Dreams About Broken Glass – Interpretation and Meaning

Interpreting dreams is not easy. This practice is known for centuries, and obsession with dream analysis has been present for a long period of time. I our dreams we encounter different situations, signs and even characters.

There are many articles explaining every single sign, we can possibly dream, and every one of those signs has a meaning.

Some of them are good, and others not so much.

In this article we will be discovering a secret meaning of glass in our dreams.

Dreaming about glass

If you had a dream about glass, you’ve probably wondered about it’s meaning. Perhaps this is a dream that has repeated itself for a few times, and you have remembered it clearly.

Dreaming about glass can have a lot of different meanings. It all depends on the situation in which the glass has been presented throughout your dream, and also in which form it was presented.

Most common meanings of glass in dreams, are protection and passive life.

Glass is used as a some sort of boundary that you have set up around you, and if the glass you are looking through or that is around you is not clean, then this means you are seeing things the wrong way.

Drinking from the glass, on the other hand, is a good sign.

If you are eating glass in your dreams, then you might be exposed to certain dangers and you know it.

Maybe you have troubles expressing yourself, and saying what you really mean, or your words don’t seem to be used in the right way.

Dreaming about glass house in your dream, means you are being exposed or you are feeling that way.

Your reputation might also be in risk, and perhaps you should not criticize people and speak badly about someone.

Dreams about glass shoes represent your inner transformation and dreams about glassblowers represent the effect you have on other people.

Hourglass represents time that is slowly going away, and warning you to speed up your pace.

This dream can also represent changes, just like hourglass gets turned around, your life might be too.

Wine glasses are a good sign. They will bring you good luck, and they could also be a sign of upcoming pregnancy very soon.

Symbology of broken glass

Broken glass dreams are mostly related to breaking some sort of rules and maybe limitations you have been experiencing lately.

Maybe you have felt cornered in your life, without a way out, and dreaming about braking glass could mean you are finally going to be free.

If you keep your emotion inside, and you don’t really express them, then dreaming about braking glass means you are going to overcome those emotions, or perhaps get that big stone of your heart.

You will finally see the bigger picture, and feel like you are ready to move on.

If you see glass in your dream that has been broken, then this represents some sort of expectations you had that didn’t come true, or expectations that won’t come to reality.

Broken glasses in your dreams represent your unability to see things as they are.

You probably have a false vision of certain events or maybe a wrong impression about certain people around you.

Broken glass in any form mostly represents some sort of bad sign.

Maybe your relationship is on the verge of breaking or you have some other relationships and friendships that are on glass legs, so to say.

Connected to glass, we have dreams about broken mirrors. This is known for a very long time, as a sign of bad luck, or seven years to be exact.

If you see a mirror in your dream that is cracked or maybe broken, this means you have a wrong vision of yourself.

Maybe you need to change yourself and get rid of some old habits.

Overall, dreaming about broken glass is not a good sign. Just like in life, when we break things it is usually not on purpose, and nothing beneficial comes from this action.

You should be careful, and try to make your bonds with people a little bit stronger, and perhaps prepare youself for the unpleasent outcome.

So broken glass in our dreams, is the bearer of bad news.


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