Pisces Sun Libra Moon – Personality, Compatibility

In Astrology, there are other methods for determining future trends, human destiny and everything in between that may interest people.

These astrology basics are ok and are used by experienced astrologers, but you can find out so many things by knowing the basics about yourself, like knowing the luminary positions (the Sun and the Moon).

It’s a quick and easy way to forecast future trends, and it’s not surprising that we deal with it in this piece.

In this article, all those who have positioned Sun in Pisces sign and the Moon in Libra sign can find out answers they are seeking for a long time.

Right away we will tell you that this person is beautiful from outside and inside, and strives to have harmonious life by all costs.

Good Traits

The person who has located luminaries in the signs Pisces and Libra is a very tactful and peaceful human being who has a pronounced sense of justice and order in the world.

When we say order, we do not mean order in the sense that he is the one that will say how things should be, but he will never let anyone suffer or to be in a situation where it can be mistreated.

So his strong side is the ability to maintain justice in the world and developing relationships with other people – he is the person who is loved and respected by many, and everything he does is seen as magnificent and beautiful. Whatever he does he does it in his own way, where aesthetic is pronounced.

Additionally, his strong side is his flexibility and diplomacy in any situations, or to be more specific in many situations in life. It’s hard to resist this person and his sultry charm – elegance and attractiveness are more pronounced in him than with any other combination of characters.

The fact is that this human being must have a harmonious atmosphere in his life, work or whatever another aspect.

So to really get something done, this the type of person needs a partnership.

Above all, he adores a harmonious atmosphere where things are in order and everything functions in harmony, but he is not the one that knows how to live alone.

Bad Traits

Wanting to achieve harmony and balance in life is one thing, but we all know that life is not always like this, we need to struggle to have it, and often times we do not have it, always cause something lack. And how is this reflected in the character of a person who can only work well when things are harmonious? Very bad, you guess it!

He is prone to leave standing in his internal conflicts because it loses the possibility of living a full life and experiencing it the way it should be experienced.

Having bad experiences in life, and at the same time going through them is necessary for the formation of a balanced and mature person who is aware of his faults and virtues. And this person often avoids this process and buries himself in his dreamlife where everything is perfect and harmonised, and things are working well. But the time must come where he wakes up and realises that he has to live in the moment, now.

This is a person who searches for his life for the whole of life, a reason to live, striving for harmony and perfection, and it is extremely difficult for him to find himself in a non-harmonious environment or in a situation that can not affect his fate.

In such moments this human does not give its best; on the contrary, he shows all negativity and passivity that he has, making the worse out of his life.

Pisces Sun Libra Moon in Love

In love, like in all other aspects in life, a human being who has Sun and Moon located in Pisces and Libra signs is the one that can be under the major impact that comes from other people, like lovers.

Strong feelings, emotional storms, all in boiling, often lead this human being to lose his mind completely, and he strives to give himself without any condition and to seek crazy, absolute, total, diverse, grandiose and ruinous love.

He seeks love that will shake his core and that will, in the end, let him reach his emotional equilibrium.

One amazing (or negative) thing that is connected to this human when we are talking about emotions is the fact that he is able to love someone who inflicts his pain and suffering, and this is something that many people will say it is bad.

Most of the time in his life, this person is usually indecisive, too much available to its surroundings, too exposed to influences in order to affirm itself as an individual – for many things in life, he needs a strong lover to feel that he is worthy of love.

It happens even when in love, that he is vulnerable that it does not have enough self-confidence and does not dare to express itself for fear of not being loved in the way that he thinks that he deserves.

Pisces Sun Libra Moon  in a Relationship

So, as you were able to see, the human with the luminaries located in Pisces and Libra sign has great ability to love, but at the same time, he needs to be in a supportive relationship where his lover will assist him in making the right decisions.

This person is known to be very uncertain and undecided in some decisions, so his lover must be a moderate, but stronger partner.

At times he is prone to entering marriage or relationships out of passion, and very quickly.

He likes small gifts and attention and the feeling that people and especially his lovers notice him; so there must be a lot of work on the confidence that comes from social status and acceptance, which will never be a big problem because this combination (of luminaries) is often seen as favorite and popular person, he can choose who he will be in a relationship.

Best Match for Pisces Sun Libra Moon

So is there anyone who can be a good match for this human being who is manic, dreamer and overly sentimental? He is a caring lover who will give all that he has for a deep and harmonious emotional connection –  he is a romantic, an idealist and often a victim of his own hypersensitivity.

So he needs a strong lover who can give him support and good influence, but who is at the same time very flexible. Someone with the great desire to make a world a beautiful and peaceful world, but who is strong to make decisions for both lovers!

This person can be the one born in the Zodiac sign – Gemini, just keep reading, and you will see why.

There is a strong love attraction among them because these people do not even seek out the love of someone who will be the same as themselves, but someone who can complete them in some meaningful and deep way.

These two shows, each in his own way shows an interest in one another, and they may have a stronger tendency to learn from one another and to complement each other so that they can act very stimulatingly to one another in their love affair, and later in their life as a couple.

So, maybe you did not expect that the perfect match will be Gemini lover, but this is something that will work for sure, cause they are not the two opposites, but they are two sides of one story that are connected by the pure emotion.

Pisces Sun Libra Moon as a Friend

Since it fits nicely into any social moulds, the person who has Sun and Moon in Pisces and Libra signs shows the great elasticity of its spirit that allows it to engage in every social group, to accept the mode of the moment.

He is loved by many, and during life, this human being has so many distant and close friends, he is able to enjoy the ready-made conformism that is temporarily modified to fit into the dominant role models that he will set as good. In many cases, this person is seen as an important mediator that helps people to understand themselves and in general.

He is the one that will tell you all that you need to hear and all that you need to understand yourself.

Of course, since the Moon in Libra sign is very active, this person may experience difficulty in having a personal opinion about the world, about people and events.

These flaws, in turn, can have a positive side: since it is open, available, accept the thinking of others, he is mostly a very social being, has the chance to find its balance in the adaptability which then becomes the reason for his life.


So, to conclude this Astro story, the person who has Sun and Moon located Pisces and Libra sign is the person who has such nature that he always works under the influence of his sensibility and this attitude often prevents him from taking full advantage of all his strengths.

But sensitivity also means that he is able to understand other people and their hidden desires and needs deeply.

A conflict that arises from the aspiration to achieve and maintain balance and harmony in himself and in the world around it leads to the ease of spending the best forces of one’s being, in a useless battle on two fronts, which often creates an inevitable inability to adapt to reality.


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