Taurus Man Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

This match is good astrological match because of the position of both signs in Zodiac. Some of the astrologists say that this is a kind of a karmic match and combination. It’s like they have been known for a long time and they meet in many ways.

Their connection is nothing but ordinary and they can go through many ups and downs. Only if there is true love and respect they can succeed.  

Taurus man

When you see this man you will notice his strong looks and body.His body looks like a rock. His physical aspect can tell you much about this man.

That means that he is stable and genuinely strong person. His beliefs and attitudes are pretty much strong, based on logic and real experiences.

He doesn’t like to be bossed around and being told what to do , so he is probably used to do things in his way. Taurus people are almost never such individualists but they are independent people from early age.

Strong and hard on the outside but in the inside you will find softness.This man is a very loving person and capable of having deeper emotion and feelings.

He is always emotionally attached to a woman if he decides to have something more than just friendship.These emotions come slowly but with intensity as the time goes by.

Taurus knows how to get to the heart of a woman and will try to seduce her with expensive dinner and romantic music, nice perfume or luxurious jewelry. He has nice classy and expensive taste and knows good things in life.

Apart from that, he is great lover and posses great stamina. His sensible side can show up and will please his lady to the maximum.

When Taurus is making love, he puts up all of his senses. His touch is so pleasant and can take girls to heaven. Physical touch is very important for Taurus and loves to cuddle a lot. This habit comes form very early age but when older it becomes more intensive and he relates it with emotions.

He is in constant need of loving someone and showing it throughout physical love. It doesn’t mean that he needs sex constantly. In the contrary, he is much eager of tender love than a few passionate moments with a stranger.

Taurus is extremely loyal and expect that from the girl he loves. He doesn’t like unfaithful and promiscuous women so would never end up with such type of a girl. He prefers traditional girls, with nice behavior and manners.

One of Taurus’ features that can annoy a girl is his possessiveness. Once he ‘’claimed’’ the girl he will act like she belongs to him. There can be moments when he shows jealousy and it can be pretty awkward.

It’s just that he likes to commit to his partner and expects the same in return.

If he makes sure that his partner is loyal , he won’t waste time on scenes of jealousy in the future. He probably won’t admit the mistake he made but will avoid any future arguments and fights as that disturbs his inner peace.

When there is harmony in a relationship and he feels that his partner is faithful,  his happiness will be transparent and everybody can feel those positive vibes coming out.

Overall, even though he has pretty inflexible character and persona the truth is that this man has mild nature and he will do his best to have the girl he wants.  Of course, it depends much of the Ascendant and position of the planets in the birth chart. 

Scorpio Woman

This woman is strong and you can really rely on her. She has penetrating personality and she will know you better than you know yourself. She will observe you and your habits, needs and she will exactly how to act around you.

She is nothing but selfish, and if she considers that someone is worth her love and attention she will make you her king and stay proudly near you.

Anything that she does , she does it with commitment and love. That means she expects it in return.

Mutual love and respect that is what she wants form her partner. Not only in life in general, then sexually as well.

She does love intense love making but nothing rough or violent. Passionate looks, sensual kisses throughout her entire body is what excites her.

She may loose patience if a man doesn’t know how to please her. She will loose interest because she considers that he already knows what to do.

She won’t be his teacher and won’t tolerate weak sexual energy. That just shuts her down. In that case, she will get along well with Aries as he is energetic and great lover.

Their needs can meet in this aspect but when talking about relationship, that can be challenging.

Even though she knows that Aries doesn’t hide things and his thoughts are in most cases transparent she will still ‘’dig’’ throughout Aries’ life just to find a smallest detail that proves that he might have hidden something from her.

When she learns that everyone has the right of privacy and doesn’t always have to share every single detail form life she can benefit from it more than she knows.

The constant doubt devours her and can take her to the point of complete destruction. Scorpios are destructive persons and you should not lie or mess with them.

If she feels betrayed, don’t think you will escape her. She will find you wherever you are and it will be over when she says it is over.

She likes loyalty above all and she will appreciate that more than everything that Aries will do for her. Her need to feel safe and secure and these inner fears may bring problems to her love life.

She seeks a partner that is completely devoted to her with all of his mind and body. That is what he is going to get in return, nothing less than that. If she feels that she is corresponded in the same manner she will do anything for him and will remain the only love in her life.

When Scorpio learn that her partner had life before her and let him have little space ,that can turn things into a different direction and in the direction  that she wants. Of course, it depends much of the Ascendant and position of the planets in the birth chart.

 Love compatibilty

This is quiet turbulent and intensive relationship just because these people are like that. They have many things in common and can be successful in any aspects.

First of all, there is big attraction not only in physical aspect than in emotional. Both of them are devoted and give in to the love, and they feel it so intensely.

Because they both have fears that the loved will leave they can often have moments of jealousy and rage.

If they can only get rid if this feeling it could mean a lot to them. Scorpio’s mind is always alerted so she always must know everything about her partner and if he doesn’t tell her the smallest detail she will have a reason to doubt. Most of the time there is no real reason to be jealous and doubt but this is just something that Scorpio can’t help.

At first this can be a proof to the Taurus that she really cares for him (actually they both see jealousy as a sign of love) but when this starts to happen on regular basis it can cause issues.

Issues of trust  can spoil the relationship and make it ugly. Sometimes Scorpio’s possessiveness and attacks can make Taurus show his bad side as he will eventually get tired of constant accusations.

So, arguments can get pretty intense and Scorpio will ‘’stab’’ Taurus with her ‘’sting ‘’ and that  will be not pleasant. Taurus will also show his rage that was accumulating for longer period of time. Explosion of emotions, bad words and suppressed feelings can come up to the surface.

It is essential for Taurus and Scorpio to built their trust and if they do , they will have the most beautiful time in life.

Once they realize that they are loyal to each other it can mean strong base for this couple.

When in love , both of them like to express their emotions through physical contact and they won’t lack kisses, hugs, cuddling and similar things.

Lovely baths in the morning and enjoying all of the love they can offer to each other can unite them more than ever.

Scorpio woman can make life easy for Taurus by taking care of him  so she will be helpful in everyday tasks.

Taurus man will help her about many things, first of all by taking care of her. She will enjoy that feeling of being loved more than anything in the world.

He will be true gentleman and help her with tasks that require strength but also if she needs financial help.

Their outlooks about life, business and people are pretty similar. Serious approach to the people and emotions is what they share so speaking about life matters they will not act childish or irresponsible. 


This friendship can last long. They will take time to get to know each other. Maybe they can meet by working together or has to do with business. As time goes by they will start to spend more time together. They can go out, on parties , go on vacation with mutual friends.

Everything that feels nice, cozy and relaxed can appeal to them. Going on concerts, doing something or be part of something interesting is a great way to hang out.

Taurus will probably call people to his place and have a nice evening together. There will be singing and playing music, so no doubt everyone will have fun.

In those moments can happen that Taurus finally tells how he feels about her and he will do it in a quiet and lonely place.


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