Dreams About Bathrooms – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams are fascinating. They can be scary and pleasant, often mysterious and intriguing.

Interpreting dreams in a good way may help you learn  lot about yourself, no matter of your general opinion of dreams.

House related dreams are particularly interesting and could tell a lot about individual characteristics of a person.

The way the house rooms are seen in your dreams could reveal a lot about your personal traits, your experiences and even offer you some life path guidelines.

Try to recall the overall sense of a particular room you’ve dreamed about or the house or flat in general.

Dreams about specific rooms may suggest you should deal with a specific situation in your wakeful life, the one that could be associated with the real purpose of the room itself.

The ‘anatomy’ of the house could be associated with the anatomy of your mind.

Dreams about a certain room may represent an exact issue you’re facing in the waking life.

For example, the bedroom is associated with privacy, so dreaming about bedroom may symbolize you about to share some of your intimacy with other people.

Dreaming about bathroom

Bathroom is particularly specific room to be seen in dreams.

It is not so difficult to interpret, knowing the bathroom is a place you go to cleanse yourself, to eliminate waste from your body, to deal with both unpleasant and usual, but intimate things.

The first interpretation of seeing a bathroom or going to bathroom in your dream is that it represents some inner struggle with emotions you need to let go and relieve yourself of.

It could make you more aware of the inner need to cleanse yourself emotionally.

If you dream you’re in effortless and stressful search for a bathroom, but you are unable to find it, it means you’re dealing with serious emotional burden and difficulties to openly express your feelings.

This sort of dream represents your suppressed and unconscious needs to express yourself and get relieved of tension in real life.

Interpretations of specific bathroom related dreams

Since bathroom is always related to intimacy in privacy, dreaming about the lack of privacy in the bathroom or, even worse, public restroom, reflects your general dissatisfaction with your current daily privacy situation.

You maybe need more privacy, or you neglect your own needs over other’s people’s desires.

It may also suggest you constantly suppress ourselves of letting go some old habits or emotions, because you lack self-confidence and are afraid of others opinions and judgment.

If you dream you’ve entered a public toilet intended for the opposite, it may represent your transition over boundaries in your real life.

Some would interpret this dream as a sign you’ve crossed the line in some situations, in a negative way, but it may also mean you’ve entered a new and a challenging part of your life or you’ve achieved the more you’ve imagined.

If you dream about a dirty bathroom or clogged toilet, it often resembles your general difficulties to deal with negative emotions, situations and people in your life.

It means you struggle to resolve, eliminate or let go negative things in your life, out of fear and insecurity, in the first place.

On the other hand, overflowing toilet is a very expressive symbol of your emotional outburst or the sense you can’t handle the emotional burden anymore.

Dreaming about bathroom sink and bathtub is associated with a real need to purify or relieve yourself psychologically and emotionally.

It may mean you have to literally wash yourself of bad habits and thoughts. If there is no water or other needed resources, it clearly represent you still deal with those issues.

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