Flamingo – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Flamingo is a bird that is usually standing on one leg, while the other leg is hidden underneath its body. Some studies have shown that flamingos are doing that in order to preserve the heat of their bodies, but there is still no good explanation for this unusual behavior of flamingos.

Flamingo has been popular as a spirit animal since ancient times. In ancient Egypt it was believed that the flamingo represented the God of Egypt. You may not know but the flamingo is Bahama’s national bird and in ancient Rome it was used as a great delicacy.

Sometimes throughout the history the flamingo’s fat was used to cure many diseases. Even today the flamingo is known for its powers as a spirit animal.

In this article you will have the opportunity to find out more about the flamingo animal totem and its symbolic meanings. We will tell you why you should not ignore the presence of flamingo in your life.

What Does Flamingo Symbolize?

Flamingo is a powerful animal totem with different symbolic meanings. In the first place, we can say that the flamingo is a symbol of strong emotions that may be hidden inside of you. If the flamingo appears either in your waking life or in your dream, it means that you should release your emotions and let them be your guidance in life.

Also, we can say that the flamingo may symbolize fun and relaxation. If this bird appears in your life, it means that it is time for fun. The flamingo is actually telling you to go out and to spend time with your friends.

If you see a flamingo or if it appears in your dreams, then it must be a warning for you to get rid of all negative things from your life. You have to change your way of thinking and to leave your past behind. It is time to be more positive and to focus on the things that are really important in your life.

Flamingo Animal Totem

If flamingo totem animal appears in your life, it reminds you to get in touch with your own emotions. If you release your feelings, you will maintain balance in all areas of your life. You should not suppress and hide your feelings, but you should release them and let them guide you through your life.

Also, if flamingo is your animal totem, it can mean that you should have more fun in your life. It is reminding you to go out and to relax with your friends.

You will see that you will feel much better if you spend time with those you love.

You may have been lonely recently, so the flamingo animal totem is giving you a chance to change something in your life and to have fun.

This totem will bring joy and harmony in your life. You should be grateful for all good things and persons that you have in your life.

It is known that flamingo people can sense things only by touching them. For these people it is enough to touch something with their hands and to know what is it like.

Also, flamingo people are very sociable and they don’t like to be alone. If the flamingo is your animal totem, then you have certainly a lot of friends.

Flamingo people are very dedicated to their families as well.

You can call on flamingo animal totem in many situations in your life. If you are full of negativity and if you don’t know how to eliminate it from your life, then you should call on the flamingo.

This animal totem will also help you become more sociable and it will bring you inspiration for your job.

Now you will see some of the most common meanings that we can relate to the flamingo spirit animal. It will help you understand better the symbolism of this animal and you will know if it may be your spirit animal as well.

Meanings of the Flamingo as a Spirit Animal

Balance. Balance is another name for flamingos. As we have already said, these birds can stay on one foot and maintain great balance of their bodies. It means that flamingo people have also good balance in their lives. They don’t waste their time on some unimportant things.

Emotions. If you have a flamingo as your spirit animal, it means that you should not suppress your own emotions. You should express them to the world and let them lead you on your life path. If you listen to your heart, it will help you find the best soultions for all problems that you have.

If it is difficult for you to make a decision, you should let your heart do it instead of you.

Actually, the flamingo spirit animal is teaching you to follow your heart in order to reach your goals and to have the best results.

Teamwork. One of the most common symbolic meanings that we can relate to flamingo spirit animal is teamwork. These birds have always a common purpose and they are working for a community. If the flamingo is your spirit animal, it means that you will also have success if you work with others.

It will help you not only achieve your goals, but also have many new experiences. If you cooperate with others, then you will have many new opportunities in front of you.

Sociability. If the flamingo appears as your spirit animal, it means that you should socialize a little bit and have fun. You should spend more time with your friends and family. It will help you reduce stress in your life and you will feel much better.

Forgiveness. If the flamingo appears as you spirit animal, it means that it is time to forgive to yourself first, but also to other people. If you have seen a flamingo, then it is time to love yourself. You should not cry anymore because it is time to live your life and to be happy.

Dreams About Flamingo – Interpretation and Meaning

Flamingo as a spirit animal may also appear in your dream. If you have dreamed about flamingo, it means that you will have a lot of success in the near future. It is recommended for you to cooperate with other people because it will bring you success and new opportunities.

Also, if flamingo has appeared in your dream, it means that you should stop with all things that don’t make you happy anymore. It is time to get rid of some old habits and to prepare yourself for a new beginning.

If you have seen a flashy flamingo in your dream, it can be a sign that your are very preoccupated with your own appearance. You may lack of self-confidence and you think your appearance is not good enough.

This dream should be a warning for you to look more deeply inside your own personality in order to see all your qualities and good traits. Physical appearance is not what really matters. Flamingo in your dream may be telling you that you are beautiful just the way you are. You should love yourself more because inner beauty is what is really important in life.

In the end we can say that flamingo in your dream is telling you to follow your heart. It is the only way to reach your goals and to have success in the future.


You have seen in this article that the flamingo is a very powerful spirit animal. It may have many simbolic meanings. Most important thing if the flamingo spirit animal appears in your life is to turn to your emotions and to use them. Whatever you do, you should follow your heart because it will help you choose the right way in your life.

As we have already said, the flamingo spirit animal may be a symbol for joy and fun. Seeing a flamingo can mean that you need to bring more fun into your life. Forgive yourself and get rid of all negative emotions.

If the flamingo has appeared for you, it is the sign that you should live your life to the fullest.

We hope this article has been useful for you, so it is much easier for you to understand the symbolism of the flamingo spirit animal. Also, you may decide if this animal is also your totem or you should look for some other animal totem.


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