Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

We can observe our lives in the way that we are the great creators of our own world and this does not exclude the opportunity to include Astrology and knowledge that it carries as one of these potential shaping bands of our own experience – if, for example, Astrology shows us what we are good at, we can use that knowledge for making success in that area.

For some, Astrology is even something that is much more significant than this it may help you even find your true purpose in life, as the most significant task that all of us should focus on in life.

Some of the necessary information we can gain if we look at the specific natal chart and in particular one aspect – the luminaries.

In this case, we are looking into the life of the person who has Sun and Moon, both located in the same sign, and this is sign Scorpio.

Does this mean that this person has a well-rounded character and that he has all the best (and the worst) traits of this watery sign? Read all about this, and make your conclusion.

Good Traits

It’s not easy to get to know the person who has such luminary position and it because in him, a lot of lies hidden under the surface. This is the person who often acts as a very quiet and simple person, and in essence, he is an extremely complicated human being, far more sensitive than he will ever show to the others.

Without a doubt this is the person who has an extremely strong will, he is a little reserved, but above all, he is respectful to others and inclined to look at things in their entirety, to the very bottom.

Some say that this person is the most intense and the most mysterious of all the other Scorpions in the Zodiac (with the different combinations of the Ascendant or Moons location).

The inner life and spiritual meaning of the world have great importance in the life of this individual. What also needs to be said here is that his world is the one in which he is an absolute ruler, and where he is very focused on his inner life.

In him, there is a danger that sleeps in his attitude, but at the same time a closeness that does not prevent a person from confronting real life with incredible energy.

When it comes to his life in general, he is the one that chooses all or nothing. In fact, he likes tricky situations in which he can prove his insight about life in general. What attracts him the most is the power, and what attracts him and excites him is the search for that power.

Bad Traits

When it comes to the downside of having luminaries in the Scorpio, we must say that his passion leads him to the excessive enjoyment in complex situations, and in an almost melodramatic atmosphere, exaggerating in everything – whatever he does it must passionate, loud and dramatic. And it is ok, but not everything should be taken in this direction, some things are better if they stay in the dark, and silence.

Sometimes because of his excessive nature, his life may become the show of absurdity, and when he realised this, he can become very discouraged, and fall into the depression that can last long and be filled with dark thoughts.

Sometimes this person may even dare to do things that others just dream of, and he can be aroused in it the desire to master even the greatest difficulties.

Instinctively this type of Scorpio is very aggressive, but this aggression can harm him much more than others, and his fight is effective and can easily destroy the enemy, but it can also cause his own demolition.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon in Love

The person who has Sun and Moon located in the Scorpio sign is when it comes to the emotional and sensual part of life, the one that is ruled by the strong sexual energy, along with the eroticism.

He is even connected in his passions with dark and bizarre thoughts that can drive him insane, and not many people can deal with such a person.

Even in times when he is in love and feels the strong emotions they are even more enhanced by deep existential anxieties – success in this area of life is so important to him that it can direct all other areas of life.

He lives and loves intensively, actively – for him is the way to fight physical and spiritual weaknesses and the means by which psychologically postpone the last time. For this reason, he may seem like a very quiet and simple person, and in reality, he is a remarkably complex human being, far more sensitive than he shows to people.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon in a Relationship

When in a relationship this is the person who has inexhaustible energy, fruitful actions (he always gets what he wants in life, and love, and will never relax until he gets what he wants), he is productive and hungry of self-assertion.

In a love connection, this person with the luminaries located in the Scorpio sign is particularly inclined to play with the authorities to make it appear superior to them – this means that his goals in love are people who have power, money and status.

He wants to prove that is the worth of them, or even better; or maybe the best interpretation is that he wants to prove that they are worthy of him.

Even when in a serious relationship, this human being remains a prominent individualist who equally strong and loves and hates, and is sometimes obsessed with suspicion and ready to take a sharp, almost irreverent attitude toward his lovers.

Best Match for Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon

His lovers or future lovers must be aware of all of these traits (that we spoke of in the previous sections) if they want to be with this passionate, but a sometimes dangerous person. We say dangerous because he can slips easily from love to hate, and when he hates he does with the same amount of energy and is in this sense, very problematic.

His potential lovers also must be aware of one more fact – his sexuality is extremely expressed in the life of this person; and in this sense, he often attracts members of the opposite sex without too much effort.

The main advice for the one that has Sun and Moon located in the Scorpio is that he must take care of his potentially masochistic behavior in love (in times when he directs his actions toward self-destruction and unresolved conflicts).

The perfect match is found without any second thought in the representative of the Taurus Zodiac sign, and here is why. This is the best possible combinations since the true erotic connection is present, and even better is that these two love birds often manage to agree in all other important areas of life.

They also fit perfectly on the business plan, especially in terms of finance. All of these reasons make this connection something strong that cannot be broken easily.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon as a Friend

As we have said in some of the previous sections, this is the person who loves and hates with the same intensity, and if he loves you, you should consider yourself as one lucky person. He is the friend that will give anything to his friends – love, care, attention, money, time, everything.

So, he is the one that chooses everything or nothing, and there cannot be any middle ground for him.

He shows his greatness as a human being in times that are very difficult in life, wherein tricky situations he can prove to be the best friend that will take the hardest burden instead of his friends.

In the majority of cases, he associates with the people who are powerful and strong just like he is; but in those relations, he must take care of his sarcastic language, which can distract his friends from his side. No one likes when his friends are saying hurtful things, being honest and open is one thing, but to insult others is another.

He is the one friend that will show interest in his friend’s lives by asking many questions, and then he likes to make his judgment and give the best advice that he can.


To sum up, this interesting story that revolves around a person who has luminaries located in the same sign, the Scorpio sign, we must say that the world, in which he lives in, is amazing, passionate and dark at the same time, and only a few chosen people can understand him.

He belongs to the world in which he is the one and the great ruler, and he likes to feel that he is in charge and that he is the creator of his life, and no one else.

He is attracted to the power and all of its forms, even if he can be in some ways very shy and introvert person who is mainly focused on his inner life, and itself, not paying attention to others. Of course, this is just one side of the story, while the other speaks of his warm and passionate heart that ticks for his loved ones, and in relations with them he proves how strong and caring person he actually is.

He must always confront his life with incredible energy and passion, even when unconsciously he stays exclusively in the field of one’s own interests, not others.


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