Dreams about Storms – Intepretation and Meaning

Storms are unpleasent weather conditions we all like to avoid. There is also something magical and frightening, when we look at a storm.

We get that feeling of powerlessness and we know we are too small to fight these great forces of nature.

This is exactly why storms can have an important meaning and symbolism in our dreams as well, and we will list only few examples of these dreams and explain them to you.

Dream about being on a stormy sea

If you had a dream where you were on a ship or a boat, and the sea was rushing because of a strong storm, then this dream represents stability.

Even though everything around you is swinging and waves are tirelessly hitting the boat, you are safe and all of the commotion doesn’t bother you at all.

This can refer to your life in general, where you feel like nothing can harm you and all of your enemies can’t do nothing to hurt you.

Dream about being in the middle of a storm

If you had a dream where you were standing somewhere and the storm was raging around you, then this dream means you are about to face some major problems in your life.

These problems will come suddenly and you will definitely be unprepared.

You should give your best in order to stay calm and cool off your head, until you figure out a solution for the problem.

If nothing works, it is best to ask for an advice from a friend or someone who might help you.

These problems could be related to your business projects or to your personal life, but in any case you will have to work hard to scare them away.

Dream about seeing a storm in a distance

If you had a dream, where you were standing and watching a storm in a distance, then this dream means you will have personal problems in your life, possibly with friends or relatives.

These problems will shake up your emotions and you will definitely feel like your whole world is trembling.

Be prepared for whatever comes and don’t overreact to actions and words of others. It is best to give yourself some time to think about everything, and then make a decision that will bring peace to all.

Dream about being in the epicenter of a storm

If you were standing in the epicenter of the storm and fighting against the wind and rain, then this dream represents your dissatisfaction with life.

Maybe you feel like certain things in your private life or in your career are not the way you want them to be, but you don’t know what you can do to change them.

Sometimes we just have to buckle up and go on an adventure, because things are never going to change unless we initiate that change.

This dream can also represent a health condition you are unaware of. Maybe you experienced certain health problems recently, but you ignored them or simply thought they have passed on their own.

You should definitely see your doctor and make sure that everything is okay, before your health gets completely ruined.

Dream about someone else caught in storm

If you had a dream about someone else being caught in a storm, then this dream represents you feel the pain and suffering they are experiencing.

We can only, truly, connect emotionally with those who are close to us so this person is probably a friend or family member.

Try talking to this person and offer your honest advice and help, before they fall deeper in depression.

Sometimes people are too proud to ask for help when they need it the most.

Dream about a house damaged by a storm

If you had a dream about a house that was damaged by the storm, then this dream represents your current life situation.

You have been experiencing major problems for a while now and you don’t know how to make things better. Maybe it is time to ask for someone’s help in order to solve these issues.

Things are not going to get better unless you act, so this might be your last chance to fix your life.

Dream about a storm that has passed

Dreaming about your surroundings after the storm, when everything is ruined or damaged, represents a positive sign.

This dream means you are going to be able to improve your life and change things for the better.

This dream represents that the bad times have passed and now you have an opportunity to make a huge difference in life.

Use this opportunity to mend everything that has been broken and improve your life in general, because you never know when will this, period of bliss, end.

Dream about people vanishing in the storm

If you had a dream where people were vanishing and being swallowed by the storm, then this dream represents a possible danger for someone close to you.

Their health might get worse or they could even die as a result of an accident.

Take care of people close to you, as much as you can and warn them about their health condition, if they neglect it themselves.

Dream about a storm that is approaching

If you had a dream about a storm that is coming your way, then this dream represents your health and a condition you might be unaware of.

If you had recent health issues, make sure to check in with your doctor and take better care of yourself in the upcoming period.


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