Dream About Heights – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about heights are not unusal. Probably all of us experienced this dream once in our lifetime and wondered about the secret meaning behind it.

Dreams about heights can have different meanings and they are not always bad.

Dream about heights in general

Dreams about heights are interesting because they can reveal our secret desires and wishes. If you had a dream about heights in general you might be aiming high in life and desiring to achieve great things.

You are not someone who is satisfied with small or average things, and that kind of life doesn’t excite you. Instead, you desire greatness in all forms. Whether this greatness is linked to your career, to your personal life or something else, you are always aiming to achieve it. This characteristic is actually a trait because it helps you to make your dreams come true in real life.

Alternatively, dreams about heights can also be interpreted in a negative way. Maybe you are highly overestimating yourself, which is interpreted by others as arrogance. If this is the case, then this kind of behavior won’t get you very far in life. Instead of treating yourself like you are better than everybody else, try paying more attention to the needs of others around you.

Dream about falling from a great height

Falling of a great height can be terrifying, and even if you are not afraid of heights your heart is bound to speed up when you have this kind of dream. Falling of a great height in your dream is a representation of illness that is about to grab you. Perhaps your health wasn’t very strong recently, and you ignored all of the signs of your body. This is why you are going to feel weaker than ever and you won’t be prepared for what is coming.

This dream could also represent someone else’s illness. This person is someone very close and dear to who is about to embark on a very difficult journey. This dream warns you about taking care of this person and being there for her until this difficult period passes. If you do so, this person is going to be there for you later on in life.

Dream about standing on great heights

If you were standing somewhere very high above the ground, in your dream, then this dream is a representation of luck and success.

Everything you start in this period is going to be successful and nobody will be able to stop you in this progress.

This is the perfect time to start doing something new and exciting because everything you come up with is going to be very beneficial for you.

You will also have luck when it comes to finances so you don’t need to be scared about investing money at this point.

Dream about being afraid of heights

If you had that bad feeling in your stomach and you were afraid of heights, then this dream represents an event that is going to surprise you very much. This event will be something unexpected, like a pregnancy or a new job offer.

Change is something you have wanting for a while so this event will come to you in perfect time. Don’t hesitate to make the best of everything that comes, even though it might not seem like something positive in the beginning. When you realize the endless possibilities that you have received, your life will change from the roots.

Dream about someone else being afraid of heights

If you had a dream about somebody else being afraid of heights, then this dream indicates that this person is in big trouble and you are aware of it. Maybe this is one of your family members, who needs help overcoming something difficult in their life or even your friend or your partner.

This person is somebody very dear to you, which makes this situation even worse for you. Try being there for this person and let her know that they have your endless support. Sometimes the best thing we can do to help is to offer our understanding.

Dream about standing with someone on great heights

If you were standing with someone on great heights, in your dream, then this dream represents your love for this person. This person could be your parent or your friend and you feel an endless amount of respect and devotion towards them.

Heights in this dream are a representation of your feelings and emotions. Being with this person makes you feel like you are on top of the world and this is clearly represented in your dream.

Dream about falling of great heights with somebody

If you were falling of great heights with somebody, then this dream is a representation of your fear of losing someone you love.

Perhaps this is your partner and you constantly feel like you might end up losing him or her forever.

This thought gives you chills and you don’t know what you would do if something was to happen to this person.

Sometimes our dreams are only representations of something that we are afraid of but it doesn’t mean it will ever happen. So, enjoy your time with this person and don’t think about negative things.

Dream about flying in great heights

If you were flying in great heights, then this dream represents your ambitions. You are a very self-confident person who is aware of her goals. You always know how to act in every situation and you are a very collected person.

Your goals sometimes even surprise others and they might consider you to be overly confident. But, you always know your limitations so they are definitely wrong about you.

Dream about flying with someone in great heights

If you were flying with someone in great heights, then this dream indicates you are deeply in love with this person.

Since there are different kinds of love, this person might even be your friend or your family member.

You feel devotion and respect towards this person and you would do anything for him or her.

You enjoy spending time with this person and seeing your relationship grow from one year to the next one. Cherish this relationship because it might be very important for you later on in life.

Dream about falling from great heights while flying

If your flight was suddenly interrupted by a fall, then this dream represents you fear of failure. You doubt yourself and something you have been working on seems almost impossible to you.

Before you dismiss every chance of success, try concentrating on good things and give it your best shot. Sometimes miracles happen even if we don’t believe in them.


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