Chiron in Libra

The place where the most vulnerable people are with Chiron in the seventh field or in Libra, which is analogous to the seventh field and vice versa, and where their Achilles heel is, is the place of relationships.

The seventh field is the field of partnership first, but also of public relations in general, and the place where the fire comes in, harmonically said, and with Chiron in this field, unfortunately, many times he gets hurt.

If, as usual, we return to early youth, Chiron here is basically a repetition of the situation of an early relationship with a parent, of the opposite sex later in life, and especially when it comes to a relationship and an institution better known to us as marriage.

Chiron in Libra Man

In these persons, this relationship has already created the understanding that the connections are dangerous and should be eliminated or, at the very least, accessed under full war gear.

This often exposes persons with Chiron in the seventh field to grief, to taking an eternally defensive stance, until they recognize the source of that eternal repetition of the condition.

And this was their early environment, which was characterized either by destructive or no relations, or else rivalry, hostility and revenge were cleverly disguised by the mask of politeness.

That’s why they learned how to defend relationships rather than how to educate them. The matter is further complicated by the fact that this kind of natures is in fact more hurt by those unexpressed feelings than by the open ones, even if it is unsatisfactory.

They have been taught how to please everyone, to be everything to everyone, and how to smooth out possible conflict situations, while retaining guard, defense and fear for themselves.

This wound can be healed with the sword it was inflicted on, as it can be taught how to survive in conflict-filled situations, how to fight and believe firmly in a relationship, especially an ongoing relationship.

Chiron in Libra Woman

People with Chiron in the seventh field usually gain much experience by getting to know themselves, but through the mirror of others.

By learning to respect the diversity and uniqueness of others. This reinforces their tendency to respond to people as if they were essentially an extension, and therefore emotional reactions also relate more to the natus itself than to others.

This natus has difficulty in dealing with others because everyone seems to be fighting him or them somehow, and in reality is usually not the case. This is just what they designed themselves for the people opposite them.

And the emotional bonding situation creates a bond or bonds that hurt both sides, and the possibility of self-destruction opens up. In some ways, these or these individuals often struggle to impose themselves, in a strange way, and semi-consciously become more extreme.

At one point they are wounded and exiled, in another the savior, and in the third the wound bearer.

Most often, people with such a Chiron are attracted to people who are contrary to themselves, and they judge themselves by the people they are attracting or who are attracting them. Because in their minds they signify precisely their own potentials or weaknesses.

And then in many cases, this means that if they are always attracted to the losers, they do not admit their failures or need such people to feel strong themselves. Binding to dominant people means that these people do not have their own strength.

If they feel that they have been sacrificed in a relationship, they should slowly discover for themselves the mechanism by which they unknowingly cause it. Natus, of course. Because if he thinks that the one who is hurting outside, he blames others, rejects his part, everything will be repeated to him indefinitely.

The attitude of the innocent bystander is also not good. It happens that, over a period of time, and most often in an earlier period, such persons have a very significant relationship for them, which is largely devastating, and from which they simply can never escape for at least or long, and take a long time to recover from him.

It certainly brings them unnecessary and forced periods of isolation and isolation, and usually under the pretext and the clue that this is the only way out of this somehow painful relationship. They just get to the stage of clenching their hearts and separating themselves from people.

Good Traits

Chiron in Libra can highlight any problems in relationships with people. Libra rules relationships and values ​​harmony in relationships. There must be understanding in any relationship, whether in a partnership, society, friendship, at work and in love. This way, one can have a “wound” right in this area of ​​life.

Your relationships with some individuals can be difficult. You may have to constantly deal with someone rude or rough. Or, to Libran’s chagrin, someone selfish or unfair. Improving such relationships is the key to healing these wounds. The path to a harmonious relationship is not always easy, but it is worth taking if the end is positive.

It is a placement that can suggest relationships that need care. However, it may also indicate that the person is more likely to feel hurt or rejected when in a relationship. You may not feel attractive, or, on the contrary, be appreciated only for its beauty.

You may also have been given facilities that later hurt your ability to fight for what you think is right. For individuals with Chiron in Libra, creating a solid foundation can help them cope with their sensitivity.

They are also more likely to be trapped in a codependent relationship, or with other unbalanced characteristics. Because of bad experiences, they tend to harbor a thought that every relationship will go wrong.

It can be a great relief to realize that you do not necessarily need someone, who can be complete on their own. Perhaps you will gain more balance by learning this lesson and feel more energized in maintaining healthy and harmonious relationships.

Bad Traits

People with Chiron in the seventh field are basically big competitors, but they are not aware of it, so they encourage conflict, and unknowingly provoke others to distract from their internal pressure. Not infrequently the reverse is also possible.

They are actually scared of these persons by these qualities and disgusted by those who have them. They have a need to accept the fact that they are not what everyone likes, and that being friends will not make them bad people.

And they need to know that their individuality will neither disappear nor survive, whether others like it or not.

Chiron in Libra – General Info

With this location, relationships are of paramount importance, and here we will find Chiron in all its facets. It is likely that many times we get into the fire, as far as relationships are concerned, and we burn.

This situation is often a repetition of our initial relationship with the parent of the opposite sex, and can lead us to believe that relationships are dangerous and it is better to avoid them, or at least address them well prepared for battle.

This can lead to suffering, loneliness and defensiveness, as long as we have not recognized the origin of this pattern.

The environment of our childhood may have been characterized by destructive relationships, or perhaps by the lack of relationship, and by having to maintain a mask of courtesy, as a screen to hide the hostility, the desire for revenge or the competitiveness that burned within us.

We may have learned to please everyone, to be everything that others need, to smooth out possible conflicts.

It is likely that our emotional reactions to others have more to do with what goes on within ourselves than with what they can do or say.

We may have difficulties in relationships, in which it seems that others are fighting with us: they are really struggling not to be the image we project on them.

With Chiron here we can suffer both from having to live undesirable periods of loneliness and isolation, and from maintaining relationships that harm us, until the day we feel we can no longer; then we close the heart and sing and isolate ourselves from the people.

But this withdrawal can also have a creative dimension, if the native uses that space of solitude to study thoroughly, reflect and discover what is really happening to him.

We have to come to accept the fact that if we are authentic to ourselves and show ourselves as we really are, we will not like everyone, but the relationships we have then will be authentic and consistent with our true way of Be and feel

We cannot put our self-esteem in the hands of others, wishing everyone to like us, but to be faithful to our essence and to like ourselves. We must also learn that having enemies, for not doing what others want, does not mean that one is a bad person.

They are often afraid of expressing their own negative feelings (anger, anger, anger, etc.), which can then accumulate within them until they erupt in violent scenes of reciprocal accusations.

Positively, this location confers the gift of being in contact with both the human and the archetypal level of relationships.

You feel a deep distrust to link with another significant. There is a wound in self-esteem that has to feel that you are not pleasant enough or physically beautiful for others.

To heal, it is important that you learn to trust, to be balanced in all your relationships, starting by analyzing the relationship you have with yourself, because the rest are only a reflection of your inner state.


With Chiron in Libra there is an internal need to build balanced and harmonious relationships. To do this, one needs to pursue Libra’s potential to deal diplomatically and harmoniously with everyone. Even personal conflicts can eventually become positive.

One of the lessons that can be learned from this combination is that conflict can lead to greater intimacy with the person, which is good for the relationship. And a healthy relationship helps heal everything in some way.

Perhaps the individual strives for balance or justice too quickly and this will sabotage his success in these matters.

He must restrain his impulses to achieve all that the Libran balance means. The solution may involve better communication, more harmonious relationships, and the use of Libra logic and common sense.


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