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We all know that the Lion is the King of the jungle, and the same comparison goes in the Zodiac, where the sign Leo is considered to be the King of the horoscope. This is one fiery sign, and its ruler is the Sun – they have a similar temperament, and the same case goes in the life of the Leo woman. Her life is the stage, and she is the leading actress.

She is the dominant mistress, whom you must not resist in any way, and she is passionate by nature, she wants to have all the best in life. The Leo woman is very theatrical and original.  Everything in her life needs to be dramatic, but this lady has a good soul. Read more about this interesting woman.

Good Traits

Some people say that the Leo woman is not a woman at all and that she is more a lioness in a true sense of the word. This is a woman who pierces all the barriers, who is brave, fearless and governed by work wherein the end of her road she sees the success and recognition from the society. She is the one that wants to affect her environment, and above all her own life – the Leo woman is the leading lady, and there is nothing that could be changed in that matter.

This Leo woman is a skilled planner of her days and her life in general; she lives in the way that there are no surprises for her. She knows everything she needs to know, and she will stop there until the point where her interest stops; when she needs this woman will know everything she needs for the achievement of her goals. When a Leo woman does not know, she learns what is needed and expresses it in the best way possible.

This Leo lady is the person who really knows to express herself in a very beautiful way and always keeps the ends in her hands. She does not need any support from others, either as help nor assistance, the Leo woman does things in her own way. But this lady gladly searches in others a great source of inspiration, and she will always enjoy and bring emotional stability to them if needed. This makes her an amazing partner and friend, and maybe if others see her as a good worker, they will become better.

But when it comes to the business environment, the Leo woman who will rarely show emotions to her colleagues because she does not like any business rivalry. Also, rarely will there be a very serious relationship with a person who is significantly more successful than she is, but in a good way, she is the one that will inspire others that come into contact with her to be the best they can be.

Bad Traits

Of course, this woman has her bad side, and if that side prevails, the Leo woman can become very heard tempered, arduous, arrogant, selfish, and aggressive, frowning – no one will put up with such “diva”. She can even become very upset when she does not get the attention she expects and can act like a big, spoiled kid who did not get her candy. So immature at times and irritating.

She is often misunderstood and considered a harsh and arrogant person, and people often qualify her as too loud and too open. The problem in understanding this Leo woman comes from her passionate nature and the inability to keep her mouth shut and thinks carefully before doing it.

The Leo woman always watches how she can evolve and advance in life, and career, and in this sense, this lady does not shy away from anything to reach the goal she has set. And we will say that there is nothing wrong with these intentions, but on the other hand, the Leo woman can be, in this process very selfish and too much preoccupied with herself so she will be blind to other people around her who also have their own needs and intentions. She needs to be more aware of this and act accordingly.

Leo Woman in Love

In love, like in life, for the Leo lady, there cannot be any middle; she goes for all or nothing.  The intensity and passion that this remarkable woman manifests in every aspect of her life are the most prominent in her love life.

You will always know whether she loves you or not, and how high is the intensity of her emotions. There is not a lot of philosophy, and you have to trust the Leo woman entirely because her great warm heart would never let her down who she likes – there is never a mistake. When on her list of priority you get high enough, the truth comes from it as quickly as day or night.

She wants her love to be like the fairytale love story that you can see only in books and movies – and since she is so strong-minded with the Leo woman you get the best chance to find and realise your love dream.

Be prepared for the whirlwinds of extreme climbs and deep falls with this fiery character, because the Leo woman is the only woman who knows and acknowledges only great love, the kind that moves the walls from the ground and reaches the stars. A Leo woman will put her love in the centre of her universe, but she will also demand that you do the same, and she will never be satisfied with anything less, so if you are not ready and prepared to go full force ahead, do not even try to contact this lady.

The Leo woman in most cases falls easily in love, and once this happens, she is able to surrender completely. This does not mean that this lady will be satisfied next to anybody, but when it comes to a man who knows and wants to fulfill her fantasies, the Leo woman will surrender completely. But in love, of any kind, this lady can be demanding, and prone to adultery, so her lovers keep an eye on this kitten. She can wander off and find that rush of a new love elsewhere.

She is a suitable lover for all those people who like to be in some temperamental and fiery state, who like to play with fire, but the Leo woman, especially when she is nervous, she can be a little dangerous.

With her, love is a constant search for a little adrenaline, but believes us it is worth it. Believe us; Leo lady is so feminine and passionate that you will never be bored next to her.  She loves her body, her sexual moves and she will not prevent any weight or another irrelevant thing in enjoying passionate sex. There is no reason for her to feel insecure or threatened, and although it may sometimes bring some minor problems, the Leo lover is often an incredible new experience for its partners.

Leo Woman in a Relationship

The Leo lady, when in a relationship, is very loyal to her partner. She expects her partner to be equally committed, unique, independent and strong as an individual. The Leo lady does not seek a protective relationship, but to walk together with her partner. In return, this lady will be loyal, devoted, generous and cordial to her long term lover, and will always show him how much he means to him.

The relationship with a woman born in the sign of Leo will always be fun and filled with the adrenaline because she does not endure routine and will constantly pursue ways to bring some change and drama into common life. But this also means that this lady is not everyone’s cup of tea, cause she needs a lover who will be able to follow her. It’s not always easy to be with her.

She is the one woman that is prone to excessive bonding, but this is always accompanied by too many expectations that not everyone could meet. But in all of this, the Leo woman stays extremely dedicated. In some cases, she may be uninterested or focused on herself and her career or other people in her life, but in a relationship where she deeply loves her partner, she can become subtle and warm Leo that gives her entire soul to her partner and family.

So, the Leo woman knows what she wants, and there is nothing to change her mind. We cannot easily call it stubborn already before a woman of strong will. She cannot be subdued by someone’s rules and needs and will rarely be flexible for the partner’s irresponsible attitude towards time and any lack of respect.

Best Match for Leo Woman

Relationships are a significant aspect of the Leo lives and, although they are full of themselves and seem to be self-sufficient, they always tend to have a partner. They are not those who hide their feelings, and all Leos make them loud and clear. So who can be the best match for this woman?

The best partner will be Aquarius lover, and this is the perfect match in a sense that this is the lover that will never find difficult to listen to the Leo woman intellectual and spiritual dramas and different stages that she goes through. This is the couple that could have amazing and sensual sex, but also a couple that could talk about all topics in the world to the early morning hours. And the good aspect here is that the Aquarius lover could deeply understand the Leo woman’s tantrums and give her the attitude that she needs.

Another lover that could be good for the Leo woman can be Aries partner to whom this lady does not have to explain much about how she feels. They can spend the quality time together; they are equally ambitious and share tacit understanding along the best friendly support.

In the end, a solid lover for the Leo woman could be a Libra lover – for Leo’s temperament, the Libras diplomatic skills will come in handy.

Leo Woman as a Friend

Characteristic of Leo woman as a friend is her larger than life enthusiasm and warmth of the spirit that she gives to her loved ones. This is one lady that loves to be surrounded by people who are full of energy and enthusiasm, just like she is.

In fact, this woman has a large circle of friends and acquaintances, her phone is filled with contacts, and this is no wonder because the Leo lady is generous and is fun to be around with. She is, in principle, a woman for everything, both a girl and a friend – you can drink with her and party, or you can sit in a fancy restaurant, she can do it both. But the most important part is that the Leo woman will remain faithful to her friends and forgive them their mistakes, even the most serious offence, or a betrayal.

The Leo woman really likes to help, because she is generous and appreciates others gratitude. She has a lot of self-confidence, due to professional satisfaction and money that she desperately wants to have, gives her a sense of power and influence even toward the people that she sees for the first time in her life, she likes to give them whatever they need and want. This kind of behavior never bores her, because she is always gallant and giving friend.

Leo Woman as a Mother

These women are born leaders and organisers, and they probably have some dominant role, if not at work, it is safe in the family where they are the head of the family, and they make decisions, they are asked, commanded, dominated.

The Leo mother is proud, fighting and defiant, and extremely self-conscious and self-confident parent, brave but not prone to risk – she knows where boundaries are in parenting. She will teach her children to be primarily proud, to be fighters and always hold a high-pitched head, no matter what the circumstances can be in their lives.

This mother will instill a sense of her own importance in her children’s lives, as well as the need to be the first and the best in everything, causing admiration everywhere and all the time.

Her children will inherit the creativity and talent of the leader from their Leo mother, as well as the reason to nurture them – this mother is warm and tender, protecting her children like real lions ready to tear anyone who dares to touch them.

Even in the children’s youth, she will train them to be fighters; she will amplify their importance, throwing them into the living arena and make of them a small Leos, but the brave ones who will raise their voice.

The Leo mother will look at her children proudly acknowledges their success with approval, she will be proud of the power they have inherited from her, as well as the diversion in life.

Also, her children will feel the sense of beauty for aesthetics and the need to be at the centre of attention – this will be unconsciously transferred to children from their Leo mother.


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