Aries Sun Capricorn Moon – Personality, Compatibility

In the context of the natal chart of one person and its analyses, the aspects of the position of the Sun and the Moon are a further continuation of the story of development in someone’s life, as they can show the degree of consciousness of the person himself, and how much he will pay attention to his development in general.

It is necessary to nourish the needs of the Sun and the Moon at the same time, in order to give the person the chance to meet himself either through purpose or through emotions and ratio at the same time.

If the Sun and the Moon are not seen as an aspect or sign, a person can focus on the activities of the Moon so that through these activities they can reach their purpose or the Sun.

So, as you can see both Sun and Moon are connected in the horoscope and like everything in nature, these two cannot go one without the other. One influences another, and without one there would not be the other.

In today’s case, we are looking into the world of the person who has the Sun located in the Aries Zodiac sign, and the Moon positioned in the Capricorn sign. We will try to reveal what this means when seen in the personal character and how it reflects all areas of his life.

Good Traits

This person is sometimes seen as provocative or controversial (or confusing maybe), in other times she can be seen as shy or withdrawn, and this is not a game, he is a genuinely puzzling person for some. It puzzles its environment with contradictory behavior: a human being who has the Sun located in the Aries and the Moon located in the Capricorn is carefree, impulsive; he radiates deep feelings and warmth.

But at the same time, inside of him, there is something else, that “sleeps” for some time, and that awakens at a particular moment. When necessary this human is reserved and cold observer who will resolve any problem that he faces. We are not saying that one side is negative and the other is positive, and we are just speaking about the complexity of this character.

He successfully removes fierce passions and cold thoughts, expressing oneself and withdrawing into shyness, but this has no relevance since his main task is the quest for a stable life.

The most amazing trait in this human is his ability to defeat his inner conflicts since he is not inclined to dream; he is in fact, the brave fighter.

He loves things in life that are meaningful, and when he realises his ambitions, he is most happy and content. But the most amazing quality is the fact, that he is able to live his life as intensely as possible. The human who has Sun in the Aries and the Moon in the Capricorn sign builds his present as the function of the future that he is yet to create, whether he is a career or his development in personal life.

Bad Traits

Some people would say that he is overly dignified, patient and persistent, but he can be overly unilateral, almost overly disciplined so that you can act in a reserved and cold manner. This is not a good choice since this person is longing to be loved in an open way, and inside of him, there is a passion and strength. People often misjudge him, and he does a little to prove that they are wrong.

He is passive and dignified in this way, and he feels like he does not need to explain himself to others, and this is not a good thing, because the person who loses in the end, is him.

The person, who has the Sun located in the Aries sign and the Moon in the Capricorn sign, is, as you might expect, a person who is stubborn to the level of insanity, and he will harm even himself, but he will be stick to his views and beliefs.

Aries Sun Capricorn Moon in Love

In interpersonal relationships, when this person wants to achieve a friendly or loving relationship, he must be familiar with every possible fact that is connected to the person he likes. When it comes to interpersonal relations, there is often a pronounced fear in him, that he will leave the wrong impression of the existence of a desire for a certain distance from others. In many situations connected to love, this individual can be withdrawn, closed, and reserved, but deep inside there is a loving soul that wants to be taken care of.

From love, the human who has Sun located in Aries and Moon in the Capricorn has great expectations; and he hopes for the best and is rarely satisfied with minor successes in life, and love, but he strives towards achieving such plans that he considers to be true values, a high-quality long and patient waiting. If necessary, he will wait for true love almost the entire life, and in this sense, this person has no doubts. Because you need to understand one thing – he is not the one that will set for less than he thinks he deserves.

Aries Sun Capricorn Moon in a Relationship

This human being is not overly popular in his environment, and even if he has a lot to offer in love, he seems cold and distant, and not so many people will try to be his lover. And in another way, he is not the one that is interested in just any lover.

So, in short, he is not overly favored; but there is one more thing needs to be said – the human who has Sun located in Aries and Moon in the Capricorn has, in some way, suppressed sensitivity that can be opened only after some time, after he feels comfortable and relaxed after a while. This human needs support in life so that he can become more open toward life, and that support will be best offered by the true lover who will understand him.

When it comes to love, here we can meet with a person who knows how to control his emotions and which in many situations leaves the impression of an unattainable person, and his lover must meet certain conditions before they enter in a love relationship. But when he does, all the passion and energy that he has (the impact that comes from Aries sign) come on the surface.

Best Match for Aries Sun Capricorn Moon

In love relationships, he usually does not have an adventurous spirit, but rather decides for a long-term love affair with the setting of clear demands for permanent commitment. A person who, in time, “opens up his soul” must fulfill the highest criteria and must fulfill all of his requirements. Who will be that person that is able to meet all of these criteria?

The perfect lover could be found in the Libra Zodiac sign – the human being who has Sun located in Aries and Moon in Capricorn sign has a temperamental nature, it is impatient and wants everything now, and in other time he can be cold and distant.

That’s why, for a partner, he gets a person who can match the energy, both passionate and cold. The Libra lover is usually a diplomat, and he does nothing briskly, is tolerant and calm and very intelligent.

Since the Libra represents harmony, these two lovers could truly have it in love; and they will do some intellectual or creative work, and last for a long time.

Aries Sun Capricorn Moon as a Friend

Sometimes in friendships, this person can act as if he does not show enough empathy for the problems of his close friends; and even worse, this human can give the impression of an unachievable and emotionally cold person.

But, as we have said before, he is not like that, he can be a warm and loving person who highly appreciates and respects traditional values. The family and a clearly defined love relationship, including those with his friends through respect for marital duties, often occupies a central place in the life of this individual.

He feels the best when he is surrounded by his friends and when he achieves for preserving stability and harmony in his life. Friend could be this stability for this human being who desperately needs support in life, so for him, it is necessary to have at least one or two close companions.


In some ways the personality of this person conflicts, in his character, there is a bit of a conflict between fire and ice – he receives the fiery part from the Aries and the cold aspect from the Capricorn.

He is at the same time the passionate, extrovert person who devours the need to work a human who loves to risk and have many adventures, and in other times he will be cold, shy, and prone to melancholy.

In this person, there is a small war, and he has to go in the battle all times, he is aware of problems and suffers if he fails to solve them. At the same time, he is emotional, and sometimes he hesitates to relax in fear of being lost even more.

Often a person who has Sun in the Aries sign and the Moon in Capricorn sign has to confront the true spiritual storm, burning with desire and tormented by a deep cold that prevents his passions from becoming a reality. But he is never lost; he has his own way, and the ways to achieve his goals.


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