Dreams About Cats – Intrpretation and Meaning

Dreams about cats are not that unusal, especially if you are a cat owner. You see cats around you and your brain simply includes them into your dreams just like everything else that surrounds you. Cats have a very long history in symbolism.

They are often portrayed on ancient books, wall art and in ancient architecture. Cats are sometimes seen as carriers of good luck, but they can also be portrayed as signs of bad luck for everyone who sees them in dreams and real life.

Dreams about cats can have different meanings, depending on the situation you are dreaming of. We will list some of the most common “cat dreams” and also we will teach you a little more about cat symbolism in history.

Dream about a sleeping or purring cat

Cats are not very active animals (usually) and they are often sleeping or lying down in real life. this is why it is not unusual to have a dream about a sleeping cat.

This dream represents that you are in a very positive period in your life and that you feel peaceful and happy in this stage of your life.

Having a purring cat next to you or in your lap is also a very positive dream to have. This means that you are very happy and that you are making good decisions in your life or within your family. You might have just been through something hard and energy exhausting and now that it is over you can finally feel at peace with yourself.

Dream about a cat that wants to be petted

This dream is also a very common one, since cats often do this in real life. They creep around our feet and demand love and attention from us. This dream is positive because it represents you and the other people around you, meaning that you probably give other people your loyalty and your love and that they appreciate this in you.

They see a good friend, partner or family member in you and the cat in your dream actually represents those people and their needs that they want you to fulfill.

Dream about an angry or aggressive cat

Now, we often don’t see cats as angry and aggressive. They are usually sleeping or purring, or simply running away from us, if they are scared. But seeing an aggressive cat in your dream, unlike these two I mentioned above, has a negative connotation.

This dream usually means that you will have some negative experiences in your real life. If a cat wants to scratch you and attack you, then you might experience an unfriendly meeting with someone or you might have a bad communication with someone.

This dream represents fighting in sense of misunderstanding and bad communication overall. You might even feel hurt by someone’s words or actions that will leave you feeling very sad and wounded. If the cat in your dream is very cautious around you and she doesn’t trust you, then this means that the amount of negativity will be even worse.

Being scratched by a cat in a dream means that you will feel emotionally wounded in reality by someone who is close to you like your partner or loved one.

Dream about a cat that is running away from you

This dream is very interesting. It definitely doesn’t represent something bad. This dream usually means that you feel trapped in your current position in life and that you have a need to cut lose and run away from everything.

This might mean that you feel like you are too restricted on your job position, in your relationship or in any other form you feel like you need to be more independent and free. Even though cats might seem attached to us, they are in fact very independent and self-reliable animals.

They are able to live on their own and feed themselves from the prey they catch. Since they are predators, this means that they are higher up on the food chain and that they are very capable animals. This is why you might have a dream about a cat that is running away, in that moment in your life when you feel trapped and ready to go out into the world by yourself.

When it comes to your love life, you might be feeling a need to leave the romantic relationship that you are in and that this current relationship is not fulfilling your expectations.

Cat that is running away can also represent a need to confront somebody, if they are trying to put some kind of restriction on your behavior or they are trying to make you do something you don’t feel like doing. This represents a rebellion against every kind of repression and feeling that you are having in reality reflect on your dreams in this form.

Dream about a sick or poisoned cat

This dream represents negative feelings you might be having towards someone you know or someone who is close to you. This means that you are feeling insecurity about their feelings and that you might be suspicious about their behavior.

This doesn’t have to be applied to romantic relationships. This dream can also be a representation of your feelings towards a family member or someone else who is close to you. Maybe you feel like someone is not behaving the way it should be and that they are not giving you enough respect.

This dream can also be reflecting your own consciousness in a sense that you might feel like you have done something wrong and that you feel guilty about doing it. Our consciousness is something that we can’t run away from, so it is not unusual for it to follow us in our dreams as well.

Dream about a dead cat

Dead cat in a dream represents a dead relationship in reality. You might have just gone out of a bad relationship or maybe you’ve just gone through divorce. Feelings that often surround these situations are heavy on our soul and it is nothing unusual to express them in our dreams in a form of death.

Dead cat in a dream can also represent a something else that has happened in your life that was bad and unproductive. You might feel bad about something that has happened in your family or to someone else close to you.

All in all, death of a cat in a dream means that you feel deep sorrow and burden on your soul that has been caused by a great misfortune you experienced recently.

Dream about a kitten

There is no better way to brighten up this dream interpretation than with a dream interpretation of a kitten. Even if you are not a cat person, you probably can’t resist those small balls of fur when you see them in pictures or in real life.

They are adorable, and if you ever had a dream about a kitten then this means that you might be feeling a need for self-development and independence. They represent purity and innocence in its best form, so if you had a dream where you saw a kitten then this means that you are probably feeling a need to cut lose and feel more independent and free.

Dream about a cat in danger

Dreams where a cat is in danger and you need to rescue it represent your need to feel in power again and feel like have control over your life. Even though the main purpose is to help another living being, there is no doubt that helping others makes another human being feel powerful and like they have done something that even they thought they could not do.

Dreams about a black cat

Black cats usually represent something bad, especially for those who are superstitious. They have often been connected to black magic and witches, so poor guys can’t catch a break in real life. black cats are not in any way different from other cats, but influenced by superstition some might see this as a bad symbol in their dreams.

Dream about a black cat represents that you are afraid to use your inner voice and intuition in real life situations and that you feel like you need to rely more on yourself and nobody else. So, if you had a dream about a black cat, simply relax and try to listen more to yourself and less to others in certain life situations.

Dreams about a white cat

So, if black cats are not negative are then the white ones? The answer is, kind of yes. Dreams about a white cat represent some difficulties you might experience in the near future. This means that you will be hurt by someone or something and that this situation won’t be easy on you.

Dreams about playing cats

This dream is also common since cats love to play in real life. if you see cats playing in your dream then this means you might need to loosen up a little and go on a trip or get into a class to spice your life a little bit.

Overall, this dream represents something positive but also something you might need to work on to achieve.

Dreams about identical cats

Dreams about two cats that look exactly the same represents that you feel like you need to have more balance in your life. Perhaps you are torn up by something in your life, or simply your obligations leave you feeling torn in two sides.

Dream about several cats in one place

Dreams where you see a lot of cats roaming around you or simply in a large group, then this dream represents that you are out of focus and that you feel overwhelmed in your life. This is when you need to slow down a little and organize yourself better so that you can stop feeling lost and all over the place.

Dream about a litter box

Now, this dream is not really about cats but it is connected to them. Dream about a litter box represents that you are feeling ashamed because of something that you did or because of something that has happened to you.

These dreams are not very common and there are other symbols that are more often in our dreams that have the same interpretation, but in case you have a dream about the litter box this is the real meaning.


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