Taurus Woman – In Love, Compatibility, Personality, Best Match, Traits

The horoscope can reveal so much about people’s characters and knowing what is one person in the Zodiac signs can answer a lot of questions about someone’s character. And the same case is when we are looking at people’s behavior in love, and interpersonal relations.

The Taurus woman has a practical spirit, is always looking for security in life. In some sense, the most important thing to her is security, both material one as well as emotional.

She is the one that has “the thing” that all women should possess -the perfect attitude or character, and which cannot be defined and exalted femininity that cannot be hidden.

However, Taurus woman avoids showing her temper, because in life she strives for balance and security. She loves nature, and most of all want to live in a pleasant and colorful environment. He is not an adventurer and does not like to rely on. It works better in routine and uniformity, and therefore almost never requires major life changes.

However, no matter what experience her life brings, she learns quickly from them and will not repeat the same mistake twice.

Even more, she is the one that never gives up on love, and in times when Taurus woman is alone in her thoughts with someone, she feeds on longing, she must feel like a woman, or she does not feel healthy.

We will try to look for more interesting details that will help you get to know this interesting woman.

Good Traits

The creativity and artistic abilities of women who belong to Taurus zodiac sign is very pronounced, and when everyone is thinking in the same direction in solving the problem, she will find a completely different approach. It’s easy for her since a rational way of thinking is in her blood. It is precisely this that separates her from all others. She is the most successful in jobs that require creativity and most often such jobs and choices.

The Taurus woman is the one that is determined, and persistent in her goals, and during that process, she is the one that will be consistent, and realistic. Along her personal road, she is very stable and uncompromising human being that is very sensual in interpersonal communication. She knows how to do what she needs to do, and she indeed is not afraid to take risks or lead others. She is persistent when the situation requires it, but she does not mind when someone else takes over the leadership, especially if it is an emotional partner.

People who are around her will enjoy, is a stronghold, durable, tolerant, and stubborn when it is necessary. She is also the one that is responsible mother, wife and co-worker who is caring, and capable of having all threads of life in her hands, firmly and uncompromisingly.

But her greatest strength lies in the two winning qualities the Taurus woman possesses – sensitivity and patience. In some way, her nature is mild, but that does not mean that this woman can be manipulated – there are many solid opinions that can hardly change a lot – and if someone tries to “test” her boundaries, it will awaken her fire temperament.

In the, end this is the woman that is strong, seductive, focused – all this describes a Taurus woman.

Bad Traits

The Taurus woman has many bad traits, but they do not change the fact that woman is amazing. She is often afraid of separating from situations or things that have become her everyday and familiar, even when she stops to find them interesting and current. Once again she is the one that lives for stability and common and secure things that make her feel safe, and where she could rule and be the queen on her field.

Sometimes, the Taurus woman is overly pointed toward material gain and even if she does not have to be obsessed with money, but she will always strives for wealth and comfort. This could become an obsession that will rule her world, and even her emotional life could be seen through this perspective. Love relationships of the Taurus woman are as a business: she will not seek time with a partner who does not understand the meaning of responsibility and firm loyalty.

Some may see this attribute as a negative one cause she may seem like one person that is very rigid and uncompromising, and no one loves this.

Taurus Woman in Love

The Taurus woman has to love someone, and she directs her love towards the family primarily, little less towards friends, to whom she is restrained in the depths of her soul, even though she has abundance. She lays a lot on her beauty and can be literally burdened with her appearance, she is very attractive, and in love games, this woman can be cunning (not in the wrong way, she just know how to play these games, and maintain the lover’s attention).

The Taurus woman is always in the search for the attention, and in some way, this lady is more concerned with the opinions of men, less to women will say to her – she is always sweet and polite, but not always honest in communication. She likes to put tests on the people who are in her environment.

It is quite difficult to impose this lady, but if the partner of the Taurus woman succeeds in doing it with expensive gifts and wealth, then a romantic relationship should be added to this love affair: Dinner with a graceful atmosphere will always bring a big plus in the eyes of the Taurus woman, although even some modest variants will draw a smile on the face.

She just likes the effort that her potential lovers give her; she enjoys when people try to seduce her and to show her how much she is worth (a lot, if you ask the Taurus woman). In love, this interesting lady has deep feelings, but as far as intimacy goes, she approaches sit slowly and cautiously (like everything in life).

The Taurus woman attracts the attention of the opposite sex in many ways, but she is never vulgar and over the top. Life is too short in order to be spent with moderation, and therefore, the love game the Taurus woman plays with open cards, revealing to the partner all her intentions (she is not a liar, but she is smart and will never reveal too much to the potential lover).

To add a few more things about this woman – her partner must prove himself to be a real man and she will have nothing against having him as the boss of the household (but she will never tolerate anyone that is weak, but if she sees the potential in her lover, she will help him to become a real man).

Taurus Woman in a Relationship

One thing needs to be clear right from the start – the Taurus woman possesses all the female attributes of Venus: gentleness, immense sensitivity, and both inner and outside beauty. She is incapable of living in abstinence; her eroticism is in her blood, and often times she will be in some relationship just to let her sensitivity get lose.

Taurus woman is one of the most famous and unique horoscopic characters. In a relationship she never cheats, it is essential for her to meet her partner fully and to make sure that she has chosen the right one before she undertakes and engages in a serious relationship. And once she commits, it’s probably forever.

When she intends to approach a man, she will never give up on her intentions, and the same case is with a relationship, she rarely gives up her men. She first meets a partner, and likes to get to know the man before she gets into the relationship; later she lets him kiss her, and her kisses are long, innocent and deep. She expects a lover to take a first step in getting acquainted and going out, while she takes the initiation in the bed.

Love with her matures slowly, and has every aspect of romance – she can truly love and be faithful; kissing and sexual intercourse has a crucial meaning for her. The Taurus woman could forgive her partner if she does not experience complete satisfaction with him; she can even forgive infidelity until her material security is compromised.

She wins her lovers with her femininity and tranquility; some even call her a virtuoso of a love game, which drives the thought as if she had already learned it somewhere. This is the woman that loves to be showered with gifts, compliments and money – she believes in the old saying that one man loves his woman only when he “invests” in her.

The Taurus woman will make an affliction after long disagreements and greater disappointments, which can be read in the melancholy expression of the face. In a relationship, this is the woman that hates robust eroticism; music, foreplay and wine will serve well, and not just at the beginning of a romance.

Best Match for Taurus Woman

For love affair, maybe the best connection for the Taurus woman can be with the Virgo man. The reason is in his preference for analysis and a mature approach to life will make the Taurus woman feel calmer.

Both of these people will seek peace after a lot of wars that may have in life, and this is the reason why this connection can work – both Taurus woman and Virgo man have the same goal, to live and love in peace.

Another partner that can be a good match for the strong and passionate Taurus lady can be the gentleman in the Zodiac sign, Leo. He can be an amazing partner when a woman Taurus wants to have fun, to have some amazing adventure and get out of her comfort zone. The problem will be solved if she just calls Leo man – she can also get to know future business associates through it.

Taurus Woman as a Friend

If there is a person on whom you can entirely rely, then it is the Taurus woman. If you trust her to do something, she will not calm down until she fulfils it, and even the whole world is against her.

The Taurus woman is the one friend that has the same friends since elementary school. She is the one that after years and years she has the same friends. Most likely the Taurus woman is the one that is the best friend for a lot of people, they all call her the best in the world, the most loyal and dedicated friend ever, etc. And she truly is – she takes her friendship seriously, nurtures them, and unselfishly dedicates to her friends, and she remains loyal to them.

In return, the Taurus woman expects the same loyalty from a friend, and if so, her friendship will last forever – with this lady, as much as you give, you will get the same thing in return. For happiness, she does not need a horde of friends, she is a motto of quality before quantity, and it is valid for most areas of her life, not just friendship. People who do not like it before will ignore it rather than start a fight with them. She can be a merciless enemy that can crush her enemies in a second, and the same rule applies in the case of her friends, she will defend them, by all means, and with her heart in place. She just needs friends who will know how to appreciate this.

Taurus Woman as a Mother

There is one thing that we will say at the beginning of this section that deals with the motherhood of the lady Taurus – she is the one mother that is suitable for both – hard work and pleasure with her kids. But first, she is the one that has to make sure that everything is okay that concerns her children, and then she will escort them to the party.

The Taurus mother is emotionally strong and can handle a lot of stress, and stress and children go together always. She is the one that rarely relieves under pressure, regardless of whether it’s a business or a family. Most often she will not show signs of upset or she will complain. The Taurus mother relies on her strength and independence to deal with all the problems and obstacles it encounters in family life.

The Taurus mother is in some way, a traditionalist, but also an adventurer, so you will see this woman asking her child to learn on Sundays, but also let him ride a motorcycle or die her hear, something that no other parent would allow. She tries to her children good education and manners, to always be in focus, and under her authority – in return mother, Taurus will be their best friend. As long as the children do not rush and lie to her, there are no problems.

In the end, the mother Taurus will give her children everything, but will expect the results from them – her children are mentally and emotionally stable, full of cheerfulness.


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