Ceres in Aquarius

It symbolizes cultivated nature as well as order, method, analysis and health. The map indicates where you need to better organize things and cultivate the best in yourself.

These are some ways you can best apply your abilities as an orderly, clean, healthy, methodical and organized person, avoiding staying in unhealthy attitudes and insisting on overprotective behaviors or sterile criticism that can negatively contribute to your health.

As children of Ceres, the great mother, we have the ability to perceive ourselves as part of the same nature and to be in harmony with everything around us.

This Great Mother who welcomes, cares, and heals is said to be the newest ruler of the Virgo sign, and in Mythology she was also the goddess of fertility, which reminds her that life must be so: fertile and productive.

It is the unreasonable wisdom that comes from nature; it is the ripening of the grain that becomes a tree and gives its fruits to the children; it is the ability to wait until things are ripe for action.

In today’s article we are going to see the secret and hidden meaning of the Ceres in Aquarius and what this planetary position is telling us.

Ceres in Aquarius Man

Freedom is something that you must work very well, especially because if you are one of those who now feels bound in the forms, it will be necessary for you to generate real and forceful changes so that everything begins to flow positively.

Otherwise you will remain anchored to an energy that does not help you grow as you truly want and need for your own well-being.

On the other hand, you need to remember well that working as a team is usually very good.

Ceres in Aquarius Woman

Women who are born under this planetary position can be very picky when it comes to their partners.

They can also be too eccentric for many people’s taste, which often costs them the opportunity to find an ideal partner.

They are also very keen on persevering their ideas and visions of the world, so it can be hard to argue with them about everything. To people who can’t stand too stubborn partners, they are definitely not the ideal ones.

Nutrition comes through friendships and ideas. They may have had a distant childhood which makes their feelings refractory.

The downside of Ceres in Aquarius is the difficulty in contacting intimate relationships. But it will strive for its highest ideals and for humanity and the community.

Nutrition comes through friendships and ideas. You may have had a distant childhood or that is refractory to your feelings.

The downside of Ceres in Aquarius is like difficulties in contact with intimate relationships.

However, we strive for their highest ideals and proliferate in humanity and the community.

Good Traits

Men born under this planetary influence can often be too stubborn and too full of themselves.

Women who can be interesting to them are the ones who can lead a conversation, since they like to first “examine” their potential partner’s minds and then focus on the rest (physical appearance).

If you can lead a good conversation with them and show your originality, then you can definitely win them over.

The person has received a friend-oriented education, a change of mind between friends and a tendency to connect with groups that share the same ideals, usually has problems in intimate relationships and can confuse friendship with relationships.

Love with Ceres in Aquarius there are usually problems in intimate relationships, however it does indicate people who dedicate their lives to humanitarian and altruistic goals

Bad Traits

When it comes to bad traits, people with this planetary position tend to be too eccentric and those around them might not understand them fully.

They tend to feel like others around them are not that exciting and interesting, so to them they can look like as they are too stuck-up or full of themselves.

It can be hard for them to find a perfect partner that is owing to mend to their ideals of love and partnership, but this trait is often harder on them than it is on their partners, since they tend to spend their lives without a partner.

Ceres in Aquarius – General Info

They may have had a distant childhood which makes their feelings refractory.

The downside of Ceres in Aquarius is the difficulty in contacting intimate relationships. But it will strive for its highest ideals and for humanity and the community.

However, the initial education received was probably erratic. When mom is not there when the child is crying, the boy must contain feelings of abandonment.

Eventually the child grows up, starts dating when they really like someone, comes the feeling of “I need you”. That is when the feeling and the desire to flee come. Ceres finds his solace in the stranger, and out of life.

Her home life grew unconventional. You may have been suddenly uprooted and moved often, and got used to chaotic changes.

His parents were a contradictory mixture of intensely emotional and completely detached – arrogant, needy and dramatic in one breath, then absent or carefree in the next.

Her family was an eclectic, shaken mix of divorce, adoption, extramarital affairs, and early family.

However, the initial education you received was probably erratic, and you had no parents when you needed it.

Ceres, that planetoid that is located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, has just transited to Aquarius, a sign ruled by Uranus. Ceres represents the way we are productive.

If the Moon is the Cosmic Mother Ceres it is the Mother Earth, the Pacha Mama of some cultures, Demeter of the Greeks, goddess of nature, fertility and provider of all material blessings.

Now that Ceres is traveling in an Air sign, we get more creative, more abstract and within that set of ideas, something great may be born.

Although the air signs are the most mentally favored with this aspect, Ceres in Aquarius, it will also benefit the economy of Virgo and Capricorn by the angles and triple of the Zodiac.

Taurus and Scorpio must make decisions about the work and professional plans they will take in the following months, it is time to consider new challenges or to continue something that is in standby.

Likewise, for all signs, Ceres in Aquarius teaches us to work as a team, to seek community ends; in the same way, it invites us to take a divergent thought, to be more open to change and to participate in social change reforms.


Ceres is an asteroid and his role in the Natal Chart is very important to understand how we can acquire prosperity and abundance, and to know what nourishes us as a human being.

In this text we will talk about Ceres in the signs.

Asteroids serve as valuable information to complement and enrich map analysis, as they represent archetypal presences acting on the human psyche.

They become more evident when they are conjunct a home planet or at angles.

Ceres is a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

In astrology, it represents the experience of motherhood, not only physical gestation, but the experience of the Great Mother, of the discovery of the body as something precious and valuable that requires much attention.

It means the simple pleasures of life, the awareness that we are part of nature.


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