Dreams About Gorillas – Interpretation and Meaning

Gorillas are wild animals that fall into the family of apes. They are large animals that are usually represented as strong and sometimes even vicious.

Dreaming about a gorilla can have an important meaning, especially if we take symbolism of this animal into consideration. We will present few examples of dreams about gorillas and their secret, hidden meaning.

Dream about a friendly gorilla

If you had a dream about a gorilla that is friendly and calm, then this dream means you are going to meet someone new and exciting. This person will probably become a close friend and you are going to share a lot of nice moments with him or her.

This person could even have a strong influence on your life later on, so keep your heart open for new and interesting people.

Dream about an angry gorilla

Contrary to the above meaning, if the gorilla in your dream was angry and wild, then this means you are going to have a misunderstanding with someone. This person could be anyone, a family member or a co-worker, and the problem will be bad communication.

Information you will try to pass on to someone will end up being misunderstood and you won’t be able to pass on your thoughts to the other person. Try to keep the situation calm and don’t say things you are going to regret later on.

Dream about being chased by a gorilla

If you were running away from a gorilla in your dream, then this means you are feeling suppressed by someone or something. You can’t seem to break free out of your shelve and this is causing you to be stressed out.

Try fixing your problems by facing them or simply figure out what is causing all of your problems.

This way you will be able to focus on things that are important in order to solve your issues.

Dream about several gorillas

If there were several gorillas around you, in your dream, then this could mean that you are surrounded by people who don’t like you.

This usually refers to co-workers and a hostile environment that might be present in your life.

Perhaps you had problems with these people before, or they simply don’t like you and envy you on your success.

Be careful around them because you can never know when they might cause more trouble in your life or when they might try to sabotage you in a certain way.

Keep all of the important information to yourself and don’t let them get through to you.

Dream about a dead gorilla

If a gorilla in your dream was dead, then this means you are going to profit or benefit from your job or something you have done recently.

Perhaps your investments are finally going to pay off or you are going to see the products of your work come to life.

Your enemies won’t be able to hurt you or sabotage your plans, so you can be calm and enjoy all of the effort you put into your plans.

Dream about feeding a gorilla

If you were feeding a gorilla in your dream, then this means you might become a victim of someone’s desire to destroy you.

Perhaps your secrets are going to get revealed or something else about you that might ruin your reputation.

Be careful around certain people in your life because they might be the problem.

Keep everything that is personal, to yourself, because you never know when someone might use a certain information to their advantage and your damage.

Dream about a gorilla if you are a woman

If you area woman who has had this dream, then the meaning of the dream is that you are going to meet someone who could become an important part of your life.

This new partner will be everything you ever wanted, and more, and all of your dreams about true love could finally come true.

Keep your heart open for new opportunities and don’t let this once in a lifetime chance to slip away.

Dream about a gorilla on a tree

If a gorilla in your dream was on a tree, then this means you going to be humiliated by something or someone. Some of your “dirty laundry” might get revealed in the most unpleasant way possible.

To save your reputation, stay away from people who look suspicious to you or ones who have hurt you before in the past.

Their intentions might be serious and their will to destroy your respect, even stronger.

Dream about killing a gorilla

If you killed a gorilla in your dream, then this dream represents that you are going to be able to overcome all obstacles in your career. All of your business projects have a good chance for success, so you shouldn’t be worried about anything.

This dream is also a positive sign for your personal life, because situation will also be very positive. Things will be looking very good for you, so don’t waste time and make the best out of this.

Dream about a gorilla in a cage

If a gorilla in your dream was in a cage, then this dream represents a possible danger you might get into. You might get into trouble because of your curious nature and you could get involved into something that could only bring you harm.

Stay away from things that are not related to you personally, because you might end up harming yourself and not helping anyone in the process.

Dream about being bitten by a gorilla

If you got bitten by a gorilla in your dream, then this means you might fall in love with someone who is not right for you. This person could be too young or too old for you, or simply wrong because of another reason.

You should definitely pass on this opportunity and focus on someone else. Even though it seems like a good idea now, in the end you might end up getting hurt or you might end up hurting that person.


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