Scorpio Sun Libra Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Astrology and all aspects that it presumes (the impact of planets, luminaries, and everything in between) can be a good choice for everyone who wants to discover something about his life, and this even applies to those who possess some level of skepticism.

In a case of such a person, the Astrology may be a good idea for expanding his views.

Everyone can find information that can change their lives, and you do not have to be a believer to see the value and the symbolical trustworthiness of astrology. It has it, and even if you can include imagination in the process of learning about the Zodiac signs, some things are given.

Today we are focusing our attention on just one aspect of Astrology, that, as many say is the most interesting and influential aspect of the natal chart -the luminaries (the Sun and Moon).

In this case, they are located in the signs Scorpio and Libra, and by the end of this piece (at the moment you reach the part that we call the Summary) you will learn so much about this person.

Good Traits

This is the person who always struggles with the impulses of his subconsciousness, and he can be successful only if he ultimately rebounds against these impulses.

He must master so many things in life, and one of them is mastering his phobias, so that he can reach self-knowledge and enjoy a sort of lucid happiness, somewhat naively, but inclined to the development of a personal philosophy of life. If he achieves this, and he has every opportunity to do so, it will bring him an active elasticity of character in conflict with difficulties.

So, a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Scorpio and Libra sign can succeed in overcoming his problems, and he can hope to extract great things from himself. And he usually does.

In some deeper introspective, we can say that this person always tries to balance things mentally and emotionally (the Moon that is located in the Libra sign).

But, when he really wants something, he is decisive and able to make things go to the end. He is strong, and in that sense, he is able to conquer, show the skills he has, and make some concessions to make it easier to impose his hidden wishes (the impact that comes from the Sun in the Scorpio).

Also, he instinctively knows how to present himself in the best light and, although he is ambitious, and not ready to break his principles to achieve his goals.

Bad Traits

Here the biggest problem lies in the fact that the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Scorpio and Libra find very difficult to hesitate to use stronger means when they are necessary.

Something in him that is stronger than good intentions and reassuring desires makes him turn away on the other side that can be darker than it should be, so this also the constant struggle that is even worse because the Moon in Libra want that he is more balanced in life, and he just cannot make it sometimes. What makes this even more problematic is the fact that he cannot stop if he sees that his methods are not working, but he pushes even harder.

This is the person who often struggles to adapt to his way of life and all of this is what complicates the situation, even more, is that he gives the extravagant effort, hoping that it will lead him to the perfection that he strives for in pursuit of complete harmony.

He is under many challenges in this way, and he throws himself so passionately in them that he makes an even bigger mess that often hinders its development.

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon in Love

On the one hand, when we are talking about love relations in the life of a person who has luminaries located in the Scorpio and Libra connection may lack strength and aggressiveness, but on the other, he can become very wild when he falls in love.

In this way, you never know what you expect from this human being, cause in everyday life, as well as in feelings, there can be great disharmony.

We are talking about the expressed passion that can craft an awkward fate (when it comes to the emotions) and greatly alter the life circumstances – this can affect other areas of his life.

However, the conflict can lead to the realisation of other aspirations, because such person carries and develops the enormous abilities that direct as much too practical as spiritual goals.

So for these two goals to be fulfilled he needs to find a person who can help him achieve both, the task that is not very easy, but it is not impossible.

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon in a Relationship

It’s as if this person has to either want to be different from others, but still wants to be constantly noticed, and loved to the core. The virtue of this person lies in his exceptional perceptiveness, but also humanity -this person wants to cooperate, help, etc. And the major benefits will have his lover, and he will gain all of this if he only shows the deep emotions.

What also makes this person different from the rest of the Scorpio world is the fact that this one with the Moon in Libra sign enjoys being in the company of others, he is kind enough to impose himself, and to be a little in the centre of attention, he can love celebrations, and is surprisingly very cheerful.

However, with a diplomatic way, he often changes plans quickly; he likes to be chosen in society, to have more significant freedom than his lovers, although he often encounters unusual emotional situations. In the first place, the Sun in the Scorpio is the aspect that directs his behavior toward possessiveness and jealousy.

He strives for reputation and material security in his relationships and this sometimes coincides with emotional desires; he can become more conservative as time passes, and he even becomes inclined to idealism.

This person simply does not hold the place emotionally, and he needs a person who will constantly motivate, understand, and give him freedom and leisure.

Best Match for Scorpio Sun Libra Moon

There is no doubt that this is the person who loves to live a comfortable life, and he needs a lover who will be ready to work hard to have this life, and in a way, they can be a perfect match.

He does not love to be in strict or limited circumstances, but he may put his lovers in such position; so he will certainly pay much attention to his personal appearance and can be very convincing when he likes it.

He is the best match for active people and persons who will motivate him, but he often has little problem finding harmony in love, especially marital relationships.

So, who can be the perfect lover that will be compatible with this Scorpio with the Moon in Libra sign?

Maybe the Virgo lover? If you look at things, realistically these two can be very compatible and perfectly agree with one another.

The Virgo lover has little passion for a powerful Scorpio, but here enters the Moon in Libra – he is able to be persistent and will ask the Virgo lover to wake up. This relationship is primarily friendly, and then it can go in a deep and meaningful love; they need to learn to compromise.

Without it, this love story will remain just a friendly or even platonic relation, and this is indeed not something that will please both lovers in the long run.

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon as a Friend

As a friend, this person is much stronger and more efficient than some other people; he is an experienced diplomat who has a peace of mind, and a strong sense of justice, and the development of relationships with other people.

He will tell you the truth, he will try to provide you with the good advice and because of this trait, and he is loved among his small circle of close people. In that circle, he is the one that speaks and acts as he seems to want to give an example.

To really get something done, he is the type of person who truly needs a partnership, and he often can find this support among his closest friends.

He has an extraordinary sense of understanding reality, and maybe we can say that he is a much better friend to others than to himself.


It is not easy, to sum up, the story about the complex person like in the case of the one who has Sun and Moon in Scorpio and Libra sign, but we will try to do it.

He is one very loyal human being, and despite all of his flaws, he is able to have long-lasting emotional connections in his life. Of course, as we have said in the previous sections, he needs to learn the art of open communication and compromise if he wants to maintain those relations.

Although at first glance this combination carries an interesting personality that feels pleasant to the first contact, it is however very difficult for this person to find meaning, in the right way of life – he often chooses some darker way (the Sun in the Scorpio).

Because of this, often there can be many problems at the social level, and the person himself seems to have a lot of unresolved personal levels in front of him, in order to feel “comfortable in his skin”.


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