Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

All people that belong to the Zodiac element Air have a certain mental or intellectual element in them (of course this is a generalisation, but this is a basic ground for understanding Zodiac signs).

These people see the world through an idea and abstract representation of it; and they are the people who are prone to communication, and movement, also with reason, and changeability.

Besides of this aspect that defines each and every personal horoscope we must speak of one more aspect that influences natal chart, and we are talking about the luminaries.

Here we will speak about the person who has Sun and Moon located in Capricorn and Taurus combination. What does this mean? How this person works, loves and does everything in between? Is he the one that we could call a successful being, or he has a lot of space to improve his life? Read all about this.

Good Traits

We should all look at this person as the one who develops some kind of mysticism of things and is taught to understand and in particular things that he does not understand.

However, much more often this person will find happiness if he remains a being, a rationalist who is convinced that passion is illusory and that loss is irrevocable in life, and that he cannot win all times in life. This comes as a blessing in the life of this person, because such realisation teaches him to be realistic and to be happy with everything he has at a certain time of his life.

Such a person achieves his goals in life thanks to the strong determination, along with the incredible persistence and will, which is the result of great ambition and expressed a desire for power, for which he does not miss out on any of the opportunities offered by his life.

He may not have many talents in life that he could use, but we assure you that he will use even that one talent that he has to the maximum, and even more, he is able to develop other aspects of his personality that will ensure that he will reach his goals. So, for example, he is blessed with energy, work ethic, loyalty, leadership tendencies, hard work, etc. – all things that require zero talent.

It should be noted that no one better than himself is able to create happiness with his own hands – he does not wait for things to fall from the sky, but he works hard and believes in the positive outcome.

Be sure that the person who has Sun and Moon located in the signs Capricorn and Taurus is the one that will be the first and the best, and the one that will stay on the top long after everyone else is gone.

Bad Traits

One thing that we must mention when it comes to this human being, and that is negative, is his overly pronounced need for safety and security, without any realisation that they cannot always be achieved.

He needs a safe existence without at least at the level of sentimental, and family life- what are we trying to say to you here is that this person must have a good family life, and the more things he “has”, the better he sees his life.

But life is not perfect, and the way he deals with the feeling that things are not going as he wanted them to, and when he feels that he jeopardised in some way cause a serious problem. A problem that he cannot deal with.

Even if he is the person who has a sharp and clear sense of business, he may become the one person who is obsessed with it and does everything to reach his goals in this sense. Even worse he sees people through the prism if they can help him to achieve his goals, or they are just on his way.

Slowly and cautiously, he is heading towards the top, leaving the impression of security around him; and the positive line of his character counteracts a stubborn persistence that, in some cases, is close to fanatism – a beginning of the downfall of this human being.

For his friends, it is highly recommended not to do anything bad to him, or challenge him in any way, because he has a memory that resists time. His vengeance is tedious and infinite as if he enjoys them (he does).

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon in Love

In love of the person who has Sun and Moon located in Capricorn and Taurus sign, some desires can be suppressed, and no miraculous ideals are accepted, every passionate and fantastic adventure is avoided, because he wants things that are safe, not fun.

He is the one that must make the best use of his own potential of will, in order to overcome difficulties and achieve the goal – even if he must sacrifice love and suffocate tender, warm, and sweet pulsations of his heart.

This nature does not show some exaggerated tendency towards passion, and he will settle down with respect and friendship that comes from his lover, but we must say the Moon in the Taurus sign brings some passion, but it can be suffocated in time, or never expressed as it should be.

He has too much seriousness in him to be left to the fantasy of passion because he has the terrible trait that he is afraid of all things that he cannot control, and love is one of them.

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon in a Relationship

But all of this that we mentioned in the previous section does not mean that the person who has luminaries located in Capricorn and Taurus signs will never be happy in love, cause he has that chance.

For him, it is difficult for a long time to suppress his emotional instincts. This person also knows the periods of erotic storms or emotional pulsations, so if the timing is right, he will let himself in someone’s arms and try to be happy in a relationship.

All of his lovers must be aware of the fact that his body will catch up his heart since under the “cold and reserved” surface there is a volcanic eruption that will burst at any time, even he does not know when will that happen.

 Best Match for Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon

Looking things from the outside, this human being has a quiet and peaceful nature; it takes some time for him to receive impressions and learn new. But when he does it, he will use that knowledge it the best way, and even more, this is a person will use the same approach to enter the world of his lovers, he can be fooled once or twice, but eventually, he will learn.

When he is in love, his lover must be someone who will not be over the top, will cautiously deal with his emotions, and never expect from him to make some quick conclusions.

His image can be that he is the one that prefers long-term relationships that are very deep, honest and sincere, no matter how alluring they are; he is the one that will settle down with small things that are maybe too little for some, but for him are quite enough.

Now, having said all of this, we must say that the first lover that comes to our minds that would be a perfect match for him, is lover born in Cancer Zodiac sign.

This combination of lovers will definitely work since they are almost a perfect match – a person who has luminaries located in Capricorn and Taurus sign is exceptionally sensitive and gentle, and he perfectly suits the Cancer lover who loves harmony and stability in love. Such a pair can, in combination with other harmonious aspects, build an inextricable love affair that will end with children and a long term marriage.

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon as a Friend

First of all, we must remind you right now that for this human being the most important thing is that he achieves his ambitions in life, and also to have harmony in life.

He will never be a friend with people who do not share the same views on life and who does not want to succeed (or do not understand his ambition).

For him, it is all about finding the power to create a harmony, and if his friends know how to be a part of that, then good, if not, he does not need them.

In the end, we must say that a person with such luminary position can be found closed in the friendly zone, overcoming life’s dissatisfaction by giving it all to some ambition.


In summary, we will say that the connection between these two natures, two signs of the Earth, gives a very cold and realistic character that is focused on achieving ambitions and success in life.

This may sometimes mean that he will be the one who puts his love life on the side but be sure that he does not suffer because of it and that he is ready to wait for the right time to have that one love that will meet his, not so big expectations in love.

Also, this combination of the luminaries is the purest example of persistence and perseverance that could be found in one person; because he constantly concentrates forces toward achievements.

In the end, he is the one that is devoted to the good of this world and is expressing a desire to build that world so that everyone could see that the world we live in is beautiful.


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