Giraffe – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Giraffes are interesting animals that put a smile on our place whenever we see them. There is no other animal on the planter with such a unique look and extraordinary appearance.

Giraffes are large animals and they demand attention whenever we are close to them.

People were amazed by its appearance for centuries and we still enjoy seeing these gentle monsters. Even though they could wipe us from the face of the Earth easily, an attack on people is almost never happened.

Their symbolism is represented through their appearance and it largely affected the way people looked at giraffes.

Giraffe traits and characteristics

Gentle – Giraffes are very gentle animals. They are not aggressive and you can never catch them attacking other animals or people. They simply gnaw on leafs and enjoy their time in the sun.

Intuitive – Giraffes are also intuitive animals that can sense the danger approaching and escape it in time. This helps them save themselves when predators come after them.

Giraffe as a totem

As totems, giraffes are representations of beauty, intuition, gentle behavior, perception and patience. Person born under this sign or protected by it are beautiful people inside and out. They enjoy presence of other people around them and are genuinely happy to meet new people. Just like giraffes these people are a bit naïve and open to everyone’s approach.

This can backfire if they find people whose only goal is to take advantage of their good heart and nature. To avoid this from happening, they need to be more careful who they trust and what they say in front of strangers.

People born under this sign are also very patient and perceptive. They understand that good things in life don’t come easy and that their chance for success exists, they just have to wait for it.

People born under this sign understand world around them and they always seem more mature than other people their age.

They are not foolish people who run for adventure and fun. They rather spend their lives reading and gaining knowledge that is necessary for their success.

People born under this totem are gentle people. They never attack others or make them feel badly about themselves. This is not in their nature and it would hurt them as much as it did these people, if they did something bad.

Instead of showing attitude they are open for everybody’s opinion and they welcome it with open hands. Being this way is simply in their nature and even though others might find a bit staged, that is certainly not the case.

Finding people who genuinely love other people must be rare and these people are definitely those gems.

People born under the giraffe totem have a strong intuition and that is what leads them in life. Instead of listening to other people or even their mind, they always decide to trust their intuition.

Since I rarely fools them, they are pretty certain about their decisions in life.

Being so decisive in life helps others around them as well. These people are perfect friends, partners and family members. They are always going to be next to you and listen to your every trouble.

When you have them as a friend you don’t need a psychologist. They are going to use their intuition to help you find the perfect solution for your problems and troubles in life.

Overall, people born under this totem have a special, kind aura around them that simply invites people in and makes them feel welcome. They are honest and caring friends who always know what to say and how to help those in need.  Having this person in your life is a true gift so you need to keep them close to your heart at all times.

Giraffe as a symbol in a dream

Dreams about giraffes are interesting since we rarely see giraffes around us. Our brains get triggered by this image when we see giraffes on TV or when we listen about them somewhere.

But, when a giraffe appears in your dream for no apparent reason, then the symbolism of this dream is much stronger.

If you had a dream about a giraffe, then this dream means your adventure spirit has woken up and it needs to travel somewhere new.

You have been in one place for too long and you feel like you need to break out of your everyday chains and go off to an adventure.

If you had a dream about a giraffe in the distance, then this dream signifies some minor gains in the future. You could gain someone’s trust or in something small, but no matter what it is going to be you are going to be happy about it.

Several giraffes in your dream are a representation of a great success that is waiting for you. This success is going to come suddenly and you won’t even be able to believe how lucky you are.

If giraffe in your dream was eating leaves from trees then you are going to see fruits of your labor. Something you have been working hard on is going to finally pay off and you will be more than happy.

Giraffe as a symbol in different cultures

Giraffes in culture, art and modern times are mostly used as symbols of gentle nature, patience and calmness. Use of a giraffe symbol is predominant in African culture, since they inhabit only the African continent.

In Africa they are symbols of gentle nature, perceptiveness and knowledge. Their long necks allow them to see and hear more than others, which is why they were considered smarter than others.

In art, probably the most famous painting where we can see a giraffe is the Salvador Dali’s Giraffe in Flames. The famous Spanish surrealist painter, Salvador Dali, painted the famous painting Giraffe in flames in 1937. The painting expresses the attitude of the surrealist, that is based on the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud.

Although Dali claimed that the painting is apolitical, this picture still represents his personal fight against the Spanish Civil War in his homeland. The image is now in the Kunstmuseum in Basel.

In children’s cartoons and in movies giraffes are represented as gentle giants who are kind to people. This is in the core of their nature and they cannot be perceived in any other way.

This is why giraffes symbolize people who are kind and open for others. No matter how hard life gets, they always keep a smile on their face and wait for better days.

Positive attitude and love is what makes giraffes so unique and so beloved among people.


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