Seagull – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Seagulls are beautiful birds who inhabit places near water. Even though they live next to the sea, they rarely fly to the ocean or far above the ocean. They feed of crabs and fish, and other smaller creatures that live on the coast.

With their large white wings, they are truly an ornament of places located near large water areas.

Their recognizable sounds are enough to make you wish for a cocktail and a nice relaxing day on the beach. People associated seagulls, just like any other animals, to their own characteristics.

In the past few decades, seagull tattoos became more popular but this isn’t the only symbolism these birds have. There is definitely more to them than just being “hosts” of the sea, so if you ever wondered what this beautiful bird represents then keep on reading.

Seagull characteristic

Resistant – Seagulls need to be resistant and endure all of the rough living conditions near the ocean. Storms and hot temperatures are sometimes hard even for people, not to mentions birds. During winter, sea surrounding areas can get quite cold and unwelcoming, while during summer they can get really warm.

Calm – Gulls are very calm creatures that live near humans but they don’t ever get close. They spend most of their lives away from people but still close to them.

Now that we learned some traits about seagulls, we will look more deeply into the symbolism behind seagulls and what is so special about these birds.

Seagull as a totem

Seagulls are interesting creatures. People born under this totem are bound to be different than most people, but that is something beautiful about them. People born under this totem are loners.

They love spending their time alone with their thoughts and emotions. Being around people isn’t something they hate, but it is certainly something they don’t enjoy.

They love sharing their ideas with other people but socializing is not their best feature. People born under this totem are artistic beyond any border. In everything around them they see an opportunity to express their creativity and artistic talent.

These people are usually artists and creators that enjoy spending time alone with their minds. Since they have enough fun being in their own heads, they don’t need anyone else or anything else.

Don’t get me wrong, even though they are loners they are still searching for that perfect mate to spend their lives with. They are bigtime romantics who spend their entire lifetime chasing that perfect love story. Even though this might sabotage them and cause them to waste a lot of time searching for that person, it will be worth t in the end.

People born under this totem are also very calm. They will be the ones on a party, who are listening to others and not really engaging in conversation too often. This is not because they don’t have nothing to say, it is because they love listening to others and blending in.

However, when they find that one person with whom they can connect, they can be pretty chatty. This is only because they get comfortable and they can finally be who they really are. Once this person comes along, they can finally express their true self without being judged or ridiculed.

People born under this totem or who have a seagull as their spirit animal are also very intelligent. This intelligence comes in many forms and they can master almost every area of life. This natural intelligence helps them fit in in various life conditions and work conditions.

Even though they aren’t usually in the front row, many companies wouldn’t be able to work without them. Seagull people are also very stable or balanced in life. They have their own little world and they don’t like when something disturbs it. This makes them anxious and unable to concentrate on important things.

The ideal life for people born under this totem is exploring the world as much as possible. They are the ones who would buy a boat and sail off to an adventure to any place in the world. This is what makes them happy and fills their souls. Being able to be outside in the world, on an adventure, where anything can happen.

But, when they do decide to form a family this becomes their main preoccupation. They invest a lot of time and love into raising their families and passing on ideas to their children. They raise their children to be open to the world and to form opinions by themselves.

Even though most people would describe these people born under the seagull totem, as ordinary, they are everything but that. They have a lot of potential and talent inside them, and their only problem could be their inability to express their magnificence.

These people need to learn how to be more open to others and how to express their thoughts and emotions properly. Being closed up to others does have its benefits, like getting to know yourself very well, but it can also have its flaws, like being unable to get your ideas to others in the right way.

Seagull people are definitely one of the more interesting people out there, you just have to invest more time and effort in order to get to know them.

Seagull as a symbol in a dream

Our dreams can sometimes be warning signs that wake us up or they can bring us news about positive things that are about to happen. Dreams about seagulls depend on other symbols inside our dream so the more you remember about a certain dream, the easier it will be.

If you had a dream about a seagull in general, then this means you will have an epiphany about something that worries you. You will probably receive some good advice from someone or maybe you will finally realize what has been the solution all along.

If you had a dream about a flying seagull, then this means you should declutter your life from everything that is worrying you. This means you should get rid of things that are pressuring you and making you feel uncomfortable. Whether this is someone in your life or circumstances that are simply not pleasant for you.

Dream about a baby seagull is a representation of good news. This dream means you are about to hear something positive from someone. News could be about something that has been troubling you for a long time but you didn’t know how to deal with it.

Dreams about many seagulls might be a representation of people who are constantly nagging you about something. They want you to act certain way and obey their orders, but you don’t feel comfortable doing that. This dream can also be a representation of a nagging partner that is pressuring you to change your ways and adapt to their desires.

Dreams about two seagulls are a representation of eternal love and marital bliss. If you haven’t met your perfect partner then this dream might be a sign that you are about to. This person will be everything you ever wanted and hoped for, so be patient because love is just around the corner.

Seagull as a symbol in different cultures

Seagulls have been used as symbols for centuries. They have been symbols for coastal countries all around the world and many national flags and emblems have seagulls on them.

In Native American cultures seagulls have been clan animals for centuries. Seagull Clans like the Athna tribe and Chippewa tribe often displayed seagulls in their clan art. They also used seagulls as totems and displayed them on totem poles.

In Greek mythology, seagulls were incarnations of the goddess Leukothea or “the white goddess”. She was a local nymph and she was highly respected by the people.

Overall symbolism of a seagull is freedom and carefree behavior in life. They are independent and people see them as sailors of the animal world. Seagulls have been used in popular culture, as tattoo symbols.

We usually choose a symbol to put on our bodies, that will wither represent our character or something we went through. Symbolic meaning of a seagull is that they are representation of freedom, independence and unique character.

Many sailors also tattoo this symbol on their bodies as a reminder of their sailing days. These beautiful birds are also symbols for adventure and inconstancy in action. Seagulls are used in heraldry in Poland, on coat of arms in Jurmala, Midway Islands and many more.

Overall seagulls are magnificent creatures who welcome us to beaches and costs all around the world. They are sometimes loud but distant birds who have their own way of life. Just like these birds, people born under this totem will be adventurous at heart and ready to sail away anytime.

They are born to be free and independent and nothing is going to stand in their way to achieve this independence. So next time you see a seagull, carelessly flying above the sea, you will be able to see calmness that these birds enjoy every day.


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