Dreams About Blood – Interpretation and Meaning

Blood has been the most controversial, the most common and the most powerful and mysterious substance in all human societies and cultures, from ancient times until present days.

Blood is life-giving liquid, a true elixir of life and vitality.

There are numerous beliefs and superstitions about blood. Its symbolism is strong, abundant and persistent.

Blood is something that makes people feel quite ambivalent about. It is repulsive and attractive, in the same time. There are individuals that cannot withstand to see even a few drops of blood, while others are tolerant of it.

However, in any case, we fear of losing blood, because it is associated with losing our health and dying. All severities and serious damages are associated with blood, so we often feel disgusted when seeing blood.

Those are some of the rational explanations, but blood has extremely important significance in terms of spirituality, mysticism, religion and folklore.

Symbolism of blood

Since blood is a true elixir of life, the substance that makes us alive, there are numerous and various beliefs about it. The controversy, weirdness and magnificence of interpretations of blood meaning in different cultures and throughout human history are at least intriguing. Ancient pagan cults often included rituals of blood sacrifices, usually connected to practices meant to secure good harvest and prosperity.

There are records proving shamans, priests and other religious practitioners had used both human and animal blood in their rituals in past. In some corners of the world, such rituals are still being practiced. Of course, if you dig into a dark and deep realm of mystic, obscure practices, you will surely find a lot about using blood.

Blood has always been considered magical; a substance used both for white and black magic. It is used in love potions, magical preparations to make one heal or suffer and so on. As an universal symbol of vitality and longevity (and, as a matter of fact, a real and inevitable essence of life), blood has always been associated with immortality and youth.  Just think of vampire stories, for example.

One of the most popular legends about blood and youth is that of infamous Erszebet Bathory, a Hungarian ‘Blood Countess’, a woman who allegedly bathed herself in the blood of her virgin girls’ victims, in order to remain young and beautiful, forever.

Blood is also a common symbol for love, lust, life, passion, sacrifice and bonds.

Blood oaths that would make brothers of individuals that aren’t actually related, are considered the most powerful oaths in many cultures.

Sayings related to blood connection between people, such as that blood is ‘thicker than water’ and ‘bad blood’, are commonly used to explain and express the relations within families, inherited behaviors and so on.

Dreams about blood

Thinking of blood in our wakeful state is always somewhat strange. Dreams of blood or dreams that include blood in some specific circumstances are often associated with significant meanings in reality. Thinking of blood as a symbol, it has dual meanings in dreams.

Depending on how you see blood in your dream may help you interpret it in a good way and possibly relate it to some real situation in your life.

Dreaming about blood is usually connected with negative assumptions. Generally speaking, blood may symbolize vitality and energy, or the opposite, meaning losing them.

Since blood in dreams is usually seen outside the body, it is naturally connected with loss and negative outcomes. It may signify you’re losing your energy or something else.

It may signify somebody ore something drains your energy out. You are maybe experiencing some tough emotional period in your life, which could easily get reflected in your dream in a situation of bleeding or losing blood other way.

On the other hand, seeing the blood of your enemies in your dream, may signify you’re overcoming difficulties posed by other. If you dream of blood soundly flowing through your veins, it represents your strength, your renewed verve and progress.

Specific dreams about blood interpretation

Dreams about blood could have different associations and explanations, depending on whose blood you’ve dreamed of and in what setting. However, dreams about blood usually have strong connection with important and vital things in your life.

Let us check some of the most likely blood dream situations.

Bloody words

If you dream of the words written in blood, it may be a reflection of your actual effort to achieve something. It may represent a plan or situation that you’ve put much effort into or something you won’t give up easy. It may suggest you are completely preoccupied by certain thoughts that they appear in form of words written in blood.

Since blood is symbolically the most powerful substance, it makes the words quite persistent and lasting. Dreaming particularly of the word ‘blood’ that you see written somewhere means there is some ongoing situation you deal with but cannot do anything about.

Bloody hands

Dreaming of the blood on your hands may signify you’ve suppressed the feeling of guilt that now reflects in your dream.

Rethink your latest actions and behavior. Did you hurt someone or done something you regret? Maybe dream of bloody hands tries to tell you something and help you relieve yourself of guilt.


If you dream that you are injured and you are losing blood may signify you are getting tired and exhausted in life. It may represent both physical and emotional exhaustion. Maybe you are stuck in an unpleasant situation you are currently unable to solve and it drains your energy out. Think about your surroundings and people around you. Bleeding in dream may also mean someone is putting a lot of pressure on you and makes you emotionally tired and drained out.

Bleeding in dream may reflect confrontation with those around you, your friends, family member, a partner. To dream you are donating blood, although it is generally a positive action, usually means you’re losing your energy due to stress. If you dreaming of coughing blood, it suggests you’re putting much effort on meaningless issues and you waste your energy.

Bloody scenes

Blood splatters all around, severe bloody scenes, such as crime scenes, blood flowing everywhere or overflowing your entire body reflects your deep emotional dissatisfaction and the point of bursting out.

You may suppress many negative thoughts in your wakeful life, which leads to emotional bursting that happens in your dreams.

If you constantly have such disturbing dreams you certainly have to manage your emotions in real life and let go the negative ones.

Bloody rooms and walls may sugesst there is a threat you are unaware of in your wakeful life.

Menstrual blood

Menstrual blood is considered the most powerful form of blood, in terms of pagan blood magic and numerous folklore beliefs, all around the globe. To dream about menstrual blood may reflect you’re finally letting go your worries and get relieved of tension.

It signifies a period of relaxation and serenity lies ahead. On the other hand, it may suggest a woman or girl is suppressing her feminine nature. Since menstrual blood is connected to cycles, if you dream drinking it may suggest you got stuck in an enchanted circle and you need to break it up to move on.


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