Dreams About Ship – Interpretation and Meaning

Ships often appear as symbols in dreams and they can have both good and bad symbolism. Ships were often used as symbols in art and literature and they symbolized travel and solitude.

In our dreams, it is very important to remember as much details a possible because dream interpretations requires complete situation to be taken in consideration.

Dream about ship in general

Dream about ship in general symbolizes optimism and good outcomes.

Something you are working on is going to be very successful and you will be extremely happy about that.

This dream usually represents a positive period that is coming your way, so be prepared for a lot of positive surprises. Ship can also represent your emotions.

The way the ship is moving and where is very important for the interpretation.

Dream about a golden ship

If ship in your dream was made out of gold, then you will be very lucky in the upcoming period.

Everything you do is going to end up going to your favor, so just relax and wait for all the good things that are coming your way.

This dream is telling you that a very satisfying period is coming your way and that you need to be prepared to embrace it with open arms.

Dream about ship in red light

If ship in your dream was shining in red light, then you need to be careful about the upcoming conflicts.

People around you are going to be very agitated, so be careful how you approach them.

Everything you do and say could start a fight, so be careful what you say and do.

Be extra careful with your partner because the most conflicts will be between you and your partner.

Dream about ship in flames

Burning ship in your dream symbolizes a negative period that is coming your way. Luck won’t be on your side and everything you do or say is going to have a negative effect.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, prepare yourself for better times that are coming and fight against this negativity with everything you have.

Dream about an old ship

If ship in your dream was old and in ruins then your dreams and aspirations might get crushed. You will try to improve the situation in your life but somehow, luck just won’t be on your side.

You will definitely need help from people in your community, so don’t be scared to ask them to help you. Before you try to do anything, take some time to think about your actions and then act.

Dream about an exploding ship

When a ship explodes in your dream you will be faced with an enormous disaster. Something is going to happen to you, either on your workplace or in your personal life, and you will be crushed by it.

Since this is a dream about an explosion, this event is going to hit you and your community very hard. It will require a lot of time and effort to mend the wounds after this explosion, so be prepared for it.

Dream about a sailing ship

If ship in your dream was sailing, then you will go through a stressful event. This event, even though it is going to be stressful, it is going to help you realize some things.

In a way, you will be rewarded with the knowledge about something, so this event won’t be so bad after all. Just be prepared for whatever is coming your way and learn your lesson.

Dream about a sinking ship

If ship in your dream was sinking, then you might be faced with failure. Something you have been working on is going to fail miserably and things won’t be the same afterwards.

This failure is going to hit you hard, but remember that there is always hope. If you work hard enough you might be able to fix the mistakes you have made in the past, which ultimately caused this big failure.

Dream about traveling on a ship

If you were on the ship, which was in your dream, then you will be extremely lucky when it comes to finances. Money will be pouring into your account and everything you do is going to bring profit.

This is a positive period for investments and putting money into new projects. Whatever you start at this period in your life it is going to bring you a lot of money and your financial situation is going to be very stable.

Dream about watching a ship depart

If ship in your dream was departing from a harbor, then you might win a lottery or make a good choice regarding an investment. Everything related to money is going to be very lucky for you, so make sure you use this period in the best possible way.

Start making investments and stop wasting time on small projects. Start doing something major, because you will gain major profit from it.

Dream about a ship arriving

If ship in your dream was arriving in harbor, then you will have good fortune and luck in the upcoming period.

Everything you do is going to be successful so don’t be afraid to do new things and try turning your life around.

Dream about a wrecked ship

If you had a dream about ship wreckage, then you will have some financial issues in the future. These issues are going to appear a result of some bad investments you made in the past.

They will end up being very bad for you, and you will have to work a lot to erase these bad choices.


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