Aries Sun Aries Moon – Personality, Compatibility

You do not have to be an expert to know that the basics in Astrology and the integral elements that are behind it – and in every personal horoscope two aspects are most important.

These are the aspects of the Sun and Moon, both equally meaningful, and knowing what Sun means in your personal horoscope along with the Moon, mean that you will be able to understand your natal chart to the certain extent.

Today we are observing a person who has both Sun and the Moon in the Aries Zodiac sign. What does this mean and what kind of personality represents this combination?

Good Traits

The Sun in Aries always sees a clear goal or goals in front of a person who has this position, because the Sun always points to take action. It gives a strong, strong will, power and initiative to realise everything that this person wants. He is proud of his accomplishments, while he accepts any defeat in a dignified way, trying to get out of such situations of life as an even stronger person.

The Moon in Aries reveals the very temperamental personality, and even more the emphasised ego. In a good way, it can be seen as the person who is open, unequivocal and has a clear way of expressing his emotions and attitudes.

In life, he is often led by his heart and often knows how to go “with head through the wall” – a person who has Sun and Moon in the Aries sign is someone who does not like to wait for things to happen, but rather brave and courageously to meet them.

A person who has Sun and Moon positioned in the same sign, the Aries sign, means that he has the incredible confidence that is based on relevant characteristics. This person has many things in life to be happy about.

Even if he seems like a person who can act as a difficult and rough person, when you get a little better acquaintance with him, you will see that he is often very sensitive and sometimes fragile.

Also, in certain situations, the man who has the Sun and Moon positioned in Aries can be quite brave and impulsive, which can cause him to fall into trouble, but they deeply enjoy it and feels like he has a lot to learn from it.

This person feels the need to impose its authority, and he is so impatient to improve business and financial status to achieve a better position in society. He feels better when he meets his business obligations independently.

Bad Traits

On the more negative aspect, a person who has both Sun and Moon positioned in the Aries Zodiac sign know to be rather impatient, and he feels nervous if someone or something in front of him moves too slowly or not in the way he wants.

A person who has Sun and Moon positioned in the Aries sign also has moments where he plans the highest achievements, and then stay at home without doing anything about these plans.

The majority of people who have Sun and Moon in the Aries have a short temper, they are easily upset, and when this happens, they often do not know what will with this unnecessary negative energy. This human being often does not express his anger and fury verbally but will show them his actions that can be very upsetting.

Sometimes he can be too self-confident and independent, which prevents him from asking for help even when they really need them.

Aries Sun Aries Moon in Love

This person, when it comes to love can be very paradoxical – at one point he will love you, and will not tolerate to share you with anyone, and in the other, he will act like you are the last thing in his mind.

In love, a problem may occur when he is too honest, and the other side just wants a little silence – generally, he tends to provide a good conversation that will lead to a better understanding between him and his lover.

Sometimes this person may also seem that in a love relationship he seeks primarily to satisfy his own needs without worrying about the needs and desires of a loved one. Therefore, he often leaves a wrong impression in the field of love.

If something bad happens to him in love or in any interpersonal aspect, he tries to delete it from his memory as soon as possible, not wanting to be overburdened with thoughts about some unpleasant situations and events from the past.

Aries Sun Aries Moon in a Relationship

Just like he invests a lot of energy into his business goals, the same case is with his “investment” in love- there is a greater readiness to invest a lot of energy to achieve the successful relationship.

This person does not wait for things to happen to him in life, and love also, he is the one person that takes the initiative, and he makes an easy decision to take action if he likes someone.

In love, this person is fed by passion, that can be his main driver and something without which he cannot live. He likes to seduce and conquer, and he does this very fast and effective.

If you want to make this person happy in love, after being with him in a relationship, you need to point to something that has some creative and sentimental significance to him.

In a love relationship or marriage, he strives for open and direct communication without anything shady, but sometimes this person who has Sun and Moon in Aries sign can show a greater impatience in communication – he seems not to have enough patience to listen to the partner.

Best Match for Aries Sun Aries Moon

People who are close to him must know that this human looks at things only from his perspective, and he simply cannot be objective. The most important thing is what happens to him.

He needs a lover who will understand that he is not ready for compromise, courtesy, cooperating with others and that he is not a “team player” because the Sun in Aries is focusing him on himself, and in this sense, this man always strive to be a leader (in life and love).

The best match for this person could be Aquarius since both partners have a huge need for personal freedom. Aquarius is attractive and resourceful, which completely corresponds to the nature of the person who has both Sun and Moon positioned in Aries.

Aries Sun Aries Moon as a Friend

He is able to live his life in the most sincere way, and he chooses only sincere people to be their friends, this person always distances himself from dishonest and fake friends.

He is brutally honest with his friends, and this person who has Aries in Sun and Moon is not one of those people who will hide anything from you, even if there is a possibility that he will hurt someone’s feelings.

The Sun and Moon that are positioned in the Aries sign direct to the enthusiastic mood in a person – he is almost always ready for action, and his friends love this. He likes to be around people who have the same goals as he does, he and his “pack” should go proudly towards a better, more beautiful and brighter future, together.


Aries in Sun and Moon points to a person who is blessed with the fiery enthusiasm, passion, and combat energy – this person does not get scared and enjoys challenges.

Most often, this human does not try to hide what he feels at the moment.

Sometimes he can do this, by some of his actions are completely impulsive. He is very impulsive, and it is an aspect that is seen in almost every occasion since his strong individuality is pronounced.

This person who has the Sun and Moon in Aries sign tends to show the whole of the world the strength of its ego and the power of its will. He is the person who symbolises the new beginnings, and he is never afraid of the risk.

He is the one that is an energetic, fearless and independent person, and in some sense a real leader. He wants to make the most of his life, and he expects his life to be the best since he thinks he only deserves the best.


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