Gemini Sun Libra Moon – Personality, Compatibility

In the personal horoscope, three planets are personal, and those are Mercury, Mars and Venus; two that are impersonal, Jupiter and Saturn. Besides them, there are three more planers Uranus, Pluto and Neptune, but for our story, there are two luminaries – the Sun and Moon.

What Astrology teaches us is that all of these planets and luminaries that in one point go through all of the Zodiac signs. And the most interesting is what “house” these signs occupy in out natal chart – we are talking about the Sun, the Moon and the planets. This could also be applied to the person who is our partner.

So, as you can see, we can learn so much from knowing the positions of the planets, and luminaries and their mutual connection.

Today we are talking about the person who has Sun located in the Gemini sign, and the Moon positioned in the Libra sign – what this means for a person in question and his life, read in this story.

Good Traits

There are many good traits that we contribute to this person since Gemini and Libra sign are compatible – he is a person who is deeply connected to his sensuality and intellect at the same time. He has many social advantages and enjoys the sympathies of his environment – in the most cases, this is the person who is mostly fun and adaptable, and therefore he is a favorite where ever he goes.

This is the person, who in every situation that occurs sees realistically, both good and bad, but sometimes it is very difficult for him to take a position, sometimes he can be confused because of this state.

This is the person who has an interest in everything that exists and is endowed with an openness of spirit and intellectual agility – he can sometimes show himself as one superficial person, but this is so far from the truth, he just seems like that, he can be very deep and compelling.

The most significant thing that should be remembered about this human is the fact that he is the one that is constantly trying to balance things mentally and emotionally; it’s hard to do that, and even if he sometimes fails, sometimes he achieves mental and emotional stability in life. And therefore he is one person that is good, both for himself and his environment.

Bad Traits

On the other side of this story, we could say that here we encounter also a person who is susceptible to influences, who often go with a line of lesser resistance and does not always keep his promises. He is not bad, but then it cannot be a good thing when a person changes his mind so often, then people who are around him do not know what he is saying, does he mean, etc.

Also, this is the person who strives to evaluate the outside world, sometimes tilting to a superficial and unstable attitude concerning life – but can he be objective when he fails and when he makes many mistakes? He cannot always.

Also, one of the serious disadvantages that he has might be the tendency of bluffing, deceiving himself and his loved ones. He leaves the impression of the person who has no attitude of his own, and who would leave you when you most need him.

The birth of a new plan allows him to, through imaginative, creative, but sometimes unstable ventures, emphasise the charm of his way of life and align it with intuition. And this is not a bad thing, only if this human will somehow succeed in choosing his purpose in life, and stop showing the tendency to fumigate – evaluating the constant pro and contra of certain situations will often be indecisive.

Gemini Sun Libra Moon in Love

Since this person has the Moon in the Libra Zodiac sign, we must say that this aspect affects his outward appearance and instinctive behavior, projects the image of a friendly and polite person who has the talent to maintain harmony within the group.

Many people fall in love in such person, who has all this, and it can be really attractive and seductive -also, this human being is inclined to avoid any unfair discrimination and condemnation because he does not like to jeopardise the interests of others.

He tries to live in balance and to have a well-balanced love life, cause he has a lot of emotions in his heart, but the person who will he fall in love, could be anyone, it all depends on his mood. But we will tell you, what this human hates in love, and what kind of person will never interest him – he will reject, or equally ignore, any behavior characterised as indifference, narrow-mindedness, and prejudice.

He hates when people are like this, and he will never be able to love such a person, no matter what; he could not be able to have her as a friend. And this is the only aspect of his life, where he knows, what he does not love.

Gemini Sun Libra Moon in a Relationship

Here we encounter one person who, regardless of his passions, loves to be in a peaceful relationship, and he has the gift to reconcile and develop relationships with other people seriously and sincerely. To really get something done, he is the person who needs a partnership, and he needs that other person who will complete him, and show him the things that he did not know he had.

We also have to say, that this human being has the incredible ease in communicating and making acquaintances with the most diverse people, and every his relationship does not look like any other.

Although he is skilled when he needs to settle something around and be able to adapt to the environment in which he is moving, and he never seriously question the views he represents. He will be able to reconcile sometimes wholly opposite opinions, and that from difficult situations intuitively execute his exit – this is a piece of good news when it comes to the situation that will allow him to deal with problems in his relationship.

The chance of success in love relationship depends on his ability to slow down the profitability of the emotions with the possibilities of developing his personality. Even when in love relationship this person must grow and develop, or he will leave that person without looking back.

Best Match for Gemini Sun Libra Moon

Now, having said all of this, and when we evaluate his love life and attitude in a relationship, we must make a decision, who can be the best match for this human being. It must be someone who is open-minded, decisive, and persistent when needed, and emotional to the right extent. This could be a representative of the Sagittarius Zodiac sign.

He is the one lover that knows what he’s tending and rarely when he deviates from his path, the one he is about to go.

He certainly strives for stability, but he is never alone, even at the moment when he does not have a very serious relationship, he will try to achieve balance by using flirt, but also some adventure.

This sound like a perfect match for a person who has Sun located in the Gemini sign and the Moon in the Libra Zodiac sign.

Gemini Sun Libra Moon as a Friend

As we have previously have said, this is the person who is adored by many of his friends, and many diverse people are his best friends – he loves them all. Only those who have prejudice and who are not open cannot be his friends.

When he is around his most loved ones, he is able to relax, to have a lot of fun, and he knows how to communicate so that everyone can understand him.

He is one very social person who would like to find himself everywhere – during life, he will change many friends, and some of them will remain his friends for a long time.

The fact is that this person who has Sun and Moon located in the combination Gemini – Libra likes being surrounded by people that make him feel good and loved. He is, endowed with enough charm, sense of humor and visions to bring in and deliver the best out of him in every situation (even those situations that are hard). People are quite fond of him because he is a good friend.

However, it may happen that he sometimes suspect is sincerity, because even though he has a marvelous ability to adapt, you can be in a bad mood. And even worse, his friends may say that he is the one that can be influenced by others a lot, and he may change his mind a lot.


In this astrological combination, where Sun and Moon are located in the two signs, Gemini and Libra, some would say that this person lacks stability; but we will say that this person wants to have stability in his life; it is just that he sometimes does not know how to achieve it.

Nevertheless, this bond exemplifies the harmony, since both are balanced (or have a tendency to be balanced), open to new experiences, and both have the happy nature of people who know how to enjoy and rejoice in life.

So, we can say, in the end, that these two positions of the Sun and the Moon are well complemented, and that in this person we could see the intelligence carried by the Gemini, enriched by the artistic interests of Libra, emotion and joyful joy.


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