sound sleep. All sorts of disturbances bring our natural balance into a mess.

An approximate time of six to eight hours of quality sleep is important to our overall health. Our body needs that time to recover from daily activities and get ready for the following day. It is of a vital importance to develop a healthy sleeping routine.

There are different mechanisms of managing our sleep, such as making a schedule of sleep routine, going to bed the same time every night, not eating heavy food before bed, getting properly relaxed and so on.

However, what are we about to do if the quality of our sleep depends on other person? What if your partner is a snorer? He or she may get enough sleep despite the snoring, but how would you endure the annoying sound and get some proper rest? Let us try to solve the unpleasant situation.

Snoring as a relationship disaster

Snoring could be a real disaster for your marriage or relationship. There are numerous reasons to explain the fact.

First of all, people who don’t sleep well and frequently wake up even more tired than they were in the evening, are very sensitive and prone to conflicts. It is completely explicable why they are grumpy.

They are constantly feeling exhausted and angry, especially the person who is constantly getting awake because of his or her partner is snoring.

On the other hand, a snorer also doesn’t get so good rest; a snoring is a sort of breathing disorder, which makes the person also lose some sleep quality.

It is not uncommon relationships end because of snoring. Sometimes partners decide to sleep in separate rooms, in order to get some proper rest.

While for few people it might be a good solution, it is a disaster for most of the couples. Sleeping in separate rooms badly affects intimacy, sex life and emotional connection between the two. Snoring affects all areas of our life, both the life of a snorer and his or her partner’s.

Snoring management is of a vital importance for all aspects of our lives, from our health to relationship issues.

How to deal with a snoring person?

While there are ways to manage the snoring itself, there are also some tips to endure the annoying sounds before it is successfully reduced or removed.

If you share a room or bed with a snorer, you’ve certainly familiar with unpleasant hours of low quality sleep, the grumpiness in the morning, frequent conflicts over minor things with your partner or roommate and so on.

According to statistics from studies on the subject of snoring and its effects on couples’ relations and life, a large number of people whose partners are snoring are being awake for approximately two hours each night.

Therefore, it is essential to do something about it.

Help them stop snoring

Stopping the snoring is the best thing to do. You may feel desperate and tired of your partner’s snoring, but you should keep in mind it is not something he or she does on purpose. Snoring is a breathing disorder, so it is very important to try to find out what causes it.

There are medical conditions, such as sleep apnea, for example, that cause a person to snore.

Bad habits, such as drinking alcohol before bed, are very likely to trigger snoring. Some people have anatomic anomalies in their respiratory system, so they snore.

Dealing with a snorer requires a lot of your patience and understanding. There are some tips to stop the snoring when it wakes you up.

Try to roll the person onto his or her side; it is proven people are less likely to snore in such a position. People usually snore while sleeping on their back.

This is the best position for our spine, but it is a disaster for snorers. There is a solution for this case, as well. Prop the person up with another pillow underneath their head. The angle would efficiently stop the snoring.

Change the sounds

There is something called the ‘white sound’. White sounds are pleasant types of neutral sounds used to cover up the noise that badly affects you and keeps you awake or gets you nervous.

Try to find the sounds that suits, to dim the noise from snoring.

Consistent and steady natural sounds, such as rainfall or wind, could be efficient.

You could download or stream them from internet or, even better, play them on devices that do not require your computer on.

For some people, a fan also produces very effective white noise and helps them sleep with a snorer, without waking up during the night.

Hush the sounds

A practical solution to deal with night and night of snoring sounds is to buy simple earplugs. You could make custom earplugs, buy them or purchase classic earplugs in the store.

Earplugs efficiently reduce all of the annoying sounds and are usually recommended to people with sensitive and fragile sleep.


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